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Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed

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Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed Empty Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed

Post by RamblerNash Fri Mar 11, 2016 9:42 am

Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed

Cases and Lawsuits Related to the Dinar

There have been a number of lawsuits involving iraqi dinar, we cover those and related complaints below. We will research each as time permits.

* IF you have not read our page on the 5 Stages of Hype used to sell you on the Dinar, you should check it out!

Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed Lawsuit-notice-pin-smallNOTICE: The FBI asks that you call 877-236-8947 if you feel you’ve been mislead into buying Iraqi Dinar. They want to hear your story! Letters have been sent to the court asking the court to give back money that was acquired in the raid – the feds can tell you more about this!

Case #1USA vs Sterling Currency Group, Ty Rhame, James Shaw, Carole Laurette Shaw, Frank Bell. The complaint, concerning Money Laundering, also mentions Sterling Funder (owned by Sterling’s attorney David Lilenfeld with Tyson Rhame and James Shaw), GID Partners, Isolveit.Com (registered to Sterling Funder’s VP of Product Management), and many more. This lawsuit was filed after Husam Tayeh brought up Money Laundering in their amended complaint against Sterling Currency Group.

Case #2USA vs Dinar Corp Inc, Husam Tayeh and MyMonex – This complaint was filed after Sterling discussed registration in their response to Husam’s lawsuit.

Case #3: Dinar Corp Inc Lawsuit Complaint Review – Husam Tayeh is a Dinar Dealer who owns Dinar Corp, Inc. (DCI) and filed a lawsuit against Sterling Currency Group.

Case #4: Sterling Currency Group Lawsuit Complaint Review – Sterling sued me for $5 million and I counter-sued them for $20 million. Check out my adbusive litigation letter to Sterling’s attorney David Michael Lilenfeld and look at the exhibts I provided the court. Also, check out my email to Tyson Rhame and his hostile response!

Case #5: Virginia A. Burdette – complaint to avoid and recover fraudulent transfer.

Case #6: This is a Defamation Complaint / Lawsuit filed against Tamer Deniz and was dismissed shortly after.

Case #7: Stefano Grossi Consulting – Stefano Grossi was hired to create the website to sell iraqi dinar to investors. In court, he told the Judge “I didn’t lie, I told the truth but at times I didn’t tell the truth”. He committed misconduct in court and lost the case!

Case #8: Pigott Law vs BH Group and BH Group Indictment

Case #9: This U.S. Army Major was charged with Smuggling Iraqi Dinar out of Iraq.

Case #10: USA vs Anthony Renfrow Plea Agreement – and learn why he ran with the Plea agreement.

Case #11: FBI Seized these assets from Tyson Rhame’s home and Sterling Currency Group – additional case

Do you know of a case / lawsuit that is related to dinar dealers or dinar itself? If so, please leave a comment and let us know!

Cease and Desist Orders and more…

State of Alaska Order 15-1449-C Final Cease and Desist Order Imposing a Civil Penalty against Sterling Currency Group, LLC.

7. In the course of the same examination, the Department determined that Respondent acquired GID Associates, Inc. (“GID”) (gidassociates.com) on September 20, 2013, but failed to disclose this acquisition to the Department and register GID.
Emergency Order 2015-014 to Cease and Desist Activity and to Suspend License of Sterling Currency Group, LLC

2. On June 3, 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) executed a search warrant against Sterling and Ty Rhame (Rhame), Sterling’s founder. While executing the search warrants, FBI agents raided both Sterling’s offices and Rhame’s home.


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Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed Empty Re: Iraqi Dinar Lawsuits Reviewed

Post by Ponee Tue May 10, 2016 10:36 am



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