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COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 15 2020

Member:  My spidey sense is tingling....RV time!

MZ:   Bond traders positioning over the weekend. I did hear of one or two reports on the Bond side of it that they are allowing some dollars to flow. Only as a “Hold me over” to keep people in town is what I am hearing. Most of my bond people expect to start trading tomorrow. This is big news. 

MZ: My political sources are expecting a bombshell week of disclosures starting on Tuesday.

Member:   Let's get some high level INDITEMENTS!

MZ: Iraqi sources are pretty confident that they will get a new rate this week. All the chatter everywhere is excellent. 

MZ: I am getting a lot of chatter that things start here tomorrow in the US and all over the world for the redemption process. 

MZ: So I’m going to cross my fingers and toes and say my prayers that this is true. Chatter has been exceptionally good for positioning to start this week .

Member:  October is new fiscal year…..things need to be done pretty soon for sure. 

MZ: With all the economic turmoil….moving vans leaving New York and CA….they cannot kick this can anymore…..Let it GO……..

Member:  Trump will have a hard time winning this election without this exchange.

Q: When can we expect the 800 numbers of safelinks? How confident about exchanging this week?

MZ: As long as everything continues to move forward I feel it will be late in the week…..

SALTY’S TELEGRAM REPORT - Last ISAAC 9/10/2020 Hello …hope all good , the info I got is good but for later next week , I will know more tomorrow . Keep the faith that is happening. Relax and enjoy the weekend. I will be back tomorrow. All will be funded by dragons. That is the first that will be paid , for sure

MZ: I don’t read the boards so you will have to tell me what others are hearing. 

Member:  There was a post where they claimed the reset has already begun (9/11) and banks are in the 10 days of darkness to roll out new quantum financial? 

Q: Why is silver over $27?

MZ: Because we are positioning for an asset backed world…..very exciting. 

Member:  Ben Fulford and Robert David Steele just did a video, and at the 2:20min mark stated thethe revaluation of currencies is a Bush con job.

Member:  Yeah, Fulford and Steele we’re both downers. Shut it off.

MZ: That’s a whole different conversation…but I believe they are totally incorrect on revaluations and baskets. 

Member:  Benjamin Fulford anhd Robert David Steele…do not like Trump so obviously they hate when he does great things. Do not listen to them. They may be deep state. 

Member:  Charlie Ward doesn’t give a lot of credit to Fulford

Q: Will Mr. C tell you when he enters the codes?

MZ: That has always been the plan…if he can … if they lock him down for 72 hours he won’t be able to because I will not be able to reach him. 

Member:  Nyla Nguyen reported the Brexit ...peace in the middle East and the Trump's secret weapon of the 14th amendment will be used for mass arrests!!!

Member:  President Trump announced last night that ANTIFA is a Terrorist Organization now!!

Member:  Pete Rose by deeming them a terrorist organization they can be picked up on the streets and the law on which governs us does not govern them ….meaning a car can pull up they can grab them …throw them in

Member:  Arrest the people funding Antifa and BLM first. All fires starting within arms throw of an interstate. There is probably a lot of video out there to catch these people.

Member:  Antifa and BLM going on a scorched earth policy just like the Nazis at end of WWII when they were about to be defeated.

Member:  You know that Trump must be cleaning up government, because most of the politicians are against him.

Member:  Has anyone seen posted list updates of all the arrests, executions, and life in prison terms. Many are gone from Hollywood, Congress, and CEO's/Globalists executed.

Member:  Isn't it ironic that everytime we get close to the "RV" a Storm of another kind comes in like a" Hurricane"

Member:  BREAKING NEWS ON JULIAN'S CASE For about 20 minutes now the court has lost feed to the Witness entirely.Earlier a heated argument took place between the Judge and the DoJ about the DoJ wanting (they have four hours, and the judge reminded them their are 39 witnesses)#AssangeCase

Member:  The Mercy, or Comfort ship is parked in Portland. …Maybe Filled with military?

Member:  Have a Great day and be best be Blessed

Member: Remember to keep Okie and Frank26 in your prayers for healing. 

Trump infrastructure projects:

SAM OLIVER REPORT ON TELEGRAM US Futures look to open strong this morning as we begin the week. Many currency shifts are showing up...HERE

EMP threat to U.S. power grid identified just weeks ahead of vitally important elections

IF THE INTERNET GOES DOWN Emergency number 🧂 (712) 770-5028 Code:648989 Playback number (712) 770-5066

The next scheduled stream is Tuesday 10AM est…….
by phoenix27
on Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:06 pm
Topic: COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 15 2020
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