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 "Really?" by Gene 2/14/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Really?" by Gene 2/14/20

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 "Really?" by Gene 2/14/20 Empty "Really?" by Gene 2/14/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:27 pm

How many people here think we're going to have our feet held to the fire during our redemption appointment where, if we can't provide a project plan, timeline, cost analysis,... regardless the fact we may have a laundry list of potential good projects, that we're going to be turned away with street rate for our zim and bye-bye being a humanitarian?

Its been suggested that our humanitarian zim payout may be dependent on the above and to me this seems preposterous.

How many humanitarians have chosen the same project to make their top priority where only one of them can do it where no one will know for sure about all those others vying for the same project until well after the redemption? For sure there's going to be a lot of this, at least initially and we can't be penalized because we picked the wrong project. Our passion for the work, the light in our eyes and the love in our hearts should speak volumes as to our resolve and open doors that would otherwise remain closed to us. We each need to SHINE, BRIGHTLY at our redemption appointments.

How many people would be dumb enough to work through a project plan, timeline, cost analysis,... maybe having to pay experts to help you when you have no clue if you're going to get to do your project, notwithstanding the fact that we still (though we believe) don't know for sure the RV is for real nor will we until we're at our redemption appointment?

How many people here are planning on doing exactly ONE project their whole lifetime? Yeah, betcha we'll all have a fist-full at least, many of which we won't even realize until we trip over them while doing another project. HOW do you do a project plan,... and ascertain cost for something you're not even aware of yet? And then if you don't, they won't give you funding and these projects never get done or if they do, LONG after they were deemed necessary. Really?

How many people here believe anything any intel providers says (yeah, the guys who have consistently been 100% WRONG every single time for all the years they've been doing it - those guys)? We can't and because of this we have NO clue what the real requirements of being a humanitarian are going to be nor how this is going to work and we won't until the RV trigger for Tier 4B is pulled and we've been notified. Some things we might even not be told until we're AT our redemption appointment. Now what? We're not prepared. Sounds silly, doesn't it?

See what I mean? If our getting humanitarian funding even anything close to what we feel we need for our lifetime depends on formal planning, it would send the message that the cabal won and we're toast.

For sure I do and I'm sure many others also have a list of potential projects where, as time marches forward this list will get bigger and bigger but if we're constrained by what we can convince them to give us at the redemption based on our pet project, a new Earth is going to be a LONG time in coming and yeah, the cabal may well be able to pull this back to their side of the fence and yup, that happens and we're toast.

No way the alliance wants this. They understand.

We have no clue what we're going to be working on in the future so no one for sure knows anything about costs or how much to ask for. If they feel they do, I won't believe them! They're going to need far more.

Humans are woefully optimistic. This isn't a bad thing but in this regard, its going to bite you, HARD. Given this, we each need to multiply what we think we need for the near term by maybe 100 minimum, maybe even 1000 or more to cover us for the rest of our lives as we embark on humanitarian project after project.

If the alliance wants to throttle us, something would be starting to smell fishy.

Rather than getting sextillions+ (wink), what would make a lot more sense is that you get what you want for personal living, family, future generations of your family,... up front thats yours to keep forever where the rest is humanitarian only where that amount isn't carved in stone. Instead, we basically get a blank check where any funding we feel we need simply needs to be minimally justified as those amounts are deemed necessary where for justifying it, yup, go ahead and write the check. It'll clear. Yup, a forever fund. Doesn't this make a lot more sense given none of us knows how the future is going to play out nor what projects we're going to embark on because of it nor what costs will be incurred for doing so? I think so. Only time will tell.

If the QFS is all that its billed to be, having it operate as the clearing house for humanitarian funds would probably be the best solution.

I just want to speak a bit as to what I believe a humanitarian is and what our role is as such.

Its not starting a project and getting down and dirty at street level with the guys you're paying to do it. Thats charity/charitable work and for doing so, you're going to lose sight of the big picture and you're going to start a 4 alarm blaze (metaphorically) that you have no clue how to extinguish. Bye-bye humanitarian career. You may even spend the rest of your life trying to fix the mess you caused. Not good!

It IS instead, identifying worthy projects, having your direct reports vet them where if its a two thumbs up, they do the planning, time analysis, cost analysis,..., identification of work items and then determine who, external to your foundation, would be best suited to do it for you, signing contracts,.. and getting it started where now, the role of your foundation is one of oversight. One project manager in one of your project management groups has to dedicate maybe 1 day a month to have a conference call with all the outside help you're paying to do the work to make sure everyone is on track and that everyone is on the same page. Yeah, ONE guy! If something goes haywire, its not this individuals responsibility to fix it and instead to sound a red alert and have those in your foundation who plan, schedule,.. figure out whats wrong and fix it as they'll be experts at this. Given the time spent, that project manager may be able to balance 5+ projects concurrently though I'd never lay more than 5 tops on anyone, fewer if they're big projects. I don't care if people are sitting on their hands 2-3 working days a week. I want them relaxed and non-stressed to keep them focused, driven and passionate about what they're doing. Maybe not so strangely, things get done much more quickly and with far fewer issues for having your staff remain in a relaxed non-stressed state. Oh yeah this is the new paradigm model. How many here have ever seen this play out in the cabals old paradigm?

Oh yeah you're going to need project planners, accounts payable, payroll, legal, direct reports, human resources, various experts and if only 1 project group, beyond the guys in it, a manager for it but the amount of staff you need to get multiple projects running smoothly and to keep them on track isn't all that many given we're NOT DOING projects and instead paying others to do them for us.

Our role as a humanitarian is to identify worthy projects, get them started, sign up outside help to do them for us, PAY them to do so, expertly, while keeping an eye on them and the project progress as they do so. Yeah, management/oversight with LOTS of money flowing OUT the door, constantly.

Once you get your foundation set up and running smoothly, your involvement may only be a day or two a week, if even that, since your high level reports will be basically running it for you and would be paid VERY well to do so. The foundation will have its own mini-mother-load trust to draw from to pay for things (NEVER YOUR mother-load trust) so you don't even have to worry about running out nor watch the cookie jar. If they're running low, you're financial guys (whatever these are in the new paradigm) automatically transfer another boat-load of money out of your mother-load trust into the foundation trust and its a done deal. If you want final rubber stamp approval (I probably would), your involvement in time is maybe at most a couple minutes, maybe once every year or every few years.

What you're going to have for setting things up properly is nothing but free time on your hands. Relax, work on other things you've been wanting to but never had the time or money (I have some technology ideas I want to work on that, if they pan out, could seriously help the world as an example and yeah, if so, I'd put in a manufacturing plant or 1000 around Earth - wink - to make them and distribute them to the world). Yet another humanitarian project.

You can go fly around the world in search of worthy projects. There'll be lots of things you can do without having to sweat the day to day and small stuff relating to your foundation and the management of the projects. This is what you're paying your foundation staff WELL to do for you.

Its going to be a very different lifestyle but in the grand scheme of things, it'll be much better not only for us, but because of this and our freedom to do whats right when we feel we need or want to, better for everyone.

Signed: Gene

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