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"Time for Some Questions, Tank" by GJW - 9/11/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Time for Some Questions, Tank" by GJW - 9/11/18

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"Time for Some Questions, Tank" by GJW - 9/11/18 Empty "Time for Some Questions, Tank" by GJW - 9/11/18

Post by RamblerNash Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:27 am

It seems a couple of site leaders want to take the podium and elevate themselves, preaching to the masses of mushroom sheeples. Yet, the most useful thing they could do is to stop promoting and marketing themselves and simply explain gray areas and misperceptions, in terms the non-computer geek can comprehend.

This site is abound with undercover CIA spy's and disinformation meant to dangle hope, yet deliberately confuse, I suspect. Tank could offer clarity, yet chooses to 'preach'. Fireswan could explain her attacks and reasoning in her attacks in Tank/Kim and blueray, yet chooses to revel in empirical computer knowledge, which she knows is Greek to many of us. She does come off as a "self proclaimed guru" as blueray states, and her rants toward the opposition without demonstration if clear logic to her reasoning is lends to questionable and shady authenticity. Neither Tank nor Fireswan offers anything truly useful or sustaining to the group, since the best of us are already highly functioning in a spiritual sense. We need facts, not redundant rhetoric or self promotion. It's time for some new questions, so here goes:

#1). I originally thought Manna was just one of several humanitarian funds. But according to your Tanks June reply, that is not true. According to Tank, the other collateral accounts are all included in Manna, even the St. Germaine. True or false?

#2). I've sat back and watched the fight between blueray, Kim and Fireswan over AI artificial intelligence levels, and who may be human and who may be AI run. It seems to me that blueray is authentic, flaws and all, whereas authenticity issues lie with the other two.

3). If the "QFS" that Fireswan is working on is legitimate and real, and if Kim's QFS is the only real human DNA connected one, where does that leave us with regard to the exchange process, or GESARA? Two different systems, two different truths?

Why can't good forces unite, if in fact they are both good forces? Or is this just another disinfo campaign meant to confuse?

#4). Is it true the Chinese Elders are actually off planet 'extra terrestrials' or aliens? What is the correct status and terminology for the Chinese Elders? To which race do they genetically originate?

#5). When Fireswan analyzes the friend versus enemy scenario submitted by Heis...

*The enemy of my enemy equals my friend.
*The enemy of my friend equals my enemy.
*The friend of my enemy equals my enemy.
*The friend of my friend equals my friend.

...one has to wonder: To openly accuse another of being CIA and/or AI and/or not "human", one has to oneself have a lot of background in dealing with either/or or both. It would suggest that one was not a mere 'employee' of an employer such as Oracle, but something more "expanded". Something doesn't fit about Fireswan, although the sales pitch resonates with some. Why such an attack on blueray over a humorous post, when nothing up until that to attack him. Then, suddenly she wants to take out blueray in an aggressive manner. Why wait until then? Blueray has been negative for sometime. So what if his post was computer generated. It was funny. I am as good as anyone here, and I found it satirically funny in a loving way, embracing our idiosyncrasies. Humor heals. We can't heal the ills of the world if we can't find humor in adversity.

I do like how the negativity cleared off the website for a few days after Fireswan's rant attack on blueray, but these nagging radar questions persist in my intuition.

We should all be wondering who the real AIs versus humans are by now.

These questions are meant for Tank, Kim and Fireswan. However, anyone can jump in.

Truth and light


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