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Patents and economy service

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Patents and economy service Empty Patents and economy service

Post by claud39 on Sat Dec 14, 2019 1:14 pm

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Friday 13 December 2019

Patents and economy service 980-Alsabbaq

Saad Al-Taie
Patents are one of the most important basic drivers of all sectors of the economy, whether industrial, agricultural, technological, service, etc. The developed countries of the world pay patents great attention because of their role in the economic development process that requires continuous and updated additions to the existing technology to ensure continuity in economic progress, which is in short a cumulative and progressive process fruitful in order to ensure the maintenance of the current reality and improve it in the future through distinctive additions to it, which Check it out 

The reality of the national product is currently in a competitive state with the importer, which necessitates working with all means to develop our industry by paying attention to modern inventions of creative minds as it is one of the important means in achieving development and improving competitiveness and adding a lot to the quality and capabilities of the national product, which makes it a favorite for consumers and increases profits for industries Locality.

It is necessary to work to establish a body or institution concerned with and concerned with local inventions and encouraging inventors, creators and distinguished people in the fields of science who can contribute their innovations in developing the Iraqi economy, especially the industrial, technological, agricultural and health sectors.

It is possible to benefit from projects that university students graduate, whether in primary or graduate studies, and what they provide of scientific research and outstanding creativity, which can be employed in various economic sectors and transfer it to a reality that contributes to the development of these sectors, also scientific competitions for creative energies can be organized in all scientific and technical fields and for all levels Study, including those who are not highly educated, in order to attract them and learn about their creative potential and convert what they can offer from inventions to a practical reality that benefits all sectors of the Iraqi economy by converting patents and creative ideas into a technician A concrete contribution to the Iraqi economy and its development.

It is important to issue legislation to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights of all theoretical or practical types from piracy, theft and counterfeiting without the consent of the owners of this property, which preserves their moral and material rights and prevents abuses in this field in a manner that helps and encourages inventors and creators to submit their inventions and transfer them in practice without fear of Abuse of their rights.

 Attention to patents and paying them high attention is one of the important priorities that the competent authorities in the economic field in Iraq must take into account, as global markets are looking to the side of quality for excellence and uniqueness in the product that can match other brands. This cannot be achieved without attention to patents and working to implement them in practice, which must be taken into account in our country in order to develop our national economy.

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