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 Dr. Clarke 4/3/17

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Mountain Goatee
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PostSubject: Dr. Clarke 4/3/17   Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:20 am

DR. CLARKE: What you hear tomorrow, is "1 brick", which will be stepped over - not a "Wall". There's MORE going on, than just "1 big thing". A few days will bring good things....

Just a Reminder.
Most can't "SEE".......and then a few others, can.
Rock N Roll......in a sea full of "DOUBT".
Oh, and Egypt was in town, for the Party. Did you SEE?

Google Egypt.

Did you know, that it's MUCH HEALTHIER for the Human Body, to FOCUS on "What's RIGHT in the World - Rather than what's WRONG in the World?

Yes, it's a Scientifically Proven Fact........it Creates Way Way Less STRESS, and Way Way More LOVE.....
FOCUS being the key word.
Take a Deep Breath. APRIL is the month.....wait for it.
"APRIL Showers, bring MAY Flowers".........remember?
And PLEASE, ignore History. ALL HISTORY.

It doesn't Apply ANYMORE.

BIG NEW Rules, on Planet Earth........if you want to SEE Clearly...........and we think you do.
Yet Again, History & so-called FACTS, will be proven wrong......lest we ever forget what went down, a few months ago......in the U.S. Elections.

Donald Trump IS the President of the United States, and that is FACT........unprecedented in History.......against all Odds, Rules, Powers, and anything whatsoever, "LOGICAL".
Sleepy Eyes, are about to finally, "SEE", yet once again.
Isn't this FUN! Can you finally Feel the Heartbeat?
Coming from the HEART,
P.S. For some reason, we really like the ring of April 7......guess because it's a Friday. Fridays are special.

It's a "FUN" day......of course, in our sexeeeee "Opinion".......and because MOST get to sleep in the next morning, on Saturday....

If you Choose.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarke 4/3/17   Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:53 am

This is one of the more comical posts from Recaps.  Could we be witnessing the birth of a new guru???

Dr. Clarke 

1/9/2016 16:33:19

Nice Job Recaps. You've NEVER heard from me in all these years, because of my ranks, but right now you should post this. Ease the pain of Millions of people, if you do. The same couple dozen folks have been posting on here for years - with a track record that's worst than the weather forecasters. Much worse. Yet, good meaning people still, from their desperation, continue to sit on the edge hour by hour, in pain - because of it, and keep reading - because it's all they have. 

Here's what I know for sure, and can tell you. The IQD Dinar will be exchangeable, at exchange centers all over the WORLD EVERYWHERE at a HUGE rate, well over $3.00, along with the VND Dong at a rate of well over $1.00 - for sure, within the 1st Week of March, 2016. The other currency's are scheduled, but not yet confirmed. FYI - I'm in a powerful position right now, as well as already, by most people's standards, very very wealthy - AND I also hold lots of currency. So, I'm not really in this class of "Desperation" like the majority of Dinarland. What I just shared is NOT rumor. It's fact, because it's already done. Mountain Goat is most on track, as it follows what's printed, but what's printed is of course, NOT the whole story - some fact, some planned deception - but the sanity of what MG puts out, is much closer to hard fact reality, in REAL TIME, than anything else I've seen. Take this to the Bank: NOBODY KNOWS IT ALL. 

So, Everyone Mark Your Calendars for the 1st week of March. Until then, I'd ignore ALL the imagination that folks on here post about having Chinese connections, Elders, Special Bonds, Special Rates, Group nonsense like Tax deals, exchanging early, somebody holding it up, button pushing, bank stories (really, they've been calling in people for over 2 years for appointments for exchanges, really?) So much useless nonsense being thrown around on this site. I recommend scaling it down, and some of these guys that been on here for years, need to go away, cause in any other venue in this world, they would've flunked the test early on. Print the NEW guys stuff. Fresh perspective.....but from what I know, we're only going to be reading your blog for about another 60-70 days from now. One other thing of importance: Please have these so called experts and guru's, if they are that, to just make sure they can spell the words correctly in their posts - because most of them can't even get the spelling right, let alone try to change the entire world. Learning to spell, is a great step in that direction. ONE OTHER IMPORTANT ITEM, that you should know about: There will soon be an announcement out of Iraq, that they are not going to continue the MR (Monetary Reform) until next year of 2017, because of the financial condition the country is in, and low price of oil. This announcement is already scheduled. When you hear it. IGNORE IT. I repeat, IGNORE IT. RI/RV is days away then......

I know you probably won't post this - but THIS TIME, you should. If you want from me, just let me know. I have lots more, but if you don't like this, then you won't like the rest. 

My Best of Intentions for All,
Dr. Clarke


>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarke 4/3/17   Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:18 am

LOL!  Like I've said all along, he's a fraud.  Now his posts wax philosophical, because he has zero substance.  I wonder if Recaps realizes that Dr Clarke is starting to sound like Frank Villa?  They should reduce Clarke's wages for these kind of posts, because they're nonsensical.  At least, when he started making up intel in Jan 2016, he was speaking with specifics on dates for an RV; now, he's a poet.

There has been no accountability for being wrong in DinarLand.  Recaps knows this.  They do not care about publishing known liars and scammers; in fact, they KNOW who Dr Clarke is, they KNOW he lies, and they KNOW it doesn't matter...because it makes them money. 

What's cool about Recaps, though, is this - as an aggregator, they cannot avoid being labeled as, 'fake news,' and will soon be required to alter their business model.  They will not be permitted to integrate with various social media sites due to being fake news.  I'm excited about that, because it will damage their monetization strategy.  Then, paid shills like Dr Clarke will suddenly vanish, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clarke 4/3/17   Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:41 pm

This Dr.C. character is losing strenght. Time to say goodbye! And time for Recaps to create a new character! They should call that one THE JOKER!
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Dr. Clarke 4/3/17
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