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WSOMN Friday Drama 8/25/17

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WSOMN Friday Drama 8/25/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:01 am




TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) so alright already where is that ding dang 800 number? Getting less and less differences in between conference calls today while the majority of the providers are sticking together with the same old same old story that the numbers will be released this month. Still there is at least one provider not expecting it to be released until mid-October. (Always has to be one far out provider)

I, for one certainly hope is does come through this month in light of my current financial situation as I am fairly certain my creditors do as well. Keeping up is hard enough but late charges coupled with overdraft charges are eating me alive. However, the lights are still on, there is food in the fridge, my computer still works and there is gasoline in my old truck so I have to be thankful for that at least.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father we come this morning asking for protection for our members who live along the Gulf Coast in from the Hurricane headed inland over the next few days. I recall that each year I remember the forecasters saying that we were overdue for a major storm in the Gulf coast area. Lord we pray that this storm does no go into the history books for lost lives and property damage.

Dear Lord God Almighty, once again we find ourselves in a “wait and see” mode for our chances to change the lives of many people not only in this country but around the world as well. Lord, I just heard some very disturbing facts this evening that over 90% of black members of our country cannot perform basic language skills and math skills. Lord helps us to find a way to make this right in our country.

Well this Thursday was a very long day for many of us but I was proud to see that negativity amongst our members was kept at a minimal level. Let us all work together to make this new day even better in that area. Rest easy my friends and know that many of our members are praying for us and our families. May God Bless each and every one of you as you slumber. Our destiny awaits each of us and it is very close.

I dreamed right before I woke up that I checked this site & it was all green & had little green frogs jumping merrily across the header & everyone's typing & emojis were green!!!

I'll see what Varney on FBN has to say about Janet's little talk. Might be like everything else in d-land: lot's of smoke no fire.

Morning - lots of smoke, but smoke at some point does clear. I'm not counting on anything earth shattering, maybe just a hint or two

Sand did u hear of meeting today with presidents of hsbc, wf, b of a and heads of Iraq, zim, and viet


The 'hints' will be whatever anyone thinks they are. Like belly buttons, everyone's..........

Enough already.

Sand don't u think this Texas storm is like the typhoon in the East just another thing created by harp to delay the RV ... who knows !!! I pray for their safety hope they get out before it .

I don't think the RV can be delayed - the ball is rolling down the hill

Good morning everyone. I just wish the ball would go faster. LOL

This RV brings never ending Black Fridays year after year... Iraq is doing just fine without the RV so that is why I call it the never ending RV kind of like a soap opera, can read once a month and never miss a beat. Back to work now.

There was a forced evacuation for costal Texas, so Snake should be on the mainland.

Looks like Rayren bailed on his scheduled call for 1:00 PM EST today....Not surprised

Ted - nothing left to say

worry is negative energy dont send snake anything negative

if the would just let this thing go throu we all could help and not need fema...

@WE_GO_NOW: Blessings! Let's join together and manifest Harvey dissipating before it hits land. Sending all my love Texas and all in the path love BODI m.t...

Sunny what is your plan to do with the records? The reason I ask is that I have a top self of a closet full of old albums that I need to catalog as well.


I may just do that this weekend if I am not tied up with the exchange process....I hope.


006 I tend to agree w/ your earlier post re the dates in September for this, as a good possibility. Only 150.5 hrs left in August (EDT). They better hurry.

Snickers if it happen this month I will be to lately shocked imo not a snowballs chance in hello

Currency 365 comment -- update map on #TalAfar hmmm maybe we will be done by sept 1st we shall find out. #iraq

Hey sand is that the new map excuse once it turns green we rv lol

Snicker take off your dinar glasses and stop listening to all the gurus they do not know any more then you do

006 Bazinga! I actually do takeup to 4 days of every week away from all chats/sites. So much is just really boring.

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