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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/22/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/22/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/22/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/22/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:20 pm

What is going on now?   Boy did we get a head bake yesterday -- I know some of you done like to hear about it   Listen, when a lot of us in the community get similar information and we think we’ve got a time,   let’s face it -- a lot of times when you get a time it’s not going to happen  and maybe that was the case last night

We had some good indications, strong indications  but then today around  lunch time  we found out one reason why it did not go last night – Here’s the background

There are 219 cities in which security needed to be increased - this could have been a combination of  FDI -home land security - special forces -  US Marshal --  any combination  or all of the above

219 cities in the US  --  yesterday we had 43 still to go to get them to where they wanted them to be on  level 5 security protocol --  level 5 is as high as you can get --   now, could they have all of those 43 cities knocked out sometime last night  apparently not -- around lunch time today they still had 5 cities to go  - It’s not that many but that’s  one reason why probably it didn’t go

So  Where do we stand now ? Do you think we may have everything lined up security wise?   That seems to be the only real thing  that is keeping us from going   now  is our start –

By the way tier 4 is tier 4  as we know it  has dropped to tier 4A and tier 4B  - they will release both of them together  which means the groups out west  --  the core – the inner core the outer core  the upper core the lower core  the core 30 the core 100 the core 20 --- whatever you know it as  and the other groups; the anticipation is  that it will get released at the same time  that we get notified with our toll free number and then I turn around and notify the community

If that’s the responsibility I have then I look forward to it --  now you guys know I have talked about this for what – over a yr now -- I can’t keep track of it  but  I can tell you that  the security aspect is something  that is really – I mean the military is sort of in charge of  all that and they report to the treasury – the treasury gives the go once the military gives the go --  the president gives the final say –

There’s  probably a complete protocol  as to the release itself  -- and we’ve heard it’s controlled by this group and that group and back and forth and we know chinese elders are involved  -- we believe the Chinese elders have all been paid  and they’ve got their situation handled

We heard it was handed over to Hong Kong or handed over to the Chinese from the west coast  or the western side of the country and then back – what it amounts to is  it’s not so much taken over, okay  it’s a matter of  the elders have given the go ahead and in some cases  traveled to Reno and traveled to these areas where it needed to be put out  and I believe they have done that to the point where it’s still primarily in the hands of HSBC / AAIB and the bank of china  all involved with it from the Chinese perspective

So any way you slice it you’ve got oversight by HSBC / AAIB  and that’s where the final go ahead will be given  --  once they’ve been given the go ahead to do that – so I believe it’s a combined effort between our treasury,  the elders,  the  US President -  and the military –

At any given time one has some input, depending on his input ,whatever – that is, we believe the security situation is probably down to where that is handled by now  and that’s good

As far as pick up and drop off, sting operations, arrests  all of that – yes its ongoing  -- has it gone to a point where they feel comfortable that is where the level 5 security protocol comes in 

When they get all the cities where their happy with them that means they are all set and ready to go – that’s when the green light comes from the treasury  and that’s what we are looking for -- 

We thought we had it last night but we did not  get it and  I’m certainly done trying to figure out exactly when   --  we have heard some cool things about  the rest of this week – wed ,thur, fri --- I haven’t heard anything specifics about any one particular day but I do believe we are very close

Do they want us to know when its going to happen?   No  --  of course they don’t – have they let us know ? Have they let anyone that’s responsible in the community know ? No they haven’t  -- Do the banks know? No,  they don’t even know

Lets talk a little bit about what happened Saturday at 3:45  PM eastern daylight time – At that time Iraq reinstated / or revalued their dinar --  Now that’s our time and you have to add 7 hrs for Iraq so that would put it at 10:45 PM in Iraq – let’s call that Baghdad time Saturday night –

What about that 72 hr period that Iraq would have to celebrate the fact of a revaluation  -- some people are calling it a reinstatement  -- how can you take a reinstated rate of 3.22 when it came in at 8.22 in country  -- 

I heard an hr later international --  an hr after 3:45  it was known to be international – Now it’s not here yet  It’s not known here yet – we know it early  because of our contacts in Iraq -  but that is excellent news  --

That tells me when we talk about Okie landing the plane  - he talked about landing the plan – let me tell you;  the landing gear is down,  it is ready -- 

this is the first fruits of what we all have been waiting for 15-16 years as far as what the dinar could be worth  - 8.22 - and I understand it went up slightly from there – it could be higher than that now – that’s incredible for any of you that have it

Now will the dong be far from it – should not be that far away  -  I don’t have a rate but I know roughly Its going to be in that range – Now the only reason I’m telling you this at all  is because I want all you guys to realize how close we are to the end

I don’t know how you can call a rate of 8.22 a “reinstatement”  but some people are and that’s fine – I don’t care what you call it   just don’t call it late for dinner  -- I mean really is that a decent start opening rate? Yeah --  Fantastic – Could it go higher? Yes   You remember what Dr Shabibi said  in 2012 at the US Chamber of Commerce Meeting ? -- I think that’s probably still on a you tube video –

He said that the Iraq Dinar could support a rate of $16 -  Now we all went wow !! That incredible -  how in the world could it?  Well I don’t know if it’s going to get there or not but it’s on its way

I think it’s excellent that we have it --  now that was last Saturday  --

Now is 72 hrs for the iraq’s to have it themselves to trade it not trade it – to celebrate it – not celebrate it  whatever -  they were suppose to be given – so guess what – the 72 hrs expired at 3:45 PM  today  -- that’s 72 hrs since it happened

Now what does that mean for us  -- its hard to say what that means in terms of the when  -- and I know you guys want to know how much and when;   obviously – I want to know it too – I think the when could be happening in the next 3 days  but I couldn’t tell you when exactly and I shouldn’t – We should all just lay low

Has intel dried up? For the most part yes   -  we still get bits and pieces of stuff even  though a lot of people are under NDA – gag orders  and there is not a lot coming out – A few days ago there was – there was Sat & Sun   and a little bit Monday and here we are on Tuesday giving you the very best opportunity to know that we are close

We’ve heard transmissions from Hong Kong  that are saying the same thing We’ve known of people that have gone in and going back in for re-examination of  what they have already done with their exchanges  and they have been given or will be given a day this week they will have liquidity

I think that day that certain people will be told they have liquidity should be the same day that we go that we get to not only set our appointments but start our exchanges

Now, I’m excited still and I’m right there on the leading edge of where the information is coming to and I feel good about everything  but I know it’s not easy to wait  --  it’s been 15 yrs for me   its been 7-8 yrs for some of you  4 yrs for others  and 2 weeks for some of you – they’re probably brand new to the Big Call – this may be their very first  call –

I can tell you that this is something that has been ordained since the foundation of the earth – we know we are chosen for this for such a time in this I do see it as a spiritual event,  a God ordained event, for the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just and this is our shot

I am looking forward to it and I know all of you are - Its going to dramatically change our lives  - lives of our families and the lives of the ones we turn around and bless in humanity  --

I believe in the rv and I am 100% in  -  You better believe in the RV because it just happened in Iraq last Saturday  -- Come on – how long is it going to take for us to see it?   How long is it going to take?

We know the banks have put their codes in and we know that yesterday – I want to get this right --  night before last -  would have been Sunday night - redemption site personnel put in their brand new codes that night and the rates were flashing on the screen at 90 miles an hour -- all of the rates  --

Now I don’t know about this morning – I don’t know if they all came back up or not my gut feeling is that probably they did -- maybe they have but that is how close we are --  because we know the dinar revalued / reinstated, however you look at it, last Saturday at 3:45 PM Eastern daylight time – we got that confirmed So, I’m excited

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