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Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession

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Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession Empty Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession

Post by claud39 Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:49 am

Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession


Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession Abdulhussain-image-new1A

In times of recession, when public revenues decline dramatically, the economy requires an expansionary fiscal policy, i.e. increased government spending to fill the huge shortfall in private demand. People ’demand, where do the governments come from financing, looking for unusual sources of financing, including inflationary financing resulting from a policy Expansive cash in harmony with fiscal policy is the expansion of the money supply

Except in Iraq, the government shrinks and shrinks the economy by expanding it and this makes its role upside down, so why are you a government ?!
You are a government because you are responsible for interfering with the economy’s equation and dragging it to stability. As for you expanding with its expansion, you increase its inflationary pressures, deepen the crisis, and shrink with its contraction, you increase its deflationary pressures and deepen the crisis, so why do you practice economic policies upside down? In Iraq, it represents the greatest burden on the economy, and if we were without a government, our economic situation would be much better

Here we would like to show the following:

To continue reading, click on the following link to download the PDF file

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Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession Empty Monetary policy

Post by claud39 Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:59 am

Monetary policy


Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession Abdulhussain-image-new1A

Financing inflation m face a. Abdul-Hoss * *: The


Return public revenue considerably because the economy requires a fiscal policy
Depression times when t

Yem to fill the huge deficiency
Increase in government spending
In terms of expansion
Special request

Quotation f
Governments, with funding, are looking for regular sources of financing, including inflation financing
Where does t come
Inflationary financing

Resulting from an expansionary monetary policy consistent with fiscal policy
Expanding the money supply
Iraq F.

Otherwise, the government shrinks and shrinks the economy by expanding it, and this makes its role upside down.
So why are you a government ?!

P with
You are the government of the nick responsible for the intervention to offset the economy and drag it not to stability either you are deceiving
The crisis
Expansion, you increase the inflationary pressure and deepen the contraction, you are
This is from
Economic policies upside down ?, no one
The crisis, so why go ahead?
Deflationary pressure and deepening
Iraq represents a burden on the economy, and we were not

Yum p
Therefore, the government sector
Answer since we will see
Government, our economic situation would be better

Here we would like to say:
⁃ The currency has changed
The issuance of new units of money not known
The issuance of the new cash means
It is a right for the central bank to exercise it at the request of the political authority
⁃ As for the new cash issue, it is different from the issuance of the cash, as it is issued in the same currency in circulation
The i and Lucan categories have the GTMGO Class Edition
The Fortune's Central Bank
 N j
This example, for example, is 100,000 dinars.
⁃ Saddam's time is

(Speechless words), now that happened

The name of this coin is printed in F.
There is nothing
Two monetary issues of the same dinar currency, as the two countries are not able to make the monetary issue
Paper, inks, preservatives, and security are of the same quality in terms of currency units
The monetary units have one of the most important monolithic u, and as the coin, the shatter of homogeneity
The nineties from
Fat t

Iraq F.

Ren J printed p
Suersa has good quality while no

Previous currency printed f
Restoration was of poor quality and amenable to the century
The lack of heterogeneity has made Law s'Krisham work
The good from the market as the bad man expels the good man), and after the issuance of bad currency
In large quantities and without controls, the good currency fled

Lay (from the market and hide little by little
The Kurdistan Region, which was semi-separated from Iraq, and became the region's currency as it is not held
The image of Saddam, who put his pictures on the new releases, did not win the general acceptance of the Kurds, and what

Legally, five dinars are equivalent to five dinars printed (printing as they are called)
The general acceptance of this varies when the Swiss currency became the region's currency and had a value and exchange rate with
The dollars are different from printing.


The central bank has the right to issue a currency of the same quality, if printed

Generally, we are not

Switzerland If you get the technology, it is a sovereign right

Iraq F.

India Off.
Where is the paradox, with policies
It is the duty of monetary policy to maintain currency stability
The other economy maintains the stability of the economy, and this requires the Central Bank to manage an offer
The former is gold and silver

Cash in proportion to the available currency cover, knowing that the cover was in cash
Other covers have been added that are calculated with respect to growth
Domestic fetus output
Fat t
The payments were jealous, then
Yall and put passed
Either way, depression is practiced
Central banks are an expansionary monetary policy in terms of tools.
يقوم Is issuing cash in excess
One of these tools is that it reduces the requirements for cover

Address mounting deflationary pressures f

It creates inflationary pressures that contribute to
Cover requirements
Depression crises
Inflation and stagnation depend on the form of grants n ⁃ p
Recessionary inflation: the degree of barter Barre Lips
 curve Phillips and its degree of tendency, and when there are external causes of stagnation outside the model
The economic situation that is occurring now from the occurrence of the Corona epidemic is variable outside of Exogenous
It does not shift N-Phillips grants, not moving from one point to another on the same variable n-grants
This leads to inflation and unemployment, as opposed to shawl inflation

It can motivate
The economy needs no more easing packages
 N j
Its activities are at lower rates,
Iraq, and the figure below shows the transformation status of N Phillips scholarships

This should be the nose
Inflation rates from IN1 to IN2, then IN3, and IN4 are supported at the same time

And in terms of unemployment rates

From U1 to U2 then U3 then U4 (dotted line) it will

, And the stagnant inflation path is
Inflation versus

Fewer heights
There will be a level of barter that pushes this line right and left
Unemployment rates, and the opposite occurs when the recessionary line is left, and this

Hike hike
It depends on the movement of many variables, the size of responses to supply and demand forces, and the impact of policies
Economic efficiency and degree of efficiency.
الغطاء E the cap can either be eroded
Accordingly, there are two options: either (shrink the lid or expand the socket) (a
The result of pumping the dollar through government lending in exchange for government bonds
Ren j
Embryo criticism
Declines as needed
Ring me and consequently the cover will be loosened
The central bank will hold bonds with less confidence than cash

Toward less liquid and less reliable assets, or it maintains the cap and expands the volatile
The deferred is the Iraqi currency, Iraqi currency
By increasing the cash issue beyond the cover, a
Shrank and dig to dig
Ren j
 Economic Chat No.
It takes into consideration.
ن Al-Ban’s latest statement on confronting the crisis

As the central one, according to his reading
The side prints the cabs
The book is packed with critical theories
Ren j
Without taking care of what economic solutions say no
For Qannout
Shackled and written in such a way that the Central Bank is an island isolated from the economy and not subject to a system
Macroeconomic policies

Policy consistency, Macroeconomic, subject to feedback
I don t keep

Under weak and inefficient management, all central banks began to bail out

Yel p
International Monetary Fund
Al-Fadra pumped 3 pounds of
$ 1 trillion and Europe
Euro and Euros
Those countries
 She pumped 26
J through public budgets p
One trillion yuan, of course, during these governments
The sulfur monetary issue
This enabled them through deficit financing
Ren j
What the
But the central banks
 Chat covers for these currencies, not
Of its local currency, beyond what is true, is expansion
Do not cheat you
 He wanted government bonds, and I don't know why the central bank has the fortune-teller

Cash p

 The decision guarantees that
It happened in 2014 when the government had to pay government bonds to the contractor
He will save her
The central bank is always deducting it

It is discounted as held
It remains t
For contractors
The government whispered Palpa
The end is a government lender, why not buy it
, Even though u and those bonds
 I deduct it for contractors, the money supply will increase with a net increase, adding a net of strong cash
High pawer mony

 U, the exchange rate is now
The central one is dead and the soul returns to it
Commercial and development banks

Trading off

Inflation, either and Hove

Exit it so it will be affected
This approach is included in the money supply
He is.
قرض They loaned the government
In individuals or commercial and development banks for government bonds a
So if you bought t
The money supply will not have inflationary effects because the amounts of the bonds came from an offer

It does not represent a net increase

I mean, in the same cycle, from entities that you do not need, or agencies that you need to spend
Offer cash

Cash and married v

Government, only the circulation of money may increase, and its impact will be slight
Here is the order for
Your order
This was called inflationary financing, why inevitably it must and should not lead
The economy will be depressed and the economy will be depressed, as well as the value of local currencies
Absorption of supply
Inevitably it decreases because the money supply will exceed the size of the cover and also exceed the demand for cash, which is
As the cap is fixed, the water
Trading (bugs and t

Money F.
Act R.
The wormhole where the more we add
 Anchor for the dinar is reduced
In the force
Inevitably decreases, a

Which p.
⁃ Floating pavement prices do not exist, the problem of Alna is always adapted to forces
Ren j
Currency countries
Supply and countries with

Request and influence the actions of central banks expansion and contraction, but the problem is p
The price of its currency pays the financing

In it Glove
Ren j
Iraq and Lebanon, especially the

The fixed paving price is p
Pavement prices

Large inflation to bridge the recession gap when it is wide will inevitably lead to crashes
Support for paving and e
RN central banks can not keep
Embryo cash

Acute acute p
In the light
For her aunt
And achieve.
(*) Economic experience
 Condition of reference, not source.
. Allows you to return now

 Allow Al-Economary Network
Human Rights
2020 April 1


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Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession Empty The response of the Central Bank ... is procedural related to its law and not to economic logic ...

Post by claud39 Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:22 pm

[size=41]The response of the Central Bank ... is procedural related to its law and not to economic logic ...[/size]


Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Anbuge *: Inflationary financing in the face of recession Unnamed-1

Books: Prof. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbaki

In fact, I was not going to respond to the central bank, but to clarify the picture in front of the non-specialist reader. As for the specialist, he knows what I meant in my article on inflationary financing,

It is true that I have not worked in the central bank, but I have been a professor of macroeconomics and monetary theory for years, unless the central bank works according to unscientific contexts that are not consistent with what we have studied. Moreover, over the past 15 years I have evaluated and put an opinion on all Central Bank reports that come To the Prime Minister by virtue of my consultative work, just as my article does not care about procedural and administrative matters or how to organize the public (assets and liabilities) and accounting restrictions for the central bank, but rather I talk about monetary policies and focus on the impact of monetary issuance on the overall economy in a recession situation which is the goal of the paper, perhaps Or e explained that the following things:

First: It is not my responsibility if Brother Hussein, an expert at the Central Bank, does not differentiate between issuing a new cash and issuing a new cash, so we are close to economists, and we have the picture as I mentioned in my article.

Second: It is certain that the new and old monetary issuance, but that any dinar that is outside the central bank is on the side of the liabilities and the right of the bearer over who issued it, and I do not know why he supplies this axiom, but he issues the money against deposits with the central bank, this is the natural mechanism for controlling the offer Cash is not what is intended in our article, because what is meant in the article is a monetary issuance (exceeding) the requirements for regular money supply, and therefore it is tied to the requirements of monetary policy to influence the overall economy due to a recession crisis so the central bank makes the cash flow greater than the commodity flow, which is greater than Volume of transactions in Lq thereby contributing to inflationary financing of monetary policy with its policy in ridding the financial economy from recession, creating any inflationary pressures by increasing money supply

Third: If the new monetary issuance will create inflationary pressures to get the economy out of recession, then how does it say that this measure is not a tool of monetary policy, are not monetary policy tools used for the purposes of restoring economic stability due to its disruption in crises?

Fourth: If the central bank lends to the government any purchase of its bonds, then it pays the dinar to the government with the value of the loan, and this means that the dead dinar in the central will be revived, which means that the money supply increased, and this means that the cover inevitably expanded and the cover did not shrink, but the effect of the two measures on the economy is the same.

Fifth: It is unfortunate that an economist said that the central bank deducted government bonds in favor of government banks, which in turn discounted them for the benefit of contractors in the previous crisis in 2014 according to his law and I do not care about his law. Cash is the same. Money is with the public and banks are part of the money supply in its broad sense. As long as bonds are discounted to banks or deducted directly to contractors, the same will lead to the effect of inflationary financing inevitably.

Sixth: The rescue packages undertaken by the countries. I also mentioned that it is through the general budgets of these countries. But how did the deficit inevitably be financed by the compatibility of an expansionary fiscal policy with an expansionary monetary policy where central banks sought to issue cash? America is now printing $ 3 trillion, and I do not understand why It is presented at the same point in other vocabulary.

Seventh: I would like to refer to my recent book on the exaggerated exchange rate in it ... suppression of the local product and support for the importer, which is entirely dependent on the Central Bank data as these data show that the difference between the value of private sector imports that the central bank claims is that the currency sale window was found for it and what He sold it out of a dollar in that window for the period 2010-2017, that is, in 8 years, up to $ 202 billion, which is money in foreign exchange that bled without a commodity import.

Eighth: I would also like to point out that raising the value of the dinar in an imaginary way has created a big difference between its real value and its subsidized value. This difference is a net addition that supports imported goods in a way that exceeds all margins of customs protection to protect the local product in Iraq, which made the central bank with this monetary policy destroying the base Productivity in favor of imports behind millions of unemployed, and Mr. Hussein continues to object to the Central Bank’s call to adopt a strict monetary policy.

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