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..Security Checklist Tips Posted by SoftKitty at TNT 3/10/19


SoftKitty:  BE READY SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GET READY Checklist for being secure and obscure and ready for the bank exchange!


Bulldog75 "45 Security Tips" from OOM&F Forum Part 1



The last few years have witnessed an all-out assault on your personal and financial privacy. Credit-reporting agencies, schools, Internet marketers, medical clearing-houses, and dozens of other private organizations, Government all now maintain detailed records on us. The worst offender has been the U.S. government.


Herein are Great Ways To Protect Your Privacy:

#1. The first law of privacy is: TO STAY QUIET, particularly when one is in public, on the phone, or sending faxes or e-mail. DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONAL; IT'S ALL ABOUT BUSINESS AND YOUR SECURITY! IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON TO 'UPSET YOUR APPLECART".

In fact, electronic communications are now so vulnerable to interception by government agencies, private investigators, and other snoops, that one shouldn't say anything in these communications you wouldn't want published on the front page of the New York Times or recorded by the IRS.

One can now get hacked into from your printer. Use separate computers and printers. One for on-line and one for off-line, IMHO.

# 2. Don't flaunt one's wealth, particularly if you have a lot of money. If you own a fancy home, make sure it looks as modest as possible from the outside. suggestion to buy cars under $75,000; Keep new homes/apartments/condo under 1 million. There is no need to advertise wealth.

The IRS regularly searches car-purchase and property records. If they suspect tax evasion – real or imagined – they can freeze your assets, and seize your car and home. When traveling overseas, you have to be even more careful.

Driving a fancy car or dressing like a "rich" American – i.e., the way you normally dress – can make you a target for robbers, kidnappers and anti-American terrorists. Also limit your credit card use. Every time you use your credit card, thieves could steal the number and rack up huge charges.

It could take months or even years to get it all sorted out. stick with a car no higher than a LEXUS, to 75k, or one's draws serious attention.

# 3. Shred or burn important documents. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it's 100% legal for snoops to rummage through your curbside trash and keep any papers they find.

So never throw any important papers in the trash without shredding them – including bank and credit-card statements, utility bills, letters from Social Security or other government agencies, information from your stock broker, etc.

Make sure and use a cross-cut shredder ($100-$150) which reduces documents to confetti, rather than a less-expensive shredder that cuts paper into strips which can be pasted back together. For ultra-sensitive documents, nothing beats burning them.

# 4. Isolate sensitive computer files from snoops. As we use our computers more and more to keep sensitive records and correspondence, it becomes more important to protect them from snoops. The #1 threat to your sensitive files is your modem, fax, or DSL Internet connection – anything that electronically connects your computer to the outside world.

Thanks to cookies, e-mail wiretaps, and other techniques, when you're browsing the web or reading your e-mail, snoops at the other end can download files from your computer hard drive.

The only sure way to protect yourself is by keeping all sensitive information on a different computer (or at least a different hard drive with its own, separate operating system) than the computer you use for web browsing.

In other words, you use Computer #1 to browse the web and send e-mail; and you use Computer #2 for word processing, accounting, and storing important information. Computer #1 has no important files or sensitive information.

Computer #2 has no electronic connection to the outside world. To minimize expenses, your two computers can share the same keyboard and monitor, by the addition of a network hub (about $100). Warning; Now as of 11/11 printers can now be hacked into.!!

# 5. Keep your web browsing and e-mail private. Whenever you contact a company or organization on the Internet, the computer at the other end will often insert a "cookie" into your computer – enabling merchants and government agencies to keep track of your web browsing.

The information that can be collected about you in this way is absolutely mind-boggling and includes your name, address, phone number, detailed information on the type of computer you are using, your Social Security number, credit-card numbers, a list of your friends and business contacts, and much more.

To keep your web browsing private, use an anonymous connection service,

For further protection, encrypt your e-mail, using high-level, 1024-bit encryption software, such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). http:// www.pgp.comZero Knowledge Systems (ZKS) offers software called "Freedom" which also uses 1024-bit encryption and which: Allows you to use multi-pseudonyms that can't be traced to your real name Prevents the receipt of Internet cookies Provides multi-layers of encryption.

# 6. KEEP YOUR HOME ADDRESS & PHONE# PRIVATE! This is the single MOST IMPORTANT step you can take to protect your privacy though all items within this POST are urgent for your welfare. Government snoops can't nose around your home, bug your computer, or listen in on your calls, if they don't know where you live or your phone number..

To keep your home address private, rent or buy your home in the name of an out-of-state corporation (Delaware and Nevada corporations are best). Also put your utilities in the name of the corporation, as well as your phone, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

This is precisely what TV personalities, professional athletes, and film stars do to protect their privacy. And it's not expensive. A Delaware corporation can be set up for as little as $150 and maintained for $50 a year!

Take your names off your local country tax rolls and replace your name with "property Owner". this is crucial!!!

# 6 B: Receive all MAIL personally addressed to you at a nearby mail drop, such as Mail Boxes, Etc. (about $15 a month), or an Executive Office Service ($50 to $150 a month), or at the address of a friend who owns a nearby business (free). Then use this address for your driver's license and car registration.

Naturally, your car will also be registered in the name of your corporation. Properly set up, a Delaware or Nevada corporation can also dramatically lower your taxes, if you're an independent contractor. (Please consult your attorney.)

For a private home phone, use a company name when setting up a new phone account, rather than your own, and make sure and get caller ID, complete blocking. To add a further level of phone privacy, purchase a prepaid cell phone – such as those offered by Trac Fone through Blockbuster, WalMart, and Staples.

No name, address, credit check, etc. is required to set up an account, and you can buy phone cards for cash to add more time. As of 11/11 Wal-Mart sells i-phones for less than $100 and Unlimited internet, text and talk for $55 per month. This is a fabulous rate!!!

#7 A.) (TWO PARTS) . Keep your medical records more private. Information in your medical files can be used to deny you insurance, jobs, and legal benefits. It could be even used by a government just slightly more authoritarian than the one we now have, to take away your children or commit one elsewhere.

Unfortunately, each time you see a doctor or check into a hospital or clinic, they will usually demand your Social Security Number, which in turn will be used to file and locate your medical records.

You can protect yourself from unwanted snooping by getting an alternative Medical photo ID from ID Network (IDN). No SSN is required, and medical records are kept in your own handwriting. $9.95. Call 1-888-329-3686 or 314-416-7411,

#7 PART B: In the civilized society, we each have a crucial zone of privacy shielding us from outside snooping and control. Privacy is about keeping more of what you earn – protecting the sensitive information in your computer - avoiding being hassled by the IRS or police – protecting your children – and minimizing your chances of a 2 am visit by a machine-gun-toting SWAT team.

The battle for your privacy is the battle for your freedom. Ultimately it is a battle we will win. AMEN.


#8. EXCHANGE TIME : these are suggestions to consider; you decide what IS BEST UNDER YOUR SITUATION. THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS HERE FOR PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. The wolves inside and outside the bank can be few to many in different clothing. Your Life and Your Life Savings may be at RISK.

# 9. Do not park in the bank lot. Why show your car tags to others that will jot them down and trace u? A camera can take a photo of you and your tags for blocks away. Take a taxi or rental car to the banks.

# 10.. Go with someone to the bank; spouse, best friend who is a fellow Dinarian. Caps and glasses are nice. Make no new friends at the bank or locally who might discover your fortunes.

#11.. Make an appointment , if required, to make the 'exchange'.

#12. Know your rate before you go. Have a predetermined game plan. Shop your rates. Seek investment angles, advice also from maybe Smith Barney, Scottrade Inc, etc, various options.

# 13. Watch your body language, look and play the part of Investor. MANY maybe WATCHING. Use dressy attire but no jeans or T's.

#14.There is NO rush to cash in; supposedly many weeks and option days to have the possible 15% tax advantage with no audits (this is still a rumor; will be confirmed sooner or later next week). Seek competent tax and legal advice.
#15. If your deposit is in an acct "non interest bearing savings acct" this should be Dodd-Frank. check with your banker. NIB accts are usually unlimited in coverage.

#16. SMITH BARNEY or MORGAN STANLEY INC. OR SCOTTRADE INC ET and others can re-insure your accounts somewhere in the $600,000 TO ONE BILLION $$ range per account.



# 18. ONLY USE YOUR PASSPORTS FOR IDS: IT DOES NOT HAVE YOUR HOME ADDRESS, SOCIAL SECURITY # TIED IN. Avoid using your Drivers License for anything but the cops and court when or if mandated!

#19. Use UPS postal drop for home address or your attorney's office work address until you get things squared away about physical addresses. Never use one's home address for anything, especially: mail, fed ex, UPS, !!! Have your bank statements go to a Po Box! Never let one's attorney know how much money you have.

#20. IMHO, "Irrevocable Business Trust" or a "Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust" saves your wealth, health and happiness from the tax man. . It's Worth every penny and more. Trusts are much more apt to protect large estates. Revocable Trust hold little or no water with the IRS & States.

#21: IMHO: or in some states, PREPAID LEGAL INC.: for family, business, Wills, IRS audits, Citations, legal situations. 100's of legal help issues that may give legal piece of Mind and ease the pocketbook too. Attorneys are assigned within your State to handle your cases. Some situations are outsourced to qualified attorneys within your state and they contact you. Fees average $17-49 monthly.





#23 (#23-36 WERE ADDED 7/16/12): Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft: Traveling (for business or pleasure) can increase your exposure to financial risk. Here are some simple tips to protect yourself and reduce the risk of identity theft as you head out on your summer vacation.

#24: Clean out your wallet: Take only your essential documents, like your driver’s license and just 2 credit cards – one to carry and one to leave in the safe at the hotel in case your wallet is lost or stolen. Don’t carry your social security card in your wallet – ever. Leave your extra credit cards or identifications documents at home. Men – keep your wallet in a buttoned pocket, women – wear a purse with wide straps and locking clasps, and don’t hang it on the door when you use a public restroom.

#25: Leave your checkbook at home:  You shouldn’t need it if you have credit cards. Leave your bills and private papers at home, too.

#26: Make a copy of your travel documents: Copy your passport, driver’s license, airline confirmations, etc. Leave it with a trusted friend in case you need help, or keep a copy safely tucked inside a suitcase pocket in case the original gets lost or stolen. Make a list of what you have in your wallet, along with the phone numbers on the back of your cards.

#27: Stop your mail or have a neighbor pick it up: A full mailbox with bank statements and credit card bills is a sure sign for hackers and thieves that you are not at home. Also, stop the newspaper, and don’t broadcast your travel plans on social networking sites.

#28: Alert your credit and debit card issuers: Let them know where you are traveling, how you may be reached, and when you will return. This helps the fraud department stop charges that may not be yours, and reduces the risk that your cards will be “frozen” due to unusual activity when you are away from home and can’t be reached

#29: Keep an eye on your cell phone: Many people are storing user ID’s and passwords and other personal information on their cell phones. Secure your phone with a security code so that it can’t be accessed if it is lost or stolen.

#30: Consider a temporary credit freeze: A freeze will deny access to your credit history, so ID thieves can’t open accounts while you are away. Setting up a freeze through the three credit reporting bureaus – Transunion, Experian and Equifax – takes time and money, so this is the most beneficial if you are planning a period of prolonged travel.

#31: Look for safer ATMs: If you need cash withdrawals, ATMs in bank lobbies are less vulnerable to devices used to capture your information, and are usually better lit and safer in general. They are also more likely to have surveillance cameras.

#32: Be careful with computers in hotels and other public places: Don’t access your financial data on hotel or other public computers or public Wi-Fi networks. Public computers may have spy-ware or malware installed which could record everything you type. Be sure to log out of any sites that you may access before leaving the PC.

#33: Beware of front desk calls: If you receive a call from a “clerk” saying that they need to re-enter your credit card number, hang up and call the front desk yourself. You don’t now who is at the other end of that call.

#34: A few simple steps will go a long way in protecting you and your information and prevent your vacation or business trip from turning into a headache. If you have any concerns about your personal information, notice any suspicious account activity, or experience a customer information security-related event, contact your bank branch immediately so that they can assist you.



#37: Any major ideas or investments, always bounce it off someone you trust like your CPA, Attorney or Investment advisors. Many are ashamed to admit they've been taken advantage of or conned. Do not be over-trusting, nieve or gullible.. When or if someone tries to interest you in a venture involving money /investments, say, "I'll discuss this with my real estate agent, CPA or lawyer and get back to you." Then talk with someone you trust.

#38: further info on personal identity: Scam-proof your communications by taking control of your personal information. Put your phone numbers (home and cell) on the Do Not Call Registry. Opt out from the sale or sharing of your personal information by contacting the three credit bureaus, your state department of motor vehicles, the Direct Marketing Association and companies with which you do business. Thieves cull your information and use it to open bogus accounts that can ruin your credit scores, credit and make your life absolutely miserable.

For more information on how to remove yourself from these databases, see the Federal Trade Commission's Web page on sharing your personal information.

#39: Don’t Trust Your Caller ID: Never do business over the phone, unless you initiate the call. Here's why: No matter what your caller ID might say, you don't really know who's on the other end of the line. If you place the call yourself, divulging personal information isn't as risky. If you receive a call from someone who claims to be with your bank, insurance company or some other place where you do business -- unless you recognize the caller -- say you'll call back. That will give you time to make sure the number is legitimate. Simply call the company's published number and ask to speak to the individual who called you, or to someone in the appropriate department.

#40: Ways to make using a debit card safer include the following: Run your purchases as credit so you don't have to input your PIN. & Always double-check your card when a clerk, cashier or waiter hands it back to you and make certain it's the same card you handed over.

Be suspicious of people who want to stand too close to you when you're using your debit card, particularly when they are using a cellphone. They could be recording your debit card information with their camera

#41: Regard All Links With Suspicion: Social networking can be a great way to keep up with friends and family, but scammers have found the Internet a gold mine of opportunity. Most of us know not to click on links in emails from people we don't know or to acknowledge those silly get-rich-quick schemes from strangers, but you should never underestimate a con artist's creativity.

For instance, a recent scam on Facebook involves a fake game based on the "Twilight" series. Fans are prompted to click on the link, exposing their personal information to scammers.

Best rule of thumb: Be on your guard and never click on links of unknown origin. Check on them by running a search with the relevant keyword (in this case, "Twilight") and "complaint" or "scam."

42# Safeguard Online Activities: Don't join the thousands who fall victim to online identity theft schemes each year. Some are as simple as planting a keystroke logger on your computer to copy your private information, while others involve complicated email exchanges.

Here are some of the best strategies for avoiding online fraud:

Don't ever respond to emails asking for your account information since they are almost always fakes.

Never click on links embedded in emails (even a friend or relative can accidentally pass along a virus). If you must see that funny video, type the URL directly into your browser.

#43: When you decide to purchase from an online merchant, always make certain that you're dealing with a reputable site. Check for complaints and never click on a link; instead, as with email links, type the company's correct URL into your browser.

Make it a habit to double-check that order forms are secure before completing them. Instead of the standard "http," the URL will begin with "https," which indicates a secure transmission.

#44: DOUBLE REMINDER : Don't forget to maintain up-to-date, functioning security software and a firewall WITH latest up to date Online Protection.

#45: Guard your medical insurance information and ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION OF ANY NATURE with the same zeal as you do your financial data. the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association says the fallout from medical fraud can damage your credit rating, open you to litigation and even result in your receiving improper medical care. "Always examine your explanation of benefits for treatments that you didn't have," he says.

THE LESS INFO there is out there about you, the harder you are to target. Make the con artists' jobs difficult by avoiding their scam tactics. They don't deserve to score off your hard work.

* #s 37-45 contributed in part by : Former policewoman Carole Moore,author of "The Last Place You'd Look: True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Search for Them."

Read more: 8 ways to avoid getting conned

by Ssmith
on Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:58 am
Topic: ..Security Checklist Tips Posted by SoftKitty at TNT 3/10/19
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Frank26 Call Notes 12/4/17

(Part 2 of 3)

The next step though unfortunately from the 1:1 going into the 2 and the 3 that becomes the re-valu-azation fo the Iraqi dinar. It is at that point then that the American dollar will de-peg from the Iraqi Dinar and both the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar will join together inside of a basket with a total of about 5 other currencies. And that’s why it’s my birthday! That’s why it was my birthday.

That’s why on my birthday of December the 20th of this month somewhere around that ball park the United States dollar is going to go through a change. And in my opinion it is going to go through a change because it has to be prepared to go into a basket with other currency. It’s a brilliant plan—this monetary reform that we know absolutely nothing about.

Anyways this monetary reform… this program rate… this Marshall Plan this help.. Iraq has very simply taken advantage of it. They have been waiting and waiting and waiting to lift the value of their currency at the last nano second until the last piece of that floor disappears and they fall under. And now, like I told you last week, they are dealing with the consequences of going broke as a nation because their reserves are running out and their deficit is climbing. And they’ve only got basically this month! In my opinion.

And if they go broke, because they have no reserves and their deficit is insane well that is the opposite of the monetary reform and all the work that the US Treasury, IMF, World Bank and BIS, everybody has done just to put them in the position they are in right now. This monetary reform should have ended back in 2004 when the IMF commissioned De la Rue to print out the new currency. But they didn’t. They went on and on and on.

This conference call by the end will prove and validate many of the things we have been telling you all summer long since May since June July, Sept Oct November and now all the way over to this moment in December. Now what did we tell you? That once you have Mosul the monetary reform would travel at the speed of light. Do you agree with that? You see how quickly they cleaned up the terrorism of Isis and Daash and Maliki and his goons and other people that are confronted with being arrested.
This is an important call. Hang in there. Wait a minute it’s coming back up. Bear with me. God is going to get us through this conference call because this conference call is very important. If Livestream shuts down I’m going to stop til we are all back together so we can continue on the same page.

Here is the nest step that I want to talk about with you. We told you that after Mosul the speed of light and you agree and we told you that once you have a speech that all heck is going to break loose… But you know what? We don’t think that was the speech. We want to talk to you about that tonight.

And we also said that once we have all three classes one two and three done that there would be a lot of leakage! A lot of leakage of what was happening in those classes with those private banks. Well did you not see article after article after article over the weekend and today that were telling you: “yea private banks attended classes.” Did you see all of those articles? Did you smile for us and say “yea…we knew that”. Good all righty.

Then smile an even bigger smile even bigger when you hear the following: did you notice have you noticed that the Governor of the Central Bank ever since the classes ended he is allowing himself to be interviewed through main stream financial news outlets. So that the business men and women of this world can hear everything that he has to say. It is being done with a purpose with a CBI purpose. It is very smart.

Allak the Governor of the Central Bank is sending out messages to the international world that wants to hear these messages. All of you heard that interview with Bloomberg didn’t you! You did didn’t you! And you know darn well what he said didn’t you! He leaked all over the place didn’t he? Like a 57 Chevy with leaking oil everywhere..

So far so good. Right? We’re all together and now you’ve picked up on the very first clue that we wanted to share with you. Pay attention to when. I even told our team chat on Friday “pay attention to the CBI when Allak talks”! Because he is being programmed in my opinion to leak on purpose with a purpose. Family it is also important that I pound this next rock. You saw that there was a change in the deficit you saw the article-- 22 trillion. 7 billion … what’s this about? We talked about it last week in depth didn’t we?

Well now it’s important that you understand that a change in the deficit of Iraq’s budget also equals a change in 2017 budget accounting. It was all re-done at 1:1. And that’s why you saw the deficit numbers different. There is a lot of math I would like to talk about. There was a number a change in the budget and there were a number of changes in the deficit. There were also numbers changed in the way that my friend paid his employees.

That’s three powerful things that when you put together trifurcate into one thing and one thing only. You know what it is. And that’s why the 1st and 2nd classes were done. That’s why the 1st and 2nd zeros were lifted on paper. It’s Article VIII acceptance family. Let me bring up my Word document.

(Trouble with Frank’s computer is resolved).

Frank takes a picture of a document and shows it to the Livestream audience. You remember this article? This is Abadi.. remember all of those blue dots? Now that I have shown it to you on Livestream. This is the Office of the Prime Minister giving us a summary of all that Abadi said at the University of Baghdad that he considered to be… There are about 50 points that this man made at this November 26th University of Baghdad speech. We don’t think it’s the right one. No we don’t.

(Another computer problem resolved).

Frank has not had much to eat or drink. What I’m trying to tell you family there was an article that came out. And Delta brought it to us. The article was brought early in the morning I think it is post #31. The article says a 5 year strategy to open up the international companies. It says they are opening up a new phase initiated by Iraq towards the outside world! They are telling you family they are leaving their borders. About 3, 4, 5 of their banks have already left their borders. You find them in Saudi Arabia, in Jordan and Dubai. You find them across the borders of Iraq.

Well guess what they are now ready to initiate this program that reaches across their borders to do work with International companies. To do business to try to bring them in. They have set this up as a strategy for the next 5 years. Now one of the nice things that I like about it is (word is garbled) The financial capacity in other words a strategy that we have adopted to work directly with these toward major economic (garbled recording) banks with huge financial and technical capacities are local. Our banks they are in direct contact with them without a need of a mediator and have become bank correspondent joint operations that results in a way that enhances capacity and capabilities of our banks and act on a large broad system and thus accessible to the global banking services and become the ability to handle large numbers of wires in the next stage.

You do remember that the monetary reform study that was for five years. Correct? That’s right! And it was supposed to end in 2017! It started in 2012. Starting a new one? The first 5 years was for the monetary reform, and this one is to apply the monetary reform across the borders!

Some more livestream difficulties.

So I see that the article I was speaking of that Delta brought to us is making a rather bold statement. That they don’t have need any more for a mediator, they don’t have a need for auctions. That they now have their own local banks their own private banks that have a contact with these banks outside of our country. Family that’s preparation for Article VIII acceptance. That’s preparation to allow these companies and these nations that seem (garbled) to have freedom of movement of capital inside of Iraq. This is extremely important.

There is no more program rate. Is what this is saying. Or there is not going to be any more program rate is what this is saying. Nor will there be a need for a mediator in the monetary policy of the Iraqi dinar. No more sanctions to the international world. Instead it’s direct directly plugged in global access and the ability to do what (garbled) required.

Because they are about to (garbled). When this happens the citizens will bring in their 3 zeros. They need them in order to bring them in for the cc’s. Yea this is pretty smart.

This is another proof that Article VIII is either done (and I have to be stupid about it) or is about to get done. And there no other way to look at this. None whatsoever. They’ll get rid of (garbled) the small guy in between. The mediator, the corresponding bank that works with them. So they can serve and access themselves directly globally. Good God almighty. (Laughter)

All I know is this is fantastic and I’m sure you feel the same way too. It’s a new 5 year plan from 2017 to 2022. Wait a minute…you mean there is no plan to cancel the lifting of the 3 zeros in 2018? No. (More laughter)

And the last time that you did a 5 year study…what was it called? The monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar! More laughter. I told you this conference call would give you evidence. Can I call it Ta da evidence? Ta daaa! Come on man they’re paying them! Walkingstick is paying his firm’s at 1:1, done. 2 :2 done. 3 :3 done . Paying them in dinars only.

Then you have an article that comes out and says yea, ahh we trained 2000 private bank employees. And we know that family! Don’t we! (Laughter). Yea. There’s a four way street coming to a violent collision because I believe all those four streets are now clear with a green light. And they are going to collide like a super collider right smack in the middle of that intersection. And you know what those four things were don’t you. You have them in your notes, right? There you go!

By the way you just certified 2000 employees? YES WE DID! Did you license any banks? YES WE DID! You did? Yea what do you think those banks are that already left our country across the border and are in Jordan and Dubai etc etc etc. Oh…so they were certified at these meetings? “Ahh I don’t know”. (Laughter).

A brother of ours by the name of Tank who is in Iraq and does what he does out there. And he posted some interesting information today. I hope you were able to see it. It was basically the central government paying different regions that showed you numbers and showed you that they were being paid in dinars. Family I don’t know what more you want. That was huge! You talk about Allak spilling in front of news media outlets so that the international world can hear him. This is a big spillage right here. Yea it really proves that the three zeros have been lifted when you look at the articles Tank brought us. Fascinating isn’t it? And then 2000 licensed banks employees as well. Fascinating isn’t it?

You get the spokesman for General Electric comes out and he says you know we’ve set up here (garbled) for the civil generators for people to come to work with us for these generators. Ya ya we did that. We sure did. How much are you going to pay them per hour? Ah we’re going to start paying them 42 dinars per month. Laughing. OK. Either they’re stupid or I just have no choice but to say, “will you shut up”? I guess there’s lot of leakage going on family. A lot of it.

What else can we say? Well let’s talk.

I didn’t know there was a Guru out there by the name of Tank. Put it back up who was that? Because Paula V made an interesting point I did not even know. There’s another Tank out there. Let’s not confuse that with our Tank.

The World Bank comes out and says a reconstruction conference will be hold on February 12th in Kuwait. Well that’s a part of Ch 7 being lifted. You walked right by it. That’s ok. You see the reconstruction of Kuwait is why they are moving at the speed of light. Chapter 7 was lifted with this agreement. Iraq reconstruction conference will be held on February 12th in Kuwait. Good for you! And there also are going to be payments for whatever money is still left and on top of that you guys also get to invest in Iraq.

That’s a trifecta there for you. Way to go Kuwait! Way to go because you’ve suffered enough.

Frank: Now we have another thing that’s explosive and that’s the speech. Let’s talk about the speech. Well last Saturday at the University of Baghdad and I just showed you the article and showed you the blue dots. We really really thought that was the speech! I even said in my opinion its the speech. OK.

Well guess what. Walkingstick called already 10-15 minutes into the recording of our conference call. And he called. I had to walk away so you wouldn’t hear his voice or anything he had to say.

And he gave me a report. And he said :Frank, I’ve been so busy I’m sorry. But I heard what you said. You told them that speech last 26th was the speech that I told you I would bring you the final article and then I would disappear. That wasn’t the speech. It was the outline of the speech. I told you the speech was done a long time ago”. I said “yes sir I understood.”

“The speech, Frank is coming out this coming Saturday on December the 9th early in the morning at Rasheed Hotel. It will be called the National Wedding”.

“This is where many many many over a hundred countries and these are going to be coming into Iraq the final victory over Daash by the military. Iraqi military. And they are going to have a military parade. It will be a 5 day event. It will be a victory 5 day event and this is basically the second part of the speech. You heard the first part on the 26th. And I want you to pay close attention.. you call it the long line.”

I said “yes sir it’s a lot of people that want to invest”
“Ah…you said the long line was at the Fair”.
I said “yes sir in my opinion the majority of the long line is at the Fair”.

“All right, do you know who is at the Fair”?
I said “it’s over a hundred countries over a hundred companies and all that. And he said “yes” And now “do you know who is going to be at the December 9th final speech by Abadi”?
And I said “no”.

“It’s over a hundred countries”. It’s the countries that are in Iraq at the Fair Frank. The fair was calculated over a year ago. These companies have known all along what’s going on.”

They had to. They have to calculate. You don’t walk into a country blind and calculate “Let’s see how much we can make. The business plans are well in advance.

“So these companies.. these countries.. over a hundred all of their delegates all of their representatives. All of their prime ministers all of their presidents. All of these people are going to be at this December 9th Saturday final victory announcement. Because the one on the 26th was an outline but he never declared full liberation of his country”.
And I said” oh my God you’re right sir”!

“Now Frank did I not tell you as soon as he makes that speech and I bring you the speech I will disappear”.
“Yes sir. I know that.
“And do you remember why I told you that I would disappear”?
“Because all hell will break loose”
“That is correct”! “Frank…”

I will leave that until the end. Let’s continue with our teaching instead.. So family you now know it turns out that we need a lot of security. We even talked to you about that didn’t we. Son of a gun that’s in your notes. Security has been done. Key walls have been moved. People have been brought in to protect the prestigious dignitaries. They are not ordinary Joe’s. They’re not just companies.

They want to hear Abadi tell them to their faces while being broadcast through all those screens across the nation. “We are a fully liberated country!” We’re out of chapter 7. He won’t say he’s in Article VIII but he will say… (are you ready…? Give me a drum roll)

He’s going to say “after this speech I will open, I will explode, I will devastate, I will initiate whatever you want to call it “the economic and monetary reforms of our country”.

The Minister of Industry and Minerals comes out and he says “hey look, I’m calling on all you capitalists”.
“Yea you infidels we no kill you no more. Come on in. We want you to enter.“

Al Sadani calls on all capitalists to enter into Iraq to invest directly into their country. And launch the procedures for licenses.: (Laughing). Yea…and we know that don’t we! OK

“And to invest in the Iraqi stock exchange.” Good God almighty.

You know this happened a few days ago so I called I-team and I said
“I-team is there any way you can put in a call just…”
“Frank they don’t want to respond”.
“ Come on man just try it at least a text”.

So they put in a text a few days ago and our text said
“What’s up”?
And they responded back by saying
Seven s’s and one “h” and three exclamation marks! Fascinating isn’t it?

Now there are more and more videos. There are more and more evidence of security and stability. Videos of people returning. Articles and also from the CBI and the GOI that are now really really really pounding the mantra “please international world, please invest in us.” “Please, please come in.”

Now let me present something to you before we go any further. OK? With that being said. And we said that they have to act kind of silly at the Fair. But now you know, no they are well prepared and they are listening to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq just like you are. But do you think that Iraq is sending this message: “Listen: from the CBI and the GOI direct to the international world:

“Come and invest in Iraq in our country at a program rate that we offer you. It is a promise that we will not give you any hope for your future, for your finances. We will not be joining Article VIII and we will choke out the life of your currency inside our own country because you will not have any freedom of capital movement. And we will render your nation’s currency inside of our country inside of our borders completely useless to you. It will eventually be lost it will be stolen or will be squandered by the CBI and the GOI leaders.

Yea, that’s the ticket! That sound good? We include cookies with this offer.”

Come on in investors and lose your profits, lose with us. Yea, lose your respect and lose your dignity for coming in like idiots as we continue to take advantage of trades by not lifting the value of our currency.

Come on in and watch us lie to our citizens and give them nothing but the same insanity that Maliki gave them. Fear tactics of a bully leader that sapped all the energy out of them. That used Nazi and Gestapo style methods of ruling that nation.

Yes, yes yes investors come on in indeed! Come on in and watch the 1, 2, 3 classes become a mirage and a failure to you and all of our citizens and all of our private banks and their representatives and to all the political leaders and delegates that are sitting here waiting for abadi to make a final speech. Come on in, all you private people and watch the monetary reform dissolve in our country. Watch us destroy it. Watch us lie to you”.

What? That’s not funny? You don’t like Middle Eastern humor? Of course that’s not funny. And it’s stupid. For people to even think that way. And many questions basically lead to that field of thinking. Do you understand family? We of not of negativity, negatory. We are of positive, of rejoicing we are of accounting and I’m with you because I love you to tell you these things.

“Yes International world. Just come into Iraq and die”! No its nothing like that scenario that many create in their own minds in their own hearts, Because all they want is a date to satisfy their hunger. This is a speculative investment. Where to ask for a date of completion is simply an insult.

And many in this investment, many in our Forum, do not realize that you cannot ask certain questions on a speculative investment. Especially “when will it happen”? “Give me a date”. Do you understand?

And I know that there are a handful of you are disappointed and I know it’s just a small few. But you mean so much to me all of you. I don’t want you to be disappointed. There is nothing to be disappointed about. And I can’t help you if you’re disappointed. But for the ones that study with us, you know on an adult kind of level you’re eyes are wide open right now aren’t they? Like deer in front of lights. You have excitement, you have joy in your hearts. Because all of this lava flow makes a lot of sense right now doesn’t it! Praise God.

I want you to know that the International Financial Corporation known as the IFC is actually a part of…a subsidiary of the World Bank Groups. So the IMF on February the 12th is going to be taking part in a lot of the reconstruction conference that we’re talking about with Kuwait. I’d tell you to look at that. Why? You’re going to need ways to diversify your money. It’s just an idea. Just a suggestion. Yea they’re going to rebuild this country! (Laughing). There’s going to be a lot of spoils of this war!

Yea chapter 7 is gone. There’s no doubt about it. At least most of it any way. It’s slowly being done and so is Article VIII in the same manner. That speech at Baghdad University was not the liberation announcement speech. It was a list of many wonderful accomplishments that Iraq has done this year alone. No doubt about it.

But in my opinion this next speech that’s coming up. When is it on the 9th? Oh my gosh. That’s going to fill in the gaps. That’s going to be the “National Wedding”. The University of Baghdad speech was lacking in certain details. So I believe that this one that is coming up is the one that will liberate his nation.

And the moment…what do we say? The moment…Abadi releases this speech where he says his country is fully liberated.

Look at your notes. Didn’t we say his speech had to say he was fully liberated? Didn’t we pound that rock? And we’re still pounding that rock! This speech better say we are a fully liberated nation from Isis and Daash and any terrorism. If he says that. All… (I’m sorry I hope you don’t mind I know we are a Christian based organization) all hell is going to break loose on the monetary and economic reform.

The economic reform? How Frank? These countries are pouring in his country. They’re at the Fair. Lined up they are ready to pour in… all the electronics is ready for their money to just come in the blink of an eye! In the still of the night! “Hello. How are you”? “I’m fine” And in the things you are reading right now that are proving almost everything that we’ve said since June, July, August, September, October, November and into the 4th of this December that we are in right now.

This media. All these articles…Finally… they catch up with us don’t they? (Laughing) Yea!
“What you guys doing over there?
“Ah… we’re having a risk management meeting.”
“For what”?
“Well … (what should we tell them.. for counterfeiting? For counterfeiting!. and smuggling”! (laughing) (I didn’t say lower denoms) ok “It’s a risk management meeting!” yea. So there !
“You want to come?” No you can’t’.
“There’s 60 of us!” We’re in this room Thank God it’s air conditioned!”

by Ssmith
on Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:18 am
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More KTFA Highlights and Excerpts w/ Frank26 for 10-5-16

More KTFA Highlights and Excerpts w/ Frank26 for 10-5-16

9:18:00 AM  KTFA, News, Thoughts  

Circuitrider » October 5th, 2016

The IMF currency basket that sets the value of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is determined as follows:

"The 2015 Review—Currency weights

The IMF also adopted a new formula for determining currency weights in the SDR basket to address long-recognized issues with the formula that had been in place since 1978. The adopted formula assigns equal shares to the currency issuer’s exports and a composite financial indicator.

The financial indicator comprises, in equal shares, official reserves denominated in the member’s (or monetary union’s) currency that are held by other monetary authorities that are not issuers of the relevant currency, foreign exchange turnover in the currency, and the sum of outstanding international bank liabilities and international debt securities denominated in the currency.

The weights of the five currencies in the new SDR basket based on the new formula are listed below:

U.S. dollar 41.73 percent (compared with 41.9 percent at the 2010 Review)

Euro 30.93 percent (compared with 37.4 percent at the 2010 Review)

Chinese renminbi 10.92 percent

Japanese yen 8.33 percent (compared with 9.4 percent at the 2010 Review)

Pound sterling 8.09 percent (compared with 11.3 percent at the 2010 Review)

The amounts of each currency in the revised basket, effective on October 1, 2016, were calculated in accordance with the above-listed weights on September 30, 2016.

The calculation was made on the basis of the average exchange rates for these currencies over the three months ending on that date, in a manner that ensures that the value of the SDR in terms of the U.S. dollar will be the same on September 30, 2016 under the current and revised valuation baskets.

The new currency amounts will remain fixed over the next five-year SDR valuation period. Since currency amounts are fixed, the relative weight of currencies in the SDR basket can change during a valuation period, with weights rising (falling) for the currencies that appreciate (depreciate) relative to other currencies over time."
Taken from the IMF website. For your information

How are international exchange rates set? (for the newbie)

A: "International currency exchange rates display how much one unit of a currency can be exchanged for another currency. Currency exchange rates can be floating, in which case they change continually based on a multitude of factors, or they can be pegged (or fixed) to another currency, in which case they still float, but they move in tandem with the currency to which they are pegged.

Knowing the value of your home currency in relation to different foreign currencies helps investors to analyze investments priced in foreign dollars. For example, for a U.S. investor, knowing the dollar to euro exchange rate is valuable when selecting European investments. A declining U.S. dollar could increase the value of foreign investments, just as an increasing U.S. dollar value could hurt the value of your foreign investments.

Factors That Influence Exchange Rates

Floating rates are determined by the market forces of supply and demand. How much demand there is in relation to supply of a currency will determine that currency's value in relation to another currency. For example, if the demand for U.S. dollars by Europeans increases, the supply-demand relationship will cause an increase in price of the U.S. dollar in relation to the euro.

There are countless geopolitical and economic announcements that affect the exchange rates between two countries, but a few of the most popular include: interest rate decisions, unemployment rates, inflation reports, gross domestic product numbers and manufacturing information.

Some countries may decide to use a pegged exchange rate that is set and maintained artificially by the government. This rate will not fluctuate intraday, and may be reset on particular dates known as revaluation dates. Governments of emerging market countries often do this to create stability in the value of their currencies.

In order to keep the pegged foreign exchange rate stable, the government of the country must hold large reserves of the currency to which its currency is pegged in order to control changes in supply and demand." Taken from INVESTOPEDIA website. For your information...

Walkingstick » October 5th, 2016

BR/ FRANK.............SOURCE ?????

Deletion of zeros from the currency adds a monetary value

The Alojdrb (Bremer) , head of the Iraqi destruction authority when hecanceled the Iraqi currency of the former regime end of 2003 to find a coin which reduces the presence of zeros, the fact that the Iraqi economy , the traditional inflation phases exceeded until he reached the edge of collapse,

and this procedure is one of the means at hand to handle twice the value of the Iraqi dinar, according to the monetary and banking law,

we have to go back to the basic sources which constitutes a strong factor in restoring confidence to our national currency, which deleted three zeros from Almtadolh currency now put coins and paper dinar parts, including (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils) .. which will achieve the following benefits:

1. Ease of circulation and clarity and knowledge of monetary value so easily to foreigners and Hmaaaml assistant on the purchase and deal with and trust the other hand it raises the monetary value against other currencies ..

2. Altfelicat paper perishable and damage, in contrast, the coin is not affected trade and the use and therefore can be manufactured again.

3 for sale . Reduces the cost of be printed (25) dinars , which will replace the 25 thousand dinars Alnaamhalmtdoualh currency is currently theeasiest and quality will be high

4. Strengthen and improve the texture by adding elements of the global currency that is not affected by natural factors such as water, and bear scrubs and tear resistance and decay. .

5. Reduce the cost of storage in the banks, because we need to Qasat less and less effort and also the smaller the number of employees by the more control and insurance prohibitively high.

6. Easily transported over long distances and easily provide a high proportion of them safely.

7. . Strong cash currency contribute to strengthening the elements of thenational economy.

8. It provides speed and accuracy in trading in settling accounts.

9. gives theworkers , giving them greater self - confidence.

10. Is the risk of error in the calculation of its simplicity and clarity.

11. This will rebuild global confidence in the banks and increases traded.

12 for sale . Also it provides cash to expand its value against the US dollar, theeuro and the EU.

13. The printed specifications make them immune to fraud. There are a lot of countries that embarked on this procedure, including the Turkey even scrapped term ppm to be replaced by a thousand, and can set up amechanism to withdraw the old currency by subtracting the new currency with them and set a time limit to suspend trading Balkadimh record for aperiod of Omayorasth months, in light of that holds the government banks did not place them again in handle even the decay within the period specified ..

* Fahd Antar Dokhi member of the Iraqi economists Association LINK

Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

Roger ................... i will call DELTA tonight to see if he will read it in Arabic. Tell me if You seek more than that.

Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

WS .................. DELTA is with me on phone ............. do You want to join us?

Walkingstick » October 5th, 2016

Frank, I am among others

Delta » October 5th, 2016


Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

Roger ................ Will call You tomorrow.......... All looks very Good.

Alragrossman said (Post #31) Sounds exiting! bless you guys

 » October 5th, 2016

Alragrossman, You posted at 1111................ Now that's exciting !!! What WS put out is what they WERE going to do ............. It is what they ARE doing...... IMO.

Vipor said (Post #33) Frank, you're killing us here... what's with the "go red"?

Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

Once in awhile a cluster of info lands in front of us. Right now .......... Things are interesting.

For example i did not SHARE tonight that the WHITELIST was scheduled to go into affect in first qt of 2017.

But it went three months ahead of plans. Why?

Take tonight's CC NOTES and combine them with this extra DESSERT ............. Then ............ Think.

Tonight's CC was Nitro ........... But it looks like my message was not as assimilated as i wanted to accomplish. No matter ............... Time will stand for us.

Walkingstick said (Post #13) BFBR.................. Statement at the End of an IMF Mission on Iraq

The Iraqi authorities and the staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) held discussions in Amman from August 28–September 10, 2016 on the first review of Iraq’s 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) approved by the IMF Executive Board on July 7, 2016. (See Press Release No. 16/321).

Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement:

“The Iraqi authorities and IMF staff started discussions on the first review of the SBA. These discussions will continue during the upcoming IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings from October 7–9, 2016 in Washington, DC.

“During the mission, the team met with the Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari, Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Dr. Ali Allaq, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministries of finance, oil, planning, electricity, the CBI, and representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Board of Supreme Audit, and pension commission. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.”

Baker » October 5th, 2016


 » October 5th, 2016

What Is A White Listed Country?

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information has developed standards of transparency and exchange of information together with the cooperation of non-OECD countries.

These standards are perceived as the international norm for tax cooperation and are part of the ongoing attack on uncooperative tax havens.

Tax Havens

The OECD identifies four key factors in considering whether a jurisdiction is a tax haven:

Nil or only nominal taxes are imposed to attract non-residents who wish to escape high taxes in their country of residence;

There are no substantial activities of the tax payer in that jurisdiction;

There is protection of personal financial information against scrutiny by foreign tax authorities; and

There is a lack of transparency in the operation of the legislative, legal or administrative provisions.

A jurisdiction is said to be a tax haven if some, but not necessarily all, of the above features are present. However, there is no specific or confirmed definition of a tax haven.

White, Grey and Black Lists

Based on the internationally agreed tax standard, the OECD has formulated “white”, “grey” and “black” lists.

White List – jurisdictions that have implemented the internationally agreed tax standard – i.e. not considered to be a tax haven by the OECD.

Grey List – jurisdictions that are committed to the internationally agreed tax standard but have not yet substantially implemented this standard – i.e. may meet some of the above mentioned tax haven criteria.

Black List – jurisdictions that have not committed to the internationally agreed tax standard – i.e. no steps have been taken by the jurisdiction to cooperate with the OECD to implement the standard.

The OECD published a report on 18 May 2012 on the progress made in relation to jurisdictions implementing the internationally agreed tax standard; the report lists all white, and grey listed jurisdictions. There were no black listed countries on this date.

Tax Inspectors Without Borders

In May 2012, the OECD indicated that the Task Force on Tax and Development had launched a new initiative, namely Tax Inspectors Without Borders / Inspecteurs des impôts sans frontiers, to help developing countries strengthen their domestic revenues by making their tax systems fairer and more effective.

The OECD have also indicated their intention to establish an independent foundation that will provide international auditing expertise and advice to help developing countries address tax base erosion, including tax evasion and avoidance.

Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

Bravo PURIFIERS ........ NOW ....... IMPLEMENTED !!! I fear tonight's CC may go to waste.

Naphtali » October 5th, 2016

Frank.... I will speak straight forward my thoughts.

Many of the articles seem to be written PAST Tense to me. Therefore it appears to me that there is COMPLETION.

I am looking for evidence of when the revelation of the truth is to be given.

I have a time frame that I believe things will come to Light. I am excited; yet calm. The Event Horizon I believe you called it..... Makes Me Smile Kind Regards, Naphtali

Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

Naphtali, I believe You meant ......... The Truth of the Revaluation ......... LOL.

Of course they are in the past tense......... it is what we teach You. I too have a time frame ...... Framed on the 7th of July of this 2016.

IMO ............ We are in the Event Horizon spitting Out un-needed X-Ray energy in the form of Red Heat. It is The Point of Singularity that we NOW seek. And yes ........ I am Excited to eat Clams in Hawaii

Justinanddeb said (Post #36) FRANKIE, FRANKIE: VERY SOOM. fireworkes_gif WE GET IT...J&D

Frank26 » October 5th, 2016

Ahhhhhhhh ? ............. IMO ............ Yes. Corruption is about to become apoplectic in Iraq................ Good.

Naphtali » October 5th, 2016

What is the best definition of Singularity? The term Singularity has many definitions.

The everyday English definition of Singularity is a noun that designates the quality of being one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual.

​For a more specific definition of Singularity we can search The Wiktionary where we get the following five Singularity definitions:

1. the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual

2. a point where all parallel lines meet

3. a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value

4. (mathematics) the value or range of values of a function for which a derivative does not exist

5. (physics) a point or region in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density; associated with Black Holes


What we are most interested in, however, is the definition of Singularity as a technological phenomenon -- i.e. the Technological Singularity. Here we can also find a variety of subtly different interpretations of the definition of Singularity.


John von Neumann was quoted as saying that "the ever accelerating progress of technology ... gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue." His definition of the Singularity was that the Singularity is the moment beyond which "technological progress will become incomprehensively rapid and complicated."

[url= %E2%80%8B] ​[/url]
by Purpleskyz
on Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:09 am
Topic: More KTFA Highlights and Excerpts w/ Frank26 for 10-5-16
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39 Signs the Global Elite’s Ship is Sinking

39 Signs the Global Elite’s Ship is Sinking

Make no mistake about it. The tide has turned on the global elite and there will be no going back. A new day is rising for humanity as those who have planned for complete control are now being exposed, cornered and investigated from many different angles. There is no need to buy into the fear-based propaganda the major media and even several alternative media outlets dispense. Very good things are happening and even better things are coming.
Let’s take a look at some of the major stories that have occurred in the last few months. Piecing the puzzle together, we see that the jig is up and the events surrounding it are growing in size and speed.

Topics tagged under 31 on Dinar Daily 39-Signs-the-Global-Elite%E2%80%99s-Ship-is-Sinking-Lance-Schuttler-330x202
3rd October 2015
By Lance Schuttler
Guest Writer for Wake Up World

39 Signs the Global Elite’s Ship is Sinking

#1: 57 Nations approved as founding members of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Notable countries who signed on June 29th, 2015 include Russia, India, Iran, Switzerland, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Indonesia, the UK, Italy and Austria. Notables who did not join are the U.S. and Japan.

May 12th, 2015: Russia asks Greece to join the BRICS Alliance. Notice the BRICS trend in the stories to follow.

May 24th, 2015: The Pentagon released documents to Judicial Watch, a government watchdog law firm, proving that the US Government played a central role in creating ISIS. Interestingly, the mainstream media failed to cover this story. A few weeks later, ex US Intelligence officials confirm the report.

May 31st, 2015: Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras writes an open letter, warns European leaders they are “making a grave mistake,” and suggests they re-read Hemingways’ “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.

June 2nd, 2015: The U.S. Federal Government was hacked as the personal data of 4 million current, former and prospective employees believed to have been breached. 3 weeks later FBI Director James Comey told US Senators the actual number could be 18 million. Some believe the hack was coordinated to gather further evidence of crimes by certain government officials. More on that further down.

June 2nd, 2015: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul calls for the U.S. Government to declassify 28 pages in the 9/11 attack report that the Bush Administration blacked out.

June 3rd, 2015: Famous musician Akon announces his Solar Academy will bring solar power to over 600 million people in Africa. A major victory for clean energy and humanity.

June 4th, 2015: Whistle-blower Edward Snowden says a “profound difference” had occurred since releasing the NSA documents and that the balance of power has shifted in our world. Is he referring to the BRICS Alliance?

June 5th, 2015: “There Will Be A Reset of The Financial Industry.” The International Monetary Fund says the Chinese Yuan is no longer undervalued. This sets the stage for the Yuan to be recognized as a global reserve currency, something the U.S. Dollar (which is backed by war and oil) does not like.

June 7, 2015: Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s largest banks, Co-CEO’s Jain and Fitschen resign. Two days later, German prosecutors raided the Bank’s headquarters in a criminal tax-fraud probe.

June 15, 2015: China says the G-7 Summit in Germany was a “gathering of debtors.” They mean this literally as the Bretton Woods western financial system is based on debt. And in fact, the entire western financial system has been running illegally and is technically bankrupt. For more on the real history of Bretton Woods and its connection to JFK, The Global Collateral Accounts and the gold standard, read here.

June 17th, 2015 is quite the day with the next four stories all being reported at that time. First, JP Morgan’s number 2, the Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee, suddenly and unexpectedly passes over. Since late 2013, the list of high-level banking officials to have passed over has grown to 70. Clearly, something is happening.

June 17, 2015: Russia and China announced that all natural gas and crude oil sales between the two countries will now be done in Chinese Yuan (formerly the U.S. Dollar) and will be convertible into Russian Rubles. The U.S. Dollar hegemony is waning.

June 17, 2015: The State of Texas has signed a bill that calls for the repatriation of their gold from the Federal Government. When asked what would happen if the government tried to steal back the gold, State Representative Giovanni Capriglione said this: There is a motto in the office of almost every state legislator in Texas, and it’s a flag that we have [from the Texas Revolution], it’s below a cannon and what the motto says is, “Come and Take it.”

June 17, 2015: Greece’s Hellenic Parliament’s Debt Truth Committee released a report stating that the debt Greece “owes” is illegal, illegitimate and odious, according to international law. Further, they stated the IMF and ECB (European Central Bank) having illegally and knowingly imposed these illegitimate debts upon Greece and other nations. A direct call out to the global banking cartel.

June 18th, 2015: Baron David de Rothschild has been indicted by a French court over financial fraud. French police have been ordered by the court to track down Baron. The Rothschild family has long been viewed as the family sitting atop the global financial ponzi scheme. Lawyer Antonio Flores told reporters, “it’s a real breakthrough moment for everyone involved.”

June 18, 2015: In a 2-1 ruling, the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals says Bush era officials can be held liable for detaining innocent people after the 9/11 attack. Will this lead to some major arrests?

June 19, 2015: While European leaders try to save face on the debt crisis, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras was in Russia and gave a speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, stating that “the economic center of the planet has already shifted” and that new powers are playing an “important role on an economic and geopolitical level.” Now re-read story header number 8… BRICS, anyone? Oh, and Greece and Russia signed a €2 billion gas pipeline deal that day too, a strategic economic and geopolitical game-changer.

July 5th, 2015: Greece votes “NO” to the creditors’ bailout offer. This is a massive stance for humanity that Greece just took against the banking elite. As of this writing, a “deal” has been reached but is expected to fall apart in the coming days. Kicking the can down the road does not solve the issue, but rather speeds up the revolution mindset of many frustrated Greek citizens. October is when many financial experts are saying that some fireworks are to be expected.

July 8th, 2015: On this day, several strange events occurred. The NYSE was taken down for multiple hours, the Wall Street Journal was taken offline just after the stock exchange went down, United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights nationwide due to computer “issues,” and 2,500 people losing power in Washington D.C. This whistle-blower journalist just wrote that his Pentagon sources said the Pentagon/BRICS Alliance took it down as a “dry run.”

Topics tagged under 31 on Dinar Daily 39-Signs-the-Global-Elite%E2%80%99s-Ship-is-Sinking-3

July 7th, 2015: Backing up one day we see that the hacking group Anonymous tweeted this on the evening prior to the stock exchange hack: Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street… we can only hope. David Wilcock has previously written a detailed document stating that Anonymous is working with certain patriotic US Military forces to legally take down the banking elite. This aligns nicely with what the whistle-blower journalist, Benjamin Fulford, just wrote this week about the Pentagon and BRICS Alliance in the previous story.

July 14th, 2015: Iran, China, Russia, France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. reach a historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program. Entire books could be written on the geopolitical, financial and technological implications of this move. There are also reports that the reality of this situation is that Iran has free energy technology and will be using this to help bring down the banking/political/oil industry elite. This would make sense as the strongest opponents to this deal have been Israel and its Prime Minister and several American politicians like the Bushes, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

July 15th, 2015: Santa Cruz County votes to stop doing business with 5 major banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS. Watch this set off a chain reaction in those who will follow suit.

August 11th, 2015: China (a very influential BRICS member) shocks the markets and the Wall Street banking cartel by devaluing the Yuan by 2%.

August 12th, 2015: China throws a second punch and devalues the Yuan by another 1.6 %. Two explosions, which are being labeled as nuclear by some, went off in Tianjin, China just 1 day after the bold currency move. As of this writing, 4 explosions have taken place and are suspected as retaliation against the Chinese by the Wall Street banking cartel.

August 13th, 2015: China devalues the Yuan for the 3rd consecutive day, down a total of 4.65%. As one financial expert wrote, this was “the haymaker.” In layman’s terms, China erased almost 5 years worth of “controlled appreciations” in 3 days. Thus, China (and the BRICS Alliance) just told Wall Street and Washington D.C./London, “we are in full control here and you will play ball by the rules.”

August 14th, 2015: China once again shocked the world by announcing an updated total of the gold reserves, just 29 days after their last update. In the past, they have updated their reserve total only every 5 or 6 years. Clearly, a transition to the gold standard is at hand. This is the last thing the fiat-based U.S. Dollar and central banking cabal wants and can afford.

August 24th, 2015: David Wilcock releases a new update stating that his inside sources are telling him the geopolitical situation playing out between the banking cabal and the BRICS alliance is reaching a crescendo.

August 28th, 2015: North Korea and South Korea agree to hold peace talks as North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said the agreement is a “landmark occasion” in the road to “reconciliation” and “trust.” Is the banking cabal’s influence over South Korea being dismantled? Its well known they have long controlled South Korea and have infiltrated their governance as a means to keep the two Koreas divided. Secondly, the more that unity and peace spreads, the quicker the cabal falls…and they know this.

August 31st, 2015: In an article that I highly recommend, the author perfectly describes what China, Russia and the BRICS alliance are doing to the U.S. Dollar and thus to the banking cabal by China dumping billions of Dollars worth of U.S. Treasuries. I’ll leave you with this quote from the article: “China, Russia and much of the international community is signaling that they’re prepared and strapped in… they’re in the cockpit, and have punched their ‘hyper-drive.’ De-dollarization will quicken to warp speed. Eurasia is ready for this rocket ride to begin… and to benefit, on their balance sheets, from the gold (and silver) revaluations shortly to take place.”

September 1st, 2015: Vladamir Putin drafts a bill aimed at eliminating, yes eliminating, the U.S. Dollar and Euro from trade between CIS countries, which includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

September 3rd, 2015: Guatemala erupts in protests calling for the resignation of their President. He does resign and is jailed in connection to a corruption scandal.

September 3rd, 2015: 34 Senators have committed to support the Iran nuclear deal, which again, is a huge blow to the cabal’s plans. In addition, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman visited Washington over the weekend and has given support to the deal as well. Saudi Arabia, who was once a strong ally to the Bush/Clinton/Israeli syndicate, has essentially turned its back on them.

September 3rd, 2015: The Japan Bank for International Cooperation announced that it is in the process of turning to currency swaps in rubles (and NOT U.S. Dollars) with several large Russian banks. Remember that Japan was of the two (the U.S. was the other) notable nations that did not join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in late June. It seems as though major regime changes are taking place behind closed doors in Japan. Stay tuned.

September 6th, 2015: Over 105,000 people, including union leaders and Labour Members of Parliament, have signed the petition to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for war crimes. Since the petition has reached over 100,000 signatures, the British Parliament must officially consider a debate on the situation.

September 6th, 2015: Neil Keenan released a new update regarding the global collateral accounts and the stage of the game he and his team are at in legally bringing down multiple very large banks and bankers. For those that don’t know, the global collateral accounts are the single largest financial cover-up in the world to date and have been illegally used and abused by many different banking institutions, governments and corporations. These accounts have strong ties to the assassination of JFK and to 9/11. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of learning about the global collateral accounts and passing that information on to others. Neil has said that it is expected to be around and possibly before January 2016 that very large fireworks (a positive for humanity) take place involving, all the big banks and several governments and corporations. The wait is coming to an end.

Now: You are here on the planet at this time to make a wonderful contribution. Please continue playing your role for the benefit of us all.

The Final Word

It is clear that something big is happening. Use this information to move forward with optimism and hope. Share with your friends. Discuss with your friends. Continue to search and dig for the truth. Two people I strongly suggest the reader looking into are Benjamin Fulford, the whistleblower who was the Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine and is listed in stories number 21 and 22, and Neil Keenan, who is working with many well-connected sources to open up the global collateral accounts. These accounts are what President Kennedy was reportedly assassinated over and are what the banking elite does not want the public to know exists.
This revolution WILL NOT be televised.
by RamblerNash
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