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Crazy Flemming says that Deep State will be creating chaos to stop the RV over the next several days DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Crazy Flemming says that Deep State will be creating chaos to stop the RV over the next several days

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Crazy Flemming says that Deep State will be creating chaos to stop the RV over the next several days Empty Crazy Flemming says that Deep State will be creating chaos to stop the RV over the next several days

Post by Ponee Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:03 pm

Fri. 16 Oct. afternoon from our Military Intel Contact: “The White House and Department of Defense expect Trump to be re-elected by a 90% vote margin. DoD Security teams were making sure NOT to allow [D]eep [S]tate vote ballot count fraud in key states, just as they prevented it in the 2016 election. He said with recent [J]oe iden rallies attracting almost no people (the iden [H]arris "rally" in Phoenix last [b]Sun 11 Oct. had zero public attendees accd to local news broadcasts) compared to 10s of thousands at Trump rallies also suggests Trump would win as DoD and the WH expect."
 Fri. morning 16 Oct. Fleming Update: https://fccdl.in/juWGg7dCWo

The Department of Defense monitored all Dinar websites including Fleming’s. When Fleming gets information he submits questions to the DoD and they come back with answers. They see if the info matches up with what they were being told, then they send correct Intel back. If there was information that the DoD felt was a security risk, they don’t release it. The information varied from day to day and min. to min. The common factor was that everyone wanted this done.

Fleming would post the Secure Link Website on: https://nicksintel.wordpress.com/blog

Early Fri. morning 16 Oct. Fleming Military Intel Contact Update:

1. Our military intel contact confirmed Mr. Fleming's, Bruce's, MarkZ's and other sources saying that we were still in the middle of a deliberately slowed down roll out, step by step payout process leading up to a Shotgun Release Start release of liquidity for all tier levels including us in Tier 4b early next week Mon. – Wed. 19-21 Oct.

2. The roll out has been slowed down by decision-makers because they had to avoid [D]eep [S]tate disruption with [D]eep [S]tate politicians (GOP Never-Trumpers and Dems) having their way of completely stopping us from exchanging at all. It was either slow or no go.

3. He confirmed that at about 8:25 pm EDT Wed 14 Oct. the Chinese Elders gave orders to start the payout process and payouts began about 2 am EDT Thurs. 15 Oct.

4. The conversion of the fiat US Dollar to the gold/asset-backed US Note happened at 2 pm EDT Thurs. 15 Oct.

5. Collateral Account payouts started about 11 pm PDT Thurs. 15 Oct. and 2 am EDT Fri. 16 Oct. to begin the release of funds to paymaster accounts.

6. A Shotgun Release of liquidity to all tiers would happen next Mon.-Tues. 19-20 Oct. when Tier 4b received notification just prior to Paymasters beginning payouts to downline accounts.

7. Reasons for the slow roll out payout sequence included the following:

(1) [D]eep [S]tate mercenaries paid by [P]elosi et al ALMOST blew up the communications grid in this country last week (Wed. 7 Oct.), which was one of the reasons why Redemption Center staff were testing Call Center phone line connections last Fri-Sat 9-10 Oct.

(2) Over the next several days the [D]eep [S]tate would be trying hard to cause more pre-election chaos in the US by disrupting food and delivery system distribution with the purpose of stopping Trump’s re-election and RV exchanges. It was advised to stock up on provisions in case of shortages in your region.

(3) Department of Defense Security teams and Trump knew that they finally had to start this week’s disclosures of treasonous crimes of [O]bama, [C]linton, idens ([J]oe and [H]unter), and [b]rennan.

(4) Department of Defense Security teams were stopping the [D]eep [S]tate deployed Anarchist Mercenaries who were trying to disrupt food distribution & delivery systems. Federal law enforcement and Special Ops have also been arresting major [D]eep [S]tate cartel targets in the same urban areas across the country. They will continue to do so over the next 5-6 days.

8. Many asked why they have let these criminals stay un-arrested so long. The Military Contact said it was as [Q]Anon said, “Because the White Hats wanted the public to see the evil of these [D]eep [S]tate criminals and wake up, take responsibility and vote these Child [Traffic]king, bribe-taking monsters out of office.”

9. He added that for optics Trump had to say on [b]Thurs. 15 Oct.
 at the NBC town-hall meeting "interrogation" that he did not know about [Q]Anon, even though Trump was deeply connected to the [Q]Anon Military Intel team.

10. Trump has also had to deny that he knew JFK Jr. was [Q]Anon.

11. Dr. Charlie Ward was told by his White House sources that JFK Jr. was [Q]Anon. Ward, who has direct contact with the Alliance, made this statement, "The last message posted by President Trump's brother Robert Trump before he passed away was: "JFK Jr. is [Q]Anon."

12. Behind the scenes Trump was trolling the [D]eep [S]tate bad actors alongside [Q]Anon, as many Q proofs have demonstrated over the past three years (see Praying Medic on Q proofs over the past three years).

13. There was no other reason the Fake Stream Media was attacking [Q]Anon globally, except that [Q]Anon was not a "conspiracy theory" (a meaningless CIA misnomer to hide truth in plain sight). [Q]Anon was very real and a very real threat to the whole dumb, low IQ [D]eep [S]tate leadership around the world.

14. The Military Intel Contact advised us to hang on and be patient. It was either low and slow for this RV roll out, or it would be [P]elosi, iden, [H]arris, [S]chumer and other [D]eep [S]tate shills’ greatest dream come true to stop you from exchanging.

15. He confirmed that [D]eep State bad actors, the Swamp (both GOP Never-Trumpers and the Dems) did not want the GCR/RV to transfer money and power to out of their hands and to The People. That’s why there has been a war that has taken so long for the RV to be released.

16. He agreed with MarkZ’s statement on [b]Wed. 14 Oct
, “War is Hell and we currency holders have been the collateral damage in this.”

17. He confirmed that the Iraqi White Papers (that behind the scenes have already been passed by the Parliament, including the Dinar RV rate), were stopped from being made public because the Iraqi PM Kadhimi and his cabinet were asked by Trump and the DoD to hold off on a public vote (expected on Sat. 17 Oct). That vote to pass the White Papers economic reforms and specifically to pass the HCL (Hydrocarbon Law) and Article 140 was needed to release the Dinar RV rate to the global public.

18. He said we should not be surprised if the public "passing of the White Papers and Article 140" by the Iraqi Parliament was not revealed (for reasons of security) to the global public until after Tier4b and the Shotgun liquidity Release have already been started. This would be so as not to give the Deep State an obvious opportunity to interfere.

19. He confirmed that Paymasters and Attorneys who left their posts at Banking Centers out of sheer exhaustion with waiting for the release, were coming back to their assigned Banking Centers by this weekend. The US Treasury and banks have told them that the liquidity release for them to begin to payout their downline accounts would finally happen next Mon-Tue 19-20 Oct.

20. Whatever these Paymasters and Attorneys were being told has convinced them that this was finally the Shotgun Release next Mon. to Wed. 19-21 Oct.

21. He agreed with MarkZ that because we were seeing the long expected en-masse Disclosure of [D]eep [S]tate crimes just before the RV, that such demonstrated that the RV release was happening in October, not November.

22. He agreed with MarkZ that we should take comfort that the back of the corrupt Central Banker system was being broken, that power was being returned to The People and that these [D]eep [S]tate rats were in the process of being prosecuted before the public starting this month of Red October.

23. The following evidence showed that the RV/GCR release was this month of Red October:

(1) He confirmed MarkZ's contacts in the Bahamas who reported that a new banking system would be implemented there by next Tues. 20 Oct.

(2) He confirmed that the NBC article on Cuba resetting its monetary system to be at 1:1 parity with the US Dollar (paragraph 6 "one (Cuban) Peso to the Dollar") during this month of October (https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/cuba-prepares-profound-transformation-its-monetary-system-urges-calm-n1243173). These two Caribbean nations being informed of timing by the US Treasury and IMF showed that the RV/GCR release was in October.

24. He advised to keep watching and praying over all that [D]eep [S]tate interference was stopped before it could show it’s ugly head any further and that the preparatory payout sequence going on right now that would lead to the Shotgun Release next week would go as planned.


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Crazy Flemming says that Deep State will be creating chaos to stop the RV over the next several days Empty Re: Crazy Flemming says that Deep State will be creating chaos to stop the RV over the next several days

Post by Ponee Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:11 pm



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