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Bluwolf and Historian  10/24/11  G.E.T Team  10/24/11  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bluwolf and Historian 10/24/11 G.E.T Team 10/24/11

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Bluwolf and Historian  10/24/11  G.E.T Team  10/24/11  Empty Bluwolf and Historian 10/24/11 G.E.T Team 10/24/11

Post by lexie on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:07 pm


Bluwolf and Historian

[Agent 007] Bluwolf Chat 6:30 PM 10/24/11 [bluwolf] hi all [deleece525] bluwolf hi [dolfin1] Hi Bluwolf [niftyfifty] Bluwolf cessie [seldte09] hi bluwolf [TimC] Hey Bluwolf [bluwolf] hello [bluwolf] how are we this fine evening? ] bluwolf hello and I am doing great. [Believer2] Hi bluwolf ! [Cessie] nano36 Good Afternoon Blue [Cessie] niftyfifty Hi [bluwolf] well good to know [TimC] bluwolf Thanks for all of what you bring!!! [bluwolf] I guess that there is not much to talk about today [TimC] bluwolf nope it is done! [noah] bluwolf Liberty is coming! [Dee1031] bluwolf [bluwolf] yes it should of been here already [noah] bluwolf Should we call someone? [bluwolf] no please do not call banks at this time [Believer2] bluwolf, I would love to see the RV this week. The higher the rate the better of course. [bluwolf] nothing has changed in that department [noah] bluwolf maybe tonight [Historian] bluwolf GA! How are you today? [bluwolf] alright [Historian] bluwolf Agent 007 IMO, it may not show until Eurozone leaders announce their solution. [msjeta1] bluwolf sorry didn't mean to interrupt your posting its good to see you today [Agent 007] Historian yes on Weds. [Gwaithfoed3] Historian That may be to late if it is still having trouble getting through the system. What if they announce it and nothing has happened? Just asking. [bluwolf] historian correct all announcements have been shifted to wed. [Historian] Agent 007 bluwolf That "story" would explain why countries suddenly have money. Good cover for the RV.

[Agent 007] [bluwolf] whether we get a go on that day is up to them now [Believer2] how interesting. I guess they have to tie the loose ends. Wednesday isn't too far away. [Agent 007] right [Historian] bluwolf Yes, agreed. [Historian] Gwaithfoed3 They would make sure the system has been completed, just not revealed. Then reveal after the "story" is there to explain it. [Historian] Believer2 That is a typical process. Get all the tech done behind the scenes, but don't reveal. Then set up the front story. Then reveal. msjeta1] Historian have you been able to piece together more pieces of this huge puzzle? [bluwolf] Agent 007 something happen here was inform that the normal 9:15am est bank updates to all currencies was not received by one of our banks, do you know if this accrued in your side of the pond [Agent 007] bluwolf hmmm - no idea [Gwaithfoed3] Does anyone remember if Shabibi said that they would be paid with revalued currency or was it just a pay raise on Nov. 3.? [Historian] msjeta1 Yes. [bluwolf] well check up on that [Believer2] Historian it all makes a lot of sense. It's also very logical. People have to accept the theory and things have to match up in their eyes with that theory presented. [msjeta1] Historian I have been in and out so didn't know if I missed something or not thanks [Historian] Believer2 Yes, they have been building the story, and everyone has bought into it now. Just need to announce their solution, and then tie loose ends on the story. But first they need to be sure all tech is ready.

[Agent 007] [Believer2] Historian I see. Sure hope all the tech is all set to go this week. [Historian] bluwolf Is that something that would delay the RV for all, or just for that bank? [bluwolf] no all that means that something is happening which is good to our cause [Agent 007] bluwolf that is good [Historian] bluwolf Good to hear! [Gwaithfoed3] bluwolf Would you please explain why that would be good [Historian] msjeta1 We will discuss picture after Bluwolf has finished posting. [nano36] bluwolf is that bank Basel III compliant ? [msjeta1] Historian thank you [bluwolf] of course it is [bluwolf] well lets see what tomorrow brings to the table [bluwolf] all is kind of quiet [Agent 007] and Wednesday [Agent 007] very quiet [bluwolf] which is good [msjeta1] wow a second downgrade coming looks like AAA is not our agency [Agent 007] no one is saying much of anything bluwolf] I will advise all informents to lay low on your inputs [Agent 007] bluwolf real quiet [bluwolf] just let it ride now is the best thing [Historian] bluwolf Agreed. TY! [Agent 007] until Weds. [Agent 007] through Weds. [bluwolf] yes ma'am Historian] Agent 007 bluwolf Until RV. [noah] bluwolf You will hardley know im here [Agent 007] probably [Believer2] bluwolf, it all sounds very encouraging. bluwolf] remember we are waiting on governments to give us a good signal, will they do so that is to be seen, and just think of it is they have shifted their announcements till Weds. and nobody really can say what they will speak about, being that they are silent then we must do so also

[Agent 007] bluwolf] so with that said, I will not speak about this issue anymore for now [Agent 007] bluwolf thanks!! [Believer2] thank you very much bluwolf. We'll keep our fingers crossed. [noah] bluwolf thank you [bluwolf] yw [bluwolf] well let me go now, be blessed all and good night [Agent 007] bluwolf you, too - thanks, again, for sharing with us Cessie] bluwolf Goodnight Blu and hope you rest well. [Believer2] Be blessed too bluwolf. Have a great night. See you soon. [Wizards13] bluwolf GN [bluwolf] remember things could come to be asn

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