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BRUCE'S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 24 MARCH -- I believe this is going to be our week  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

BRUCE'S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 24 MARCH -- I believe this is going to be our week

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BRUCE'S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 24 MARCH -- I believe this is going to be our week  Empty BRUCE'S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 24 MARCH -- I believe this is going to be our week

Post by Ponee Wed Mar 24, 2021 9:07 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  1:10:30

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 23rd and you’re listening to the Big call – I’m welcoming everyone in to listen to us tonight – we appreciate you – your faithfulness from all over the globe wherever you are tuned in from whether live or Memorex thank you for listening –

Alright , let’s do some serious intel here – I want to get this out first – because it’s important for our redemptions – I just learned this this afternoon and I think it’s really important for us all so I will get into this before I get into the timeline –

You know forever that we’ve been talking about both emails and toll free numbers - right? Well the emails are coming out from a secure website a secure link website – and the theory is and this is how it should happen - that you can respond back and set up your appointment through a return email that you get that you are able to create through the SecureLink website – ok – so you can respond back or go to the SecureLink website which ever it is – and essentially create the time based on the perimeters that they give you for available times etc etc - ok – some of this stuff is new and I don’t really know exactly how it’s going to work but it will be something that we can do

In addition they will have 800 numbers that could be part of your email – as I understood it but should come to me – I should get the email or rather I should get the 800 numbers and be able to put those out on the website – too have them available for our listeners –

I did learn this today – the redemption center staff that does the redemption and exchanges for currency – they are off tomorrow (Wednesday) – however – this is the change in information – it use to be that when we called we went through 6 different regional call centers based on where we lived and spoke if you were a zim holder for example you would get connected through to the redemption center where you are going to be exchanging or redeeming your zim and speaking with the person who is at that redemption center so you actually have a connection to someone that you are going to meet – at the time of your appointment.

Now I understand because of the Quantum Financial System and the Quantum computer that all of this will be handled by the computer – in other words even the phone calls that we make will be on an automated system without human interaction – Now that’s a little different than what we thought for so long and I found this out today through one of the redemption center personnel we hear from occasionally - and this is a new thing – so think of it in terms of automation – using the toll free number – or using the SecureLink website in response to the email that will be going out – and like we’ve said they are looking somewhere in the 1.4 million or more emails that Wells Fargo has loaded on their server So – that’s a little different and maybe they offer you certain times for your exchange and you can opt for those availabilities – and maybe you could put the ideal time that you wish and we’ll see whether or not that comes through – What is very interesting is the redemption center staff are going in very early in the morning on Thursday morning at 7:15 – is that early enough for you? 

To be ready to go to do business at their desks at 7:30 am So that tells me that we should get – and remember this is the optimum word – “should” should be receiving our notifications tomorrow and setting our appointments for Thursday – and beyond – obviously Thursday – Friday – Saturday - and so on – ok – I believe that the internet group as we have called it in the past - tier 4B now tier 4 is looked to at the banks as all one group - but we tend to keep our internet group somewhat separate but the exchanges that we do will probably go 4 1- 12 days and maybe a little longer - so we could very well go through the end of the month and into April and maybe go right up to the Saturday before Easter – which is April 3 – maybe beyond April 3rd - we do not know what the end time of that will be – but the good news is that we believe based on 4 separate verifications of timing – from 3 separate banking institutions and another former – well let’s just call it 4 separate banking institutions that the window that has been put out there for us we are right in the middle of right now – and that was we could get notified and begin exchanges anytime between 10 am Tuesday – today – this morning – and 10 am this Thursday - so there’s a 48 hour window that we are in – and we could get notified with these emails at any time – The numbers could come to me at any time – so I am anticipating receiving that sometime tomorrow – that’s my personal belief – and that opens up Thursday because we know that the redemption center staff is going to be available early Thursday and I think they could easily take us Thursday - so that is what I am holding as a time frame that we would all enjoy and look forward to.  

Without going into it - the fact is there is agreement – an agreement in this that we haven’t had quite at this level in this acute time period as we have right now Beyond that the information that we’re hearing could take place regarding a 10 days of disclosure – meaning 10 days prior to resurrection Sunday which is the 4th of April - it that’s a real thing we could have that start either tomorrow or Thursday and have the 10 days of disclosure which could be an undercover for us - could very well be a cover – We talked to some people today that believe the stimulus checks for the most part some have already gone out - I don’t think they have all gone out and will be ramping those up tomorrow or Thursday - so that again provides some cover and it begins to hydrate most of the country as we go in for our exchanges and redemption – The other thing is those that have zim will be prioritized at the time of exchanges – that is a priority – they want to get the zim holders in as soon as they can - so if you don’t have zim and you are a currency holder don’t despair you will get in but the priority is being given to zim holders first – I don’t think there is a whole lot else we can do besides get ready for this I believe we are very very close to this – and we’ve been close before and we have not gone obviously – yet – we are hearing stories of people receiving liquidity though – already – so I believe it’s just about our turn as tier 4 –so that whole tier 4A and 4B is combined as tier 4 and should go together and the bond holders that have been waiting or the bond sellers – are waiting for access to funds should have access either right alongside with us as we set our appointments or possibly as we go in for our exchanges – either way we all should start approximately the same time with liquidity and that would give us our shotgun start We also know one other differential – the people that have bonds the people that have gone ahead tiers 1 2 and 3 – have gone ahead of us have received 1% of their total as access to funds – we will receive 2% of our total if we wish and take 2% initially on day one – and then be able to get access to more funds as the system hydrates – and as we need it from our – our internet from the structured payout – if you are a zim holder that’s where you will keep your funds in the QFS So we had word that the QFS was fully activated Sunday – we heard that rates were going to be updated Sunday before 9 pm Eastern which is the time the markets open at 9 am in the morning in China the next day so we believe that that rates have all pretty much come into play – and we know for example in Iraq – this has been several days ago now – that the dinar was at $1.00 in comparison to the USN dollar – our new dollar – so it was on par – same value – as our USN – in country – 

You remember when Dr Shabibi said the dinar could support – and that is still where we roughly where we believe we are going to be – on the dinar here – for a while – and then when we are done with our exchanges at the redemption centers and tier 1 banks that’s when the rates will revert back to a so called normal trading rate – same thing will be true for the dong – and other currencies at some point we will be on par against a level playing field with many many countries – eventually probably all countries – eventually – but I know initially we could have the euro until the euro breaks out and each of the countries have their own currency again – Canadian dollar – all that could come right on par with the USN - Our new currency – there have been some pictures on line about what our new UST currency is looking like – it will be rainbow colored and have various shades to it – will look different – very cool – and we understand that the 50’s and 100’s are at the redemption centers – ready for us to take up to $5000 – and recommend that or below - but they do want u s to get those out in circulation –

 So I would say everybody – this is obviously the closest we’ve ever been – and one of the institutions comment to us was – well they didn’t pick the day but they said this is the week – we are going to take that with a grain of salt - taking that from the people that told us – it sounds good – and I believe this is going to be our week – no sense in stopping now – we are like about 50 meters maybe from the finish line - we sprint to the finish – and I think this will be for us - 

There will be no transcribing from Thursday Night's call 3-25-21


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