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MarkZ: "Paymasters all continue to stay in place in preparation for the event. ." 3/31/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Paymasters all continue to stay in place in preparation for the event. ." 3/31/21

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MarkZ: "Paymasters all continue to stay in place in preparation for the event. ." 3/31/21 Empty MarkZ: "Paymasters all continue to stay in place in preparation for the event. ." 3/31/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:36 pm

Member:  Iraq budget vote today all news says …no rv or will it.be like.kuwait fake.news

MZ: A quorum was met about an hour and a half ago….they do expect to vote today on the budget. It does appear that it will pass….so all eyes are on Iraq…

MZ: If we hear good news I will come back or I will tweet. I have heard rumors they may try to do a “blackout” if the vote went well. And then try to release it over the Easter weekend. Similar to what they did in Kuwait.

MZ: When Kuwait passed it- they blacked it out for 10 days…of course that was before the widespread proliferation of internet, cell phones ect…..I don’t think they will be able to keep this under wraps as long as they did in Kuwait. But I am told they are going to try . We don’t know exactly how it is going to work….all we can do is watch. I hope we know at least that they have crossed the finish line…..would bring peace of mind.

MZ: Feels like we have been here before but I don’t think we have ever been this close.

MZ: Paymasters all continue to stay in place in preparation for the event. .

Member: Have upper tiers started?

MZ: I am told they are holding all the tiers to go at the same time. At least tier 3 and 4 will go at the same time.

ISAAC MAR 30 Nothing this week , thing still positive but no liquidity. Tomorrow I will know regarding private operations of German bonds. Keep you posted. Keep the faith

Member:  Iraq is 7 hours in front of us. Their parliament works .sometimes, past midnight ! just saying .

Member:  Mark it appears that a Iraq is just going back to the 1190 rate with the new budget …I wonder why does everybody think this is going to trigger our event?

Member: Eventually all countries will go on parity ….1 to 1 we have been told…….Iraq is just a trigger that we can see……much is done behind the scenes……it just gets the RV ball rolling……….

Member:  iraq was/is the ever burning fuse to the R V ,BOOM COMING!!!

Member: I am going on vacation next week…should I take my currency with me or can I exchange when I get back?

MZ: I am told you will have a 10 day window to set your appointment…..then a 30 day window to go to your appointment. So you will be safe.

Member: Will you post the 800 number on twitter.

MZ: If they let me…you may have to settle for getting the link here on the stream . I plan on having a picture of a golden egg in a nest and the link in the bottom right hand corner……(to see picture he will use watch the replay) I am told you will be able to share the link with anyone you want….all those you have gifted currency to ect…….

Member: Will the bank charge us a spread of 2 % or so when we exchange?

MZ: I am told it is pre-negotiated ..its already been figured in……we will not see it at all….per the gold treaty.

Member:  Upcoming Events: DEFCON 1 Crisis - Stock Market Crash - Bitcoin Crash - GCR - N/GESARA - EBS - Tribunals - MSM blackout

Member: Why does the market never crash?

Member:  The Stock Market is being propped up. It will crash soon.

Member:  The market does not crash because the FED is buying everything.

Member:  I don't get how Myanmar, a small country was able to apprehend corruption, but our great country is not

Member: anything new on the rate we will get for the dong?

MZ: I have been told that the street rate will be about .47 cents and be allowed to float up…while the contract rate we should get will be in the low $2 .25 range or so.

Member: Have a great day everyone…….come on RV!!!!!

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