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MarkZ: "We have been asked this before….to go quiet" (Does That Trickery Still Work? LOL) 5/20/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We have been asked this before….to go quiet" (Does That Trickery Still Work? LOL) 5/20/21

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MarkZ: "We have been asked this before….to go quiet" (Does That Trickery Still Work? LOL) 5/20/21 Empty MarkZ: "We have been asked this before….to go quiet" (Does That Trickery Still Work? LOL) 5/20/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 20, 2021 10:17 pm

MZ: Still no youtube…….if it comes back today I will post a news update via you tube……

MZ: There is a lot of pressure to be quiet……because we are that close…..We are getting leaned on to be quiet for the next few days…..there is a tremendous amount of chatter on movement and when Dubai is released. They are expecting it anyday now….

MZ: We have been asked this before….to go quiet…. when things seem to be close.

MZ: I hear they have straightened out the technical issues on moving money around……

MZ: This may well be Mr. C’s last Friday with us before NDA kicks in…but we are being leaned on pretty heavily….

MZ: Paymasters, bankers, group leaders are all telling us to be quiet. I take this as exceptionally good news. The chatter is really good……hope its accurate. I will be leaving out a lot of details and things I am hearing ……..just in case

MZ: If you hear other intel providers saying they are being asked to be quiet…..it is correct.

MZ: if any verifiable sharable news I will be back. Things seem to be afoot.

MZ: yesterday Sheila (CMKX expert) texted me and said to “Keep the faith- this is our week”

MZ: She is referring, I believe to CMKX first and then Currencies.

Member: Who is leaning on you?

MZ: Bankers, Bank contacts, group leaders and a UST contact is leaning on me to be quiet for the next few days. I am going to do my part and play ball with them.  Take this as good news and be content.

Member:  Mark, do you know what the sequence of things are before the Tier 4B notifications come out? Dubai 1, 2, what is that? Is there a D3, D4, D5? Anything else after that before we get our notifications?

MZ: Resetting the dollar, and the code people signing off……then getting notified.

Member: How will be notified?

MZ: If you purchased from a bank or currency dealer and gave them your email and phone number… you will be notified by them …….to be safe sign up at Dinar Recaps. I am told many Currency Aggregator sites will be posting the exchange information as well

Member:  Go to Dinar Recaps and/or Big Call Universe and sign up to get emails

Member: Has the RV started already this week?

MZ: I do not know for sure….cannot prove or disprove it…….there is a lot of chatter.

Member: is it true we cannot exchange if people have crimes in their past?

MZ: That is fear mongering……they just want to make sure you are not involved with MS-13, terrorism, drug rings Iran….stuff like that……

Member: What are F&P’s and PP’s?

MZ: F&P’s are fines and penalties…With this reset the government is making due on past debts. Pickford farm claims, , Indian nations, CMKX, and many more…...and PP”s are Prosperity Programs – humanity funds released to save our world…..Freedom funds, Omega funds , Alpha, Destiny, Global World Settlements, and many more.

Member: There are at least 72 programs

Member: How long will NDA’s be? I hear maybe 90 days?

MZ: We do not know….we do not know if there are NDA’s at this point…..banker contacts say the NDA will be only about rates and amounts to protect us from talking….to keep us safe from ourselves….

Member:  ATTN ALL.... realize that your privacy will be at stake when you have all this money. keep it very secret or everyone will come begging nonstop. your life… your routine will all change dramatically

Member: Will the new currency be exchanged 1 to 1

MZ: Yes, for a limited time……just on the paper money…this will cut down on drug dealers.does not apply to coins. Our coins stay good.

Member: Are power outages real or fake?

MZ: They are real….The question is are the power outages because of solar flares or are they on purpose because there are military actions or are arresting bad guys???

Member:  We have been warned about power outages for a long time.

Member:  In 1800s, solar flare melted some of the telegraph wires.

Member:  Numerous very severe power and www outages all over the world!!

Member:  Received 2 separate EBS test alerts yesterday on my cell phone!

Member: I hear there were mass arrests yesterday.

Member: Are you walking back that CMKX people got paid?

MZ: No- I am saying I have not seen any new deliveries reported anywhere in many days……maybe the earlier deliveries were tests or stings to catch bad actors.

Member: I went to Chase to buy more vnd, teller told me they were no longer selling it. She smiled at me and said “so you know”

Member:  100t zim on American coin co is $600, whoa!!! triple what I paid 3 years ago

Member: How soon after we exchange can we have spendable funds?

MZ: I am told you will access to a portion right away…..then the rest available the next day……

Member” I heard the RV cannot happen on weekends?

MZ: It could happen anytime, anyday……It used to be set up to happen on a Saturday Night…..then possibly Tues-thru Thurs……nowI am told  it could happen at anytime- anyday of the week.

Member: How will you notify us the RV happened….

MZ: I will tweet that we have crossed the finish line….then do a stream wearing my new t-shirt with the nest and the golden egg on it….i will have the link or 800 number on the screen if allowed…..also check Recaps and all the other sites that will be posting the news…..you will not miss it.

Member:  My happy phrase for when the RV/GCR finally happens... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Member:  EDISON: “Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.”

MZ:  New Osha regulations work related if employers force employees to get vaccinated.   https://www.lewrockwell.com/political-theatre/osha-says-employers-liable/

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