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A great video from David Wilcock

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kenlej I have asked Stina to send me the video where he states/announces that he got the 501c3 and will post here when she sends it to me (I don't have the stomach to go through his vids and find it tbh) but until then here is the video she did regarding this and the reason Wilcock sent her 2 Cease and Desist. Keep in mind at this time she did not even have but a few 100 subs on her channel. So.... he was pissed off. Ask yourself why.  lol

Here is another issue... the Pete Petersen GoFund me that Wilcock ran for this supposed whistle blower and took in over 60K. Check the video by Steven Cambian where he tears the story to shreds. We still have not seen a death certificate on Petersen nor is he listed on the social security Death Index. This is an ongoing investigation and if we find anything we will share it.

So you can kneel at the alter of the Blue Chicken Cult leader if you want. Read and buy his books and pay for his ridiculous classes etc. if that kind of wooship is your thing. But let me remind you that he was part of the RV fraud along with Benjamin blablabla Fulford back in 2011. He has changed his story board so many times to keep the money rolling in it amazes me. For that more power to him. But pay your freaking taxes. The Blue Chicken Cult is NOT a religion. And just to be clear... I place him above Schmidt in the fraud department. Schmidt is chump change compared to Shilcock.

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by Purpleskyz
on Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:34 am
Topic: A great video from David Wilcock
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