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  "Re: Tick Tock" by Brigantine - 5/31/18

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PostSubject: "Re: Tick Tock" by Brigantine - 5/31/18   Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:15 am

Re:  http://www.dinardaily.net/t73628-fireswan-the-philosopher-a-self-proclaimed-cia-contractor-by-kim-possible-5-30-18

Usually, I only contribute when I see something truly despicable happening. Something that requires a harsh response. Today, I am moved to speak up for people I have come to respect on this forum.

Well said, ReelMan. I haven't met Fireswan, but my impression of her is just what you have described. She is well spoken, direct, thoughtful. Her opinions are intelligent and well thought out. Always a pleasure to read. Just what i would expect from a fellow IT professional.

Kim Possible on the other hand screams fraud in her words and actions. I haven't read a Kim Possible post since two or three days into her mission here. What I have seen of her antics through Anna's replies has continued to reinforce that my initial impression was accurate. This is an interloper. Someone with a foul mission.

It's truly, truly sad that Tank, who I once considered to be one of the most genuine people here, has fallen for her spiel. But then in retrospect, he got sucked into the Ya-Yo whirlpool of hypocrisy for a while too... Enough said.

It's all about making connections. Anna for instance, comes recommended by Al Hodges. As does Mike Cottrell. Al Hodges came recommended by Bob Maheu. Maheu, if you haven't read his book, was a spook who knew Kennedy. I am firmly convinced that he was a major figure in the alliance. I believe the Alliance goes back to Kennedy and even earlier. When the Cabal, bankers, Mob and Johnson killed Kennedy, it was time to get serious about the deep state. Maheu, imo, would have made it a personal mission to do something about JFK's murder. Al Hodges was an associate of Maheu for 30 years.

So, when Hodges recommends Anna and Cottrell as someone on the right side of this fight, I believe him. As opposed to the anonymous troll who popped up the other day to say that Cottrell was trying to steal Leo Wanta's Money. It's laughable. Because anyone who has read Christopher Story's blog from start to finish will know that Leo, who was originally a good guy, sold out to the shrubbery. And it was Leo and the shrubbery who stole Cottrell's money using the corrupt federal reserve's swift system.

A system which requires replacing, which is part of why we are here and still waiting. For Al Hodges told us 9 years ago that we cmkxers would not receive our just reward until there was:

  1. A safe monetary system, ie safe banking
  2. Gold / asset backed currency
  3. Announcements and Arrests of Deep State miscreants

As such, anyone who is telling you we will get our 800#s daily is FOS. We will go after we have an announcement of a gold / asset backed dollar. With the Arrest of Weinstein and Weiner, technically the cabal arrests have begun. So there's that.

But anyone who has read me for 18 years knows my next line is, "We get paid when the fed goes down." It's that simple and that complex as we watch revolution at the speed of government through the gauze and vaseline covered lens of the spook world.

So, when someone like ya-yo or kim possible pop up and there are no meaningful connections, a thoughtful person is cautious and contemplative about what they see, hear and read. For they will eventually reveal themselves through their thoughts, words and deeds. In the words of Adhemar: "You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting." (A Knight's Tale)

People like Sierra, ReelMan, Ron Giles and Fireswan have also revealed themselves through their thoughts, words and deeds. And you have not been found wanting. Thank you for your excellent contributions.

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PostSubject: Re: "Re: Tick Tock" by Brigantine - 5/31/18   Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:17 am

"Re: Brigantine's on Tick Tock" by (Anonymous)

Nice post but we are not waiting for fed to go down for it already has. There is a new UST that will be our central bank. The fed is a pvt.bank that has no clout anymore.

All of this will come with NESARA/GESARA and the RV has to come first.


"In Response to Anonymous" by Brigantine

You're right, the fed has been incorporated into the treasury. A year ago. As it happens, that hit the news while I was writing the previous post. I wish I had seen it before writing that. We've been told for a year that these things already exist. But, they weren't announced until today.

Technically, the US Note has not yet been announced. It won't officially exist until it is announced. Hence, we do not yet have a gold backed currency.

Regardless of the rumors, pay attention to the fundamentals. Hodges told us 8 years ago, we will get paid when we have:

Safe Banking : technically we do have safe banking now, since Basel IV compliance was announced earlier this year. But, we still have the cabal controlled and porous SWIFT system in the mix. We will not RV until that is controlled by alliance or eliminated entirely.

Gold / Asset Backed Currency: The US Note may in fact exist. It probably does. But, until it is announced publicly, there is no reason for an RV. 7 countries have already announced gold backed currency, others have indicated. My money says we do not RV until we have a US Gold Backed Announcement.

Announcements and Arrests of Deep State Miscreants: We have been told many times that 9/11 happened an hour before we were supposed to receive a NESARA announcement. I believe that is likely true. This time around, we may or may not get an actual public announcement of NESARA until after the event. Much like we have labored for a year under rumors of FED being folded into Treasury. But, in the minds of The masses, it did not happen and was not real, until today.

(Note, even though he was speaking to CMKX Shareholders, it applies to the GCR, because he had by then told us that our settlement had been wrapped into the GCR with a lot of other payments that have been unlawfully withheld.)

I believe there will be mass arrests and other announcements in parallel with the RV/GCR/NESARA. As much a wrapping up of this seemingly endless journey as a distraction for what is going down while we take care of the business of redeeming and exchanging. One of the reasons we will be safe, is because people will be too astounded by what is going on to notice we took a day off work and then quit the next day... Unless you can't resist bragging about your windfall, living large or throwing your weight around, no one needs to know.

My point of all this is, we will know when it is time. And it won't be some internet guru who tells us. This daily cycle of, "gosh it was supposed to happen today, but X stopped it," is so much bullshit and unnecessary stress. Do not participate. Do not engage. Blow it off and be calm. It is coming. As you can see from my three point list, we are nearly there on all counts. You will know, when we are.

One last thing, we have all taken this journey. We have all suffered, endured and survived. Going forward, please remember to be kind. Be Gentle. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Ghandi

That is all.

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PostSubject: Re: "Re: Tick Tock" by Brigantine - 5/31/18   Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:27 am

Brigantine is a surly character, and was frequently chastised by mods at TNT for calling people out; in other words, this post is in-line with his typical approach to so-called intel.  Kim Possible is a fraud, because Kim Possible is a fictitious character looped into the Tank/Yosef/ShowmeChange nonsense.
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"Re: Tick Tock" by Brigantine - 5/31/18
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