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Post by Ponee on Fri May 29, 2020 8:53 pm

There has to be some drastic changes and the new prime minister Al-Kazemi must be the one to make them.

In fact, I suggest conspiracies at play here that are altering the course of Iraq.
Conspiracies -in that maybe this entire oil cutback, was instigated by coercion from the Saudis and the US to get Iraq on a straight and narrow path, and at the same time pushing Iran out.

Oh yes the Russian were involved and gave a convenient excuse to do it.

Always has to be a justification get it?
Oh – did I mention to push down the economy of Iran even further?
So tell me - is this why Trump got the US fully off foreign oil prior?
Just think of a chess game and setting up your opponent in previous moves.
But at some point, there has to be a “checkmate”.

Did you notice too how this oil crisis happened shortly after the assassination of Soleimani and his gang of generals?
And at the same time the Corona virus pandemic.
Is this all coincidental?
Did someone plan out these events?
Iraq just got hit with a triple whammy!
The U.S. too with the man-made corona virus crisis.
What is this really all about?

Events like these, when they happen in this kind of sequence make me very, very suspicious of someone working behind the scenes orchestrating it all and we are just ignorant pawns as part of their game.

We had a very good chance of seeing the project to delete the zeros sometime in early June but this statement was predicated on the CBI verifying this speculative statement of mine.
There is so much evidence that Iraq is still moving ahead with their intentions of international movement in all directions including the ISX and foreign investors.
We also have to consider the IMF and its mandated reforms on Iraq have not all been met on schedule.

Could this be why they too decided not to give any more loans to Iraq.
Besides Iraq can’t even pay its salaries going forward and so how in hell are they going to pay on any future IMF loans?

In fact, now more than ever don’t go the budget for answers but rather what the CBI is doing behind the scenes.

1) The amount of monthly $ they need for salaries (5 trillion dinars or about 4 billion dollars);
2) They are in desperate need of money and so what will they do for the June salaries? Will they borrow again?

3) Will they resort to using the CBI reserves eventually?
4) They will have to do something drastic and do it soon since the price of oil is not going to jump to $60 a barrel for a long time;
5) This situation is causing great pressure to make the necessary changes for other sources of revenue and not rely on oil revenues, something they should have done already by now and the IMF kept telling them to do it.
I can see many benefits for us with the drop in oil prices too as investors.
Can you see what might come next?

So where are we today?
Can we expect the reinstatement of the IQD soon?
We have a really good opportunity to see the reinstatement sometime in June of this year not Jan 2021.

Washington intends to conduct a strategic dialogue with Baghdad, next month, in which details of a future relationship between the two countries will be put in place, and focus may be on this dialogue on the economic side, in light of the suffocating financial crisis suffered by Iraq, which may push it to make more concessions, so that it gets the support needed to get out of it.
"Iraq will give up everything for the sake of the economy, as Iraqi politicians, even Iranians loyal to them, are aware of the seriousness of the economic situation, and for this they will make more concessions to the United States in order to overcome the financial crisis."

“It is not in the interest of the financial system to raise the exchange rate of the dollar because it will lead to a decrease in the Iraqi dinar price and a decrease in purchasing power and will lead to inflation,” noting that “the classes with limited income and those with salaries will be the first affected by this decision”.

This was taken right out of an article by Parliamentary Finance Committee member, Ahmed Al-Saffar, on Wednesday (May 20, 2020).

This financial crisis could lead to Iraq raising the value of the dinar in the long run.
On Thursday, Raafidoun movement called on Iran to return $ 500 billion to Iraq, after seizing it through fictitious projects through the Islamic banking network and the sale of hard currency.
In a statement received by Al-Akhbariya, the movement said,

(1) “We have seen the request of the head of the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament to recover $ 20 billion from the Syrian regime that it had spent there to keep the dictator dominating the necks of the Syrian brothers.”
She added,

(2) “Regardless of the responsibility of the Iranian regime for the Syrian tragedy and the displacement of its proud people, Iran does not have the right to demand funds that it spent on its own will to achieve expansion projects on its behalf against the interest of the Arab people.”
And she continued,

(3) “On this occasion, we are asking Iran to return the $ 500 billion THAT IT SEIZED WITH FRAUD AND FRAUD AND MOCK PROJECTS IN CONSPIRACY WITH ITS CLIENTS who have ridiculed Iraq’s budget in favor of the Iranian regime through their control of political, economic and military sites in Iraq,




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