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Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists?

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Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists? Empty Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists?

Post by claud39 Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:43 pm

[size=40]Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists?[/size]

February 07, 2020

Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists? 839F46FB-D007-44D6-A6AC-08439CE23F9E_w1023_r1_s

The religious authority in Iraq criticized the Iraqi security forces, against the background of the bloody attacks launched by the Sadr militia, a few days ago.
Just hours after the sermon of the Marjaiya, the page of Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, close to Muqtada al-Sadr, called on the security forces to "take responsibility" and "deal firmly with terrorists, corrupt, intrusive, and alleged violence".
For a while, it seems that there is nothing strange or contradictory in the two statements, except for the detail that the Sadrist Blue Hat Militia is the party responsible for killing the demonstrators.
Indeed, the Saleh page itself thanked the Sadr militia after the attacks on demonstrators in Najaf last Wednesday, which resulted in deaths and injuries.
Saleh Al-Iraqi used words similar to the words used by the reference, but added an invitation to him to "deal firmly with saboteurs, corrupt, infiltrators, alleged violators and violators (the law), bandits, sedition growers and idle workers."
References in the sermon may be a reason for Saleh’s latest statement, as the sermon was widely understood to be a condemnation of the Sadrists ’attack on Najaf, and a continuation of Sistani's approach to protecting protesters.
Iyad Al-Anbar, a professor of political science in Najaf, told Al-Hurra, "The Marjaa's sermon, with its religious affiliation, has drawn harsher criticism than the political one."
The first part of the Najaf reference sermon spoke of "the story of Pharaoh who claimed the Godhead and the story of Abu Lahab who was led by fevers and nervousness."
According to Al-Amber, this is "a condemnation directed at those who want to control the general situation," and it is linked to the political part of the sermon that condemned the attack on citizens.
Sistani's condemnation condemned "the unfortunate incidents in which blood was spilled, most of which was in Najaf last Wednesday evening," although the authority did not specify what was meant by her words.
But Amber says that "this generality can be measured on the totality of events, present and future days, so that they are not limited to a period of time."
Al-Amber added, "The reference letter condemned the security services, the state and the government for having given up their job to groups with other addresses trying to break up the demonstrations."
Since the beginning of the demonstrations, the demonstrators have suspended Sistani's photos and addressed him, despite the criticism of the secular parties supporting the demonstration and participating in it.
The image of Sistani did not come down from the building of the Turkish restaurant, the symbol of the current demonstrations, except when the Sadr militia, or the so-called "blue hats", occupied the building.
Later, the militias re-suspended Sistani's image on the restaurant.
Sajjad Ahmad, an activist in the Baghdad demonstrations, told Al-Hurra that "the protesters see Sistani, in a broad way, as protecting them."
"On the ground, it seems, Sistani is what prevents everyone from killing us," Ahmed added.
The activist, Muhammad Abdul-Malik, disagrees with his friend's opinion. He says, "Sistani forbids politicians from committing follies that destroy them. He always interferes to save this system, perhaps in the interest of politicians more than the interests of the people."
"In the past, Sistani saved Muqtada al-Sadr from the siege of the American forces with a clever trick that preserved the dignity of Muqtada and his life together, and restored his political role to him," he added. "How can Sistani protect us and he killed and wounded 30,000 of us?"
But political science professor Amber answers this question, saying that the reference "only has the direction of discourse."
He continued, "Even if you direct the speech in a clear and clear language, you will be in an embarrassing situation and put its symbolism at risk, given that many of the militia followers and others do not adhere to these issues."

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Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists? Empty Sistani renews the demand of the security forces to protect the Iraqi protesters

Post by claud39 Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:47 pm

[size=40]Sistani renews the demand of the security forces to protect the Iraqi protesters[/size]

February 07, 2020

Sistani's sermon .. Will you re-hostility with the Sadrists? C4B6DBDE-DB57-483A-92F1-240F6247F25E_w1023_r1_s

On Friday, the Supreme Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, condemned the violence that protesters had been subjected to in Najaf on Wednesday, and demanded that the security forces shoulder their responsibilities in protecting protesters.
He said in his Friday sermon delivered by his agent, "The Marjaiyah condemns all the violations and attacks that took place from any party, and condoles the families who lost their loved ones as a result and calls for the wounded to recover quickly."
He added, "Despite the repeated calls made by the Marjaiya to renounce violence and commit to the peacefulness of the demonstrations ... but this did not prevent unfortunate and painful incidents, which spilled unjustly precious blood" the latest of which happened in Najaf.
On Wednesday, Sadr's militia killed seven protesters while breaking up their sit-ins in Najaf, southern Iraq.
Sistani called the security forces to expose the aggressors against the demonstrators.
Sistani reiterated his vision to overcome the political crisis in Iraq, stressing the importance of any "new Iraqi government to have the trust and support of the people."
He added that "the official security forces are indispensable in avoiding falling into the chaos of chaos and disturbing public order, as it is they who should bear the responsibility for maintaining security and stability and protecting the protest spaces."
The US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, expressed the United States' anger at the violence in the city of Najaf that led to the killing and wounding of peaceful protesters.
Pompeo said in a statement that since October last year, peaceful demonstrators took to the streets to demand government reform and were met with threats, brutal violence and live fire attacks.
The US Secretary of State said it was unreasonable for the perpetrators of these acts to continue to go unpunished. "The Iraqi government should immediately address the legitimate grievances of the demonstrators by enacting reforms and tackling corruption," he added.

Iraq is witnessing, especially in the capital, Baghdad and its southern cities, popular protests since the first of October, met with severe repression, killing more than 500 people, according to the latest statistics.
The protesters are demanding early elections based on a new electoral law, the naming of a prime minister, the accountability of those responsible for the bloodshed of demonstrators and the trial of the corrupt.

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