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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 2/13/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 2/13/20

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 2/13/20 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 2/13/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:04 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday Feb 13th and you’re listening to The Big Call – thanks for tuning in everybody yet again - we’ve got a lot to pass onto you tonight – lot of good information and I’m looking forward to it – welcome wherever you are –

Let’s take advantage of what we have to say in the way of intel - let’s start with Iraq – We use to start with Iraq and I think it’s good to do that - Has Iraq come out with a new published rate yet?  No they haven’t - They have not - When will they?  Will they ever?  YES -

Last night – overnight the CBI website started some gyrations - they started to activate – they started to come alive – again – and the good news is - we understand Sunday – Sunday – Sunday - this coming Sunday – we should have a new published Dinar rate on the website – Now, will we see it? Here? In our banks?

Remember our Sunday – our banks are closed – Monday our banks are closed because of Presidents Day -  We have the 3-day weekend – so we will probably be more familiar with it on Tuesday – Now that is a significant day for us I believe –

Now, let’s talk about what else is going on – We were given the understanding that tier 4 notifications to some of the groups – well let’s put it this way – to the core 30 and the additional groups  that are based out west were to be notified as early as noon today (Thursday) - I don’t think we got started with that  -

I think the plan was to get them notified at some time today or tonight – all of these that were notified – group 4A - would have – and I am going to say – will have access to 1% of their total exchange that they have done already – the funds have already been ponied out  (ponied??) – they should have access to 1% -

Now, that is going to continue – that notification of those tier 4A account holders or participants will go probably through the weekend – I don’t think they all are going to get a total blast at one time – I think they will be notified in a pattern – in a way that makes sense

Now, it could take another day – day and a half - 2 days - to get them all notified  - but that is a good sign – that is moving in the right direction – We also know that – we’re getting word out of Zurich that the larger bond transaction – the pachelli’s – the super pachelli’s  (spelling?) - the boxes of bonds – those are supposed to finally transact and pay out through those various trustees this week – meaning the week we are now in -  that would mean Friday or Saturday – they should paid – that’s good that’s really good to have that happen

We know that there are Zim platforms – that there are Zim tabletop meetings that have occurred – that have created liquidity already for tier 3 individuals – and again 1% of those funds have been made available – some of them were all pre negotiated – not like our group – these were “pre” negotiated rates

Now, where does that put us? Where does that take us? Let’s talk for a minute about what is backing our new currency – our USN or as I use to say – and still say – USTN – United States Treasury Notes - because I believe that’s what the notes are going to say – that is what our money is going to say –

Now, those new notes – our new money -  is to be asset backed – a certain percentage will be gold backed -  so what has been happening and is continuing to happen through the weekend is that the gold that is backing our currency is being repatriated from other places – Let’s just leave it like that

It’s coming in – President Trump has been very good at trying to get what is ours back to us and that should finish  up around 4 o clock or so on Saturday –

Now, that’s a very good thing because it is the gold that’s going to back our currency and give it the most value – and you know what’s going to happen is there will  be – I believe – over the weekend a global gold standard achieved

We’ll see if we find out about it – we’ll see if we get any word on it tomorrow or Saturday but it will be a big deal – a global gold standard that all countries are going on – this is part of Global Currency Reset or GCR as we call it –

Now, we have a lot of activity happening with the Tier 3’s – Tier 4A’s over the weekend – I mentioned the 3 day weekend – there is still clean up on isle 3 taking place -  and it will continue on -

I believe when we get the Tier 4A’s notified – when they can come in - some will not need to come in the banks – some of them will – we’re are all going to have a biometric card – is what they’re calling it – a titanium card that we use when we’re going to our master / mother lode account – and we’ll use that in conjunction with a thumb print / a biometric thumb print reader – and a card to scan –

We no longer need a password to remember – but we will have a titanium card that is not used to  purchase with – only to access the mother lode account and to move funds / migrate funds from one bank to another bank when we feel that is necessary

That is the only reason we will use the titanium card – try not to confuse that titanium access card – let’s call it an “access” card with a platinum or black debit card – remember they are separate things

The titanium card will be used – it will have a reader – it will read the chip and get the information from the chip on the card and it will be used for us to “access” the mother lode account and NO ONE – not even the banker will see the amount on the screen unless you decide that you want the banker to see your account information – that is completely up to you – there is no reason why the banker should know

After this all goes down and you’ve done your exchanges – you’ve done your redemption of your Zim – just to let you know – it’s for your eyes only - and you’re going to want to keep that titanium card in a  very very safe location- and where you remember where it is

It’s not like losing your keys – this is something you have to have to access that master account – now we will get all of that at the time of the exchange and redemptions or you’ll get that on a follow up visit in a day or so after you do your exchange –

What else is new that we need to talk about? Let’s talk about a question you might be asked during your redemption appointment – you could be asked – Do you intend to make a profit from your projects? Do you intend to make a profit from your projects?  Answer it honestly –

If your projects are set up as “for profit” business for you let them know – if not – let them know – No, I don’t intend to make a profit on these humanitarian projects –

If you don’t intend – it would give you a little more leverage in deciding what your annual percentage rate of return might be on your long term structured payout – up to 25 years – they dropped the 50 and 100 year and all that – I think the max they are saying we can do is 25 years – on a structured payout

My intention is to take that as interest paid quarterly –

Another thing you might want to know is – determine what percentage of your exchanges – especially if you are a Zim holder - what percentage do you plan to use for personal vs humanitarian projects

Now realistically if you are a Zim holder you should be in the 10% range 10-12 max for personal use – you should be – if you are doing any humanitarian projects – let the mother lode be for humanitarian projects

I’ve told you guys I don’t expect to touch the mother lode account – I’m expecting the interest that it earns to go into a separate spill over account – held by the same institution – that’s my plan -- that I will access the interest as I need it every quarter for my projects –

Any other currencies that I might have would be considered personal - I plan to use the Zim as a God Fund – if you will - for humanitarian projects – I’ll just say it that way – and I could use all of it – or 95-98 % of it- whatever –

Now, how much money are you going to need in the first 90 days? They’re going to want to know that – How much do you need to set aside – that you will actually use over the next 90 days?  You need to think in terms of your personal needs and think in terms of your project needs and try to come up with a number and let them know that because that amount would come out right away -  that amount you would have access to in the first couple of days -

You will have a debit / credit card at the time of your exchange- they’ll put pretty good numbers on it – I think 100 / 200 / 300 thousand – maybe all the way to half a million dollars on that card

My intention is to not really use a debit card as much as it is to use a credit card and just pay it off by clock work every month- and I might ask the bank – I’m sure I can arrange this if they can just take it and debit from my account and pay any of my credit card bills prior the due every month automatically – I’m going to ask them to do that – I think they can arrange that

Let’s see, what else? I think in negotiating your rate – you need to take a look at the amount you’re going to end up with – especially if you’re a Zim holder - see the numbers – you guys know what I generally told you – the minimum / maximum on the rates – if you are a project holder – you’ve done a really good job with your presentation – you have a chance of negotiating the rate higher – if you don’t have any intention of doing any projects – just want to get this done and live your life without being involved – then any projects – you’re looking at a minimum  rate -That’s what you’re looking at

You need to decide how much interest do I want this money to earn? They will give you a range – an idea – it will be somewhere between 2% maybe as high as 9 % per year – paid quarterly - you can do the math – If I said I would like 8% - that’s 2% per quarter – easy math – based on whatever amount goes in the spillover account – and then you take the money from the spillover account and you put that in the various trusts – that you have set up to actually do the work of the projects – to pay for the projects –

Now, I will say one thing right now about veterans – there are a lot of people that are helping veterans -  and doing a good job already – there are people who are building homes for veterans – that’s one thing that we are going to do – not only with our VRN – and Rebuild America – they sort of cross over there -  but if you are a veteran – it doesn’t matter from what service – what year – how old – whatever – if you are a veteran – and you can fog a mirror – you could have a job – you can be hired – at a good rate of pay – doing something – whatever it is you’re gifted at – whatever you are talented at – if you say infantry – I’m saying we can translate that into something else – you know – we’ll see –

We’ve got plans - basically in my opinion – Bob – and anyone else who hears this call – if you can fog a mirror – you can have a job – there’s nobody out there who’s a veteran who should not be employed – So we’re going to help that happen

I’m very concerned about the fact that our President is doing such a good job for our economy that we have such a low unemployment rate at  3.5 or 3.6 % unemployment that’s way past full employment which is usually around 5% - You know there’s not that many people that do not have jobs and we’re going to have to train people – cross train people with our apprentice program – our mentorship program for the kids and apprentice ship program tied to Rebuild America -

I’m very excited about what we’re seeing right now in the way of movement – we’re finally seeing it move in the right direction -  we know the plan that is set before us – we know that those of us in Tier 4B – the internet group are looking at next week and I think we can look forward to having a great weekend with President’s Day  and maybe we find out something about what’s going on from a currency point of view or a global gold system point of view – and we’ll just see what else might come through for us but I really believe that we’re getting just about to the finish line – we’re not quite there yet

Tier 4A’s are going ahead of us – that’s fine  ok – Tier 3’s are going gangbusters right now – and I’m looking forward to being a part of that group just like you are –

Thank you everybody for listening and have a great weekend .

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