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MArkZ: "So by doing the reset while the president was out of the country so they could not actively stall it" 2/13/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MArkZ: "So by doing the reset while the president was out of the country so they could not actively stall it" 2/13/20

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MArkZ: "So by doing the reset while the president was out of the country so they could not actively stall it" 2/13/20 Empty MArkZ: "So by doing the reset while the president was out of the country so they could not actively stall it" 2/13/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:16 pm

MZ:  Who do we have in front of the senate today?  Judy Shelton.   Who do we have about to leave the country for Geneva today ?  Donald Trump

Q:  Did the “big something” happen yesterday?.......inquiring minds want to know

Member:  Looks like the stock market went up 275 yesterday and is now on its way down

MZ: Yes…..According to my market people something big did happen yesterday…they think the market went “asset backed” yesterday. They say there were “shake ups” in the markets. I cannot find anything about it in the major news though. But, I do believe something big happened yesterday behind the scenes. .  

Member:  stock market plays on the debt side...reset takes us over onto the credit side or left of the decimal..we all have had a divine credit

Member:  Mark, please bring us some good news. I enjoy you morning conversations but the can has been kicked down the road so many times that some folks are really hurting with limited means to go on much longer

MZ:  It is a horrendous thing. There are a number of politicians and bankers that should be tried for crimes against humanity for their stalling actions. There is a special place in Hell for all the folks who have stalled this reset…imo

Member:  Trump really exposed the swamp last night

MZ: He came out firing didn’t he?  This is perhaps what we have been looking for. Calling for arrests…..Calling for equal justice no matter what side you are on. I have been wanting to see this for the last 3 years.

Member:  Supposed to be justice for Justice Scalia on the day he died, Feb 13.

MZ: From my contacts in the US…they say we havn’t seen it yet because there is still a protocol in place saying Trump needs to be out of the country . He does happen to leave for Geneva tonight or tomorrow. I am hopeful we are going to see it.

Member : during Powell’s testimony to the Senate Banking Committee yesterday, he let it slip out for the first time that the Fed has had a 10-year game plan to deal with the financial crisis

MZ: This is the first administration who wants this reset….who has actively reached out to Mr. C.   In the past….to my knowledge Reagan is the last President to actively push for the reset.  We have had a lot of Presidents since then who actively opposed it….

Q: Why does Trump have to be out of the country.  It makes no sense.

MZ: The original protocol , as I was told was for safety and to keep people from using the president to stall it. As in assisination….Specifically none of the previous presidents wanted the reset. So by doing the reset while the president was out of the country so they could not actively stall it. I don’t know why this protocol would still be in place with this administration as Trump wants the reset. Maybe it’s for his safety or they don’t want it to appear he is gaining personally from it?

MZ: No package deliveries yet….just lots of anticipation.

MZ: I am hearing Iraq has everything put together for an expected vote this weekend to move rv forward.

Member:  The budget in Iraq will be presented to the GOI for approval and word is it will be approved. Kurdistan was a concern but they gave it the okay, so it is just a matter of days before the new rate comes forth IMO. That has to happen before the RI/RV takes place. The budget is very large meaning there is no way the rate will be one to one but it will be a much larger rate like no less than 3.50 to 4.00.

MZ: We know in their budget they are settling all past debts with Kuwait. We know this budget should have been approved in Jan and requires a much larger rate. We know they are in desperate need of this budget passing. And we know they are saying they will pass it in the next few days.

Member:  The USA has a plan to remove the Iranian influence in Iraq. They are implementing it. Substantial progress has already been made. IMO, this is much needed regarding what we are waiting for

MZ: I believe As the Global Currency reset happens Iraq will pull everything they need to do at the last minute. Basically they are sitting on “go” and waiting for the GCR…imo….we are not waiting on them….they are waiting on us. 

Member:  The biggest news lately (confirmed news) was MC stating that Trump had signed the gold treaty MC had prepared and sent to the WH, and then Trump passed that along to the military. Prior to Geneva trip

Member:  Isaac said yesterday on his Telegram page he was going to be in Zurich today

Q: Mark do you think that the RV will trigger martial law because Mr. C alluded that it would happen!

Member:  there may be martial law in Washington D.C. at least, not all over

MZ: We will ask him tomorrow when he is with us …but yes I think so….Remember when this RV happens we are positioned to do well with it…..many people are not….it will be a very uncertain time for many people. Logically if this is that scary for many people….Martial law would make sense…... It will be very important for all of us to pay it forward. 


Q: How do you explain the stock market continuing to rise?

MZ: Its all BS….QE and Funding the repo markets and the stock market is all manipulation. The stock market is so not real…….it’s like smoke….totally disconnected from main street.

Member:  IMO: IQD will be international dominant currency... Trump will use it to initiate flight from fiat worldwide & blame FED for fall of US Dollar... Q3393 Emergency EO will reinstate GOLD Standard

Member:  I personally think there has been a lot of infighting with the powers at be due to the need to RV but they know it’ll be a mess when it does with all the $ transfers and security, etc.

Member:  is said many times that the exchange centers are going to send out 400,000 emails to notify currency holders.

Q: I hear the dong may only rv at .3 to .4 cents:

MZ: That would still be a good ROI but I do not believe that. I keep hearing that .47 is the street rate. And it will float higher…..with a contract rate of up to $2…If it was to reinstate to where it was years ago before we devalued them…..…it would be in the $2.20s or $2.30s.

MZ We cannot affect the timing but we are clearly almost at the finish line.

Q: is this our 3 day weekend Mark?

MZ: I always thought banks need to be open for the reset. But would love to be wrong.

Member:  banks closed on Sunday. Prime time for Reboot/Reset with least amount of confusion/chaos induced instability... Presidents Day = 17th Monday

Member:  President's Day is also Q day...…….17th.

Monday:  I've always suspected a Saturday late night... Iraq rate comes Saturdays too

Member:  I was told that Sat night when all banks worldwide are closed for few hours is the time to flip the switch.

Member:  POTUS closed our rally in Manchester NH the other night with "The Best Is Yet To Come!", he knows what he's doing

MZ: If there is any news I will let you know tonight…Tomorrow at 10Am est Mr. C will be joining us

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