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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/16/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/16/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/16/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/16/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:07 am

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. First of all, I usually start where are we. What is going on? Where are we? I can tell you where were we supposed to be. We were supposed to be in the Bank and the Redemption Centers and today. Why do I say that?

Because they had intended to bring out the toll-free numbers to me yesterday, but something got in the way of that? What was it that got in the way of the release of the toll-free numbers?

There were a number of certain numbers of disgruntled former bank employees, you noticed I said former,  with at least 4 or 5 main banks. We all know the names of them. I am not going to name them on this call, but there were some individuals totally 57 people that had the wise idea to try to put out bogus toll-free numbers to our community, Internet Group, Tier 4B, to put them out so people would go there, do exchanges in non-sanctioned off-site locations and get ripped off.

Ripped off for Dinar, Dong, and who knows what else, but guess what? They stopped it. Turned it into a win win for us, and I understand that should not occur in the future. It had to happen. It had to take place.  It delayed us two days, but it is okay. I glad they got them.

Bruce:  Now, where does that put us now? Today, oh gosh, there is so much. It is hard for me to remember it all.  Let’s go back to Friday. Remember the last call we had was on Thursday. Today is Tuesday.

Starting last Friday and Saturday, both days, Wells Fargo and Chase Bank, those two banks, maybe other banks, but I know those two banks were doing exchanges of Dinar and Dong for their own customers that had purchased those currencies through Wells Fargo or Chase who knows when.

They just bought them from the bank. The banks had a list of those people who wanted to be contacted when this was going. They had pre-negotiated rates for those people. Those exchanges took place started in 4 states and then expanded beyond that Friday and Saturday, and again yesterday, which was Monday. Now, liquidity was supposed to be available for those people in those exchanges that were called by the bank, they were called.

You and I have not missed anything. Some of you on the Big Call may have been called by those banks.  That is fine, but they did their exchanges Friday and Saturday, and more were done yesterday. That liquidity was to occur for those who went Friday and Saturday and to have access to the liquidity yesterday, Monday.

Bruce:  Now, I am encouraged by that because it shows movement, motion in our direction, and we are next. We are next to go.  This was taking care of some people who were not Zim holders but rather they had Dinar or Dong or both.  Now, the other thing that is really major that has been happening is there has been quite a bit of our new currency, the USN, or as I call it  USTN because it says on the money United States Treasury Note. Since it says that, that is why I say USTN.  But I am okay if you want to call it USN. It is cool.  I get that. 3 letter designation. I get that.
Bruce: So, that new currency of ours has been moving circulating to the point of distribution, to Tier 1 Banks and to Redemption Centers in that same period of time, Friday, Saturday, continued. Now, what is interesting is it is putting it in place. It is there. Some Redemption Centers and Tier 1 Banks may use some USD when you are going in and doing your redemption and you are asking for cash up to maybe $5,000, $6,000 or maybe you are getting $2,000 or $2500.  Maybe they will use USD. It is okay.

They will spend. It will still spend so you can take it if they offer it to you until they run out. Then they will use the USTNs, the new money. Maybe a whole day or half day before the USD notes are gone at the Redemption Centers or the Tier 1 Banks or Tier 2 Banks.
Bruce:  Now we have had today as a day of adjustment within the GFS, Global Financial System.  That is all the Central Banks all around the globe reconnecting, verifying, and being connected to the new Financial System, the Quantum Financial System, getting connected. Having that in place could take 10 to 12 hours.

It was happening starting today and probably be completed worldwide, globally by tomorrow morning. Now, what is interesting to me is some of the bank we know of one particular is going under blackout. Nether words no communication in or out of the bank starting at 10 pm tonight. It is about towards where we are now Eastern time. 

I think what is going to happen all of our major banks are going to go quiet into a blackout period tonight because we believe tomorrow in the Far East which is tonight, which is now, right now, should be getting started. So, the activity that goes on there would not be seen or reported exactly to our banks here overnight, but we are expecting activity to take place overnight. 
Bruce:  Now, our understanding is our debt with China which was tied to our United States Treasury Bonds which were USD denominated in fiat dollars. That debt has been covered with China to China by gold. 

I know it is a lot of gold, but we repatriated gold that was ours from a couple of locations, and that took place this past Saturday to take care of our debt with China. That is an amazing thing. Now what else can we say about returning to the gold standard?   We understand we are looking for an announcement which we been told has been moved up from Friday to tomorrow.

I think it will be by our President but it maybe with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and or President Trump. I have been given a time we expect the announcement. I cannot absolutely verify it, but I believe it is going to be shortly after the markets close tomorrow like the 4:30pm time frame Eastern time.  Now, that is what I was told. I cannot absolutely verify it, but I also have been told we could get started prior to that announcement being made.  I am just saying. Not absolutely we will, but we could get started prior to that.
Bruce:   We do expect a lot to go down tonight and overnight tonight, and we still know not a whole lot has happened that we know of with the Cores. You know the Core 30s or with the Groups based out west.  I believe that once I receive the toll-free number and put it out to start setting appointments, I think the minute we set our first appointments, I believe that the Core 30s and Tier 4A Groups will be able to be hydrated, see their accounts, and have access to their accounts.  Now, I can’t tell you if that is absolute by any means, but I believe that is as close as they are going to get as to a shot gun start.
Bruce:  Now, here is the other thing. I told you about the people that tried to put out bogus 800 numbers. We did not know if they were going to do them as the new actual numbers when the actual numbers were supposed to come out yesterday or after or before.  I do not know what the timing was. I am just glad they put an end to it. 

Now, I want everybody to realize one thing.  I have been for chosen to put the numbers out for the Internet Group.  I can’t speak to whether anybody else is going to get it directly from the source I am going to get them from which is exactly where it supposed to come from in this whole process.  I am not saying this to toot my own horn or the Big Call.  It is not it. What I am talking about is safety and security for you.

I want this number to go out quickly, but I want it to go out in a fashion where you know it came from Bruce and the Big Call team. No doubt in your mind so you are not faked out by an incorrect or different 800 number or something that did not originate from the Big Call because we think that problem has been handled, but who knows somebody else might try to put something out to you. 
Bruce:  So, I just want to say I want you to use maximum discernment about a toll-free number you are to call to set your appointments to go in for your exchanges and redemption of Zim. I want you to use discernment. Be assured as possibly as you can. I am not going to put a number out that is not the real deal period. 

We are going to put it out to the people who have sent us their email and signed up on our new website which is: bigcalluniverse.com. We got about close to 30,000 emails. Maybe we have more, but you if you are not registered and you want to make sure you are getting the correct number before you set your appointment make sure you register on the site so you can be including in that mass email that will go out to our listeners.  Now, I will take the number and I will put it out on a very safe site.  You will be able to see it. Plus, you will be able to see it on our website, on the landing page of: bigcalluniverse.com.
Bruce:  I just want everybody not to get faked by something that is bogus. This is very important for your protection. I don’t know what else is out there that might happen, and I am believing and praying everybody out there makes a wise choice and doesn’t get faked out by something else that is out there.  I can’t speak to other people that is saying they are going to be getting the number. I can’t speak to that. I do not know of anybody else that is getting it direct right now. Meaning from the top.  

Oh, a lot of people say:  I will get the number from this person or that person or whatever.  It maybe that they get the legitimate number. It may happen. Okay, but I just want to make sure you guys are protected and that you get the number that is accurate, that is correct.  I count it a blessing that the Chinese Elders and the Administration and the elite banks that listened to the call for probably the 8 years that we have had this call feel comfortable letting me have that honor to represent the Internet Group, Tier 4B, and put out the number.  I want just all to be wise in responding to that. 
Bruce:  Alright so we know there have been recent exchanges. We know that they did not use the number, but these were direct to the customers of the bank that went on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.  That is okay. That is good. They are clearing the way for us. Now, we believe things are to the point where we should be getting some good news tomorrow. Now, it maybe we get toll-free numbers and all we do tomorrow is set appointments. It maybe if we get the numbers soon enough, we set appointments and start tomorrow. It maybe we get the numbers and set appointments for Thursday. 

I am trying my best I am not calling it. This is based on the compendious of confirmation and evidence that I have so far today. You know darn well after this call is over tonight, I will get more information. That will be too late.  The call will be over, but I just want you guys to know that is always the case.  After every Tuesday and Thursday night, I get more information that I wished I had to share with you.

Bruce:  One other piece of information that I want to bring out about our projects. You guys remember a few months ago I said about our Rebuild America program that they did have a way for us to invest in Enterprise Zones thru the Housing and Urban Development thru Dr. Ben Carson office. 

Yes, we talked about that. We still intend to do that. They have a program and they still have it where by you can invest in properties, in real estate, and take like a ten-year tax exemption on the capital gains should you sell the property after ten years. Now, I can tell you our intention is not to buy, hold and sell.  So that particular program did not have any interest in me or for our Rebuild America program. I suggested: I wished they could set up so we can invest in real estate, in housing, multi-family, so on, and get a tax credit for that instead of deferred capital gains situation.

Well, I do not know if anybody was listening, but I did get connected to a program thru HUD that I believe we will be able to use that will do just that. Give us some tax deductibility in that program.  I do not have the full program. I just have some few basics about it. So, I am not going to discuss it yet, but I think they heard what I said or they came up with this anyways as a way we can invest in a pretty big way and get immediate tax benefit from that.

Bruce:  Because the biggest thing we are going to need guys is expenses to neutralize our tax position with paying taxes on the interest we are going to earn from our structure payouts. Because even if we get 3% or 4% per year paid out quarterly and if you have done any math at all, most of this is too big to use a calculator on. You are just doing it in your head. Just do 4% of your motherlode. What is that? How does it payout in 1%. It easy to do 1% of your motherlode paid quarterly for how many years.  I am going to go as long as I can, 20 – 22 years with the structure payout. 
Bruce:  Your biggest thing to do is to invest in people’s lives, to give that money away to good quality ministry that is trustworthy, and literally plow that seed in people’s lives from here on out. You are not going to be profit motivated like you have been up to now. You will be motivated to give responsibly and invest in people’s lives responsibly, and educate people creating an entirely new scenario out there. 

That is what you will be doing. You are learning to be a philanthropist. You will be learning to be a giver in ways than you never even thought about before. That is going to be your focus and keeping your family safe and secure. That is what we all are going to be doing. We have a major learning curve ahead on this. We really do.  That is what we are going to be working towards. 
Bruce:  So, our biggest challenge is going to be legally reduce our tax obligations using our CPAs, using your Private Office connections, your Family Office connections thru your private bank, your Wealth Management Team, whatever it is called in whatever banking institution you are working with. You are going to try to get a CPA group that gets it and can help you.  So, that may be something if you are in Rebuild America whether you are doing it completely on your own or whether you want to tie in to what we are doing. 

When I say that, I don’t mean tying in any other way other than saying: This is what Bruce and his team is putting out that we should try to do this wherever it is we live or wherever we just want to help that city, town, rural community in America.

Bruce:  Maybe we start with Dr. Ben Carson’s Opportunity Zones of which there are 8,761 that he has already outlined as part of that program.  I think it is a good place to start.  It doesn’t mean we have to consign ourselves totally to just that, but that is a great place I think for us to start and then we expand from there or we go to other states or places that maybe are not on that list.  Because we will do that. I am going to try to work closely with Dr Carson HUD office and see if we can plug in and be significant for that program.

If I got 5,000 Big Call listeners that are volunteering to do what I am going to do in similar ways, Rebuild America will be a wonderful program. I am hoping many of you will work with me on that, and it will be our legacy.  Not just mine or Sue’s or Bob’s or Pastor Steven’s or our team. It will be yours. It will be yours as well. We want longevity. We want to hire people. We want new job creations. We want projects that will go on for generations.

I mean hundreds of years.  Rebuild America could rebuild Mars and other planets one day. See what I am saying?  We might look around and see the earth is done. Then we say: Let’s rebuild the moon. They have some old stuff up there. I am teasing, but it is truth in jest. 
Bruce:  Open your sights. Open up your perimeters. Think big. Why do you think I called it the Big Call, Best Ideas Group?  We have blessed ideas.  We have ideas blessed by God, Blessed Idea Group. Best Ideas.   That is why it is the Big Call. I am thankful that you guys, our audience has increased.  We are the largest call.  We have the largest audience and we are global.  We are worldwide. 

We have people that have called Sue from Latin American countries, from Australia, from New Zealand, from Africa, from Brazil, from Israel, from obviously Canada. Guys, she is getting this from all over.  This tells us our reach is large.  Thank God Pinkroses is doing a wonderful job with our call notes, with our transcripts of our call because people are taking the English version that she does which is so clean and clear, and they are translating it into other languages.  That really makes a difference.  People are hearing this that have invested in these currencies all over the globe.
Bruce:  Now, we do believe we have already made it to our gold standard in terms of our currency, USN or USTN as I call it. That all of the countries that are part of the first offering or basket and even those in the 2nd offering or basket that is yet to come, are all asset back already.  Now, which was to take place overnight Sunday night.  Now, that is what we have been told and that is what we believe to be the case. So, we are in a whole new world especially having returned to the gold standard.
Bruce:  So, thank you everybody for listening and listening for the last 8 years or more in some cases.  We know things change.  We know we are facing a moving target.  The Intel that is good
now might change in an hour or two from now.  I do believe they have this ready for us finally to go.  We were faked out by the fact we were looking for 800 numbers on Monday or Today with exchanges, but they had the bogus 800 happening or about to happen and they nixed that right away.  They found it and took care of that, but it did slow us down for a couple of days. So, we are ready.  We are willing and able to move forward to get this party started.
Bruce:  I want you guys to have fun. Remember to shake their hands with a firm but a bone crushing handshake. Look them in the eyes. Smile. I have to myself remember to smile. Smile, lean over a little bit when giving your presentation. Lean forward slightly so they know what you mean.  Make sure you are talking with confidence. 

Mention the fact you are looking for mainly 3 things to create: employment opportunities, looking to create longevity with your projects. I mean long. Multi-generational.  Maybe more than 100 years. Maybe up to 400 to 500 years some of these projects will go.  You will create the hierarchy for that to occur long after you are gone. That is what you will be doing creating that ability for these projects to continue beyond your useful life.

Bruce:  Then the third point is infrastructure.  This is not roads and bridges.  The government has that. We will be working on housing, updates to schools, wellness centers.  Notice the key is on Wellness not cancer, but wellness centers which will be holistic in nature, nutritional in nature, neuroplastic in nature, thank you Sue. 

We will make some changes. Fine arts. We will bring back fine arts back to the schools. Bring music back to the schools. I mean look in the inner cities everywhere we are going to have green spaces.  We are going to create public parks that can be utilize that even if you are in the inner city, it is going to feel you are in the country.  I want inner city youth that their whole experience is based on asphalt or concrete or brick and mortar buildings, I want them to understand what it is like to breathe, have trees, hear birds again. The things we have that sometimes we take for granted. The sounds, the smells in nature, to be out in the country. That is where the action is.
Bruce: If you live in NYC an you like having 8 million neighbors right next to you, so be it. Forget about it. Okay. A lot of people like the idea of having a little space, a little room to stretch out.  That is what I am talking about. So, consider that. That is the feel I want to create that I want to do.  We will have city planners, landscape people, the whole nine yards, the architects with us to try to create green spaces, not to mention food domes, community gardens. We talked about that on Thursday’s call a little bit. We have a lot of great ideas, guys. You guys are going to help us.

Do not forget with our Veterans, Equine therapy, if you are a person working with horses, let us know by email when that goes out. Do not look for it tomorrow. It will take a couple of weeks to put out. Do not forget us either. If you are working with puppy dogs, I call it Puppy Dog therapy, Canine therapy.  It is not just for veterans, but for veterans’ family, kids.  Everybody loves that. It is going to be wonderful.  It is going to be great.   I am looking forward to this getting underway shortly.
Bruce:  So, I am going to thank you guys for being faithful in listening. I am going to ask you to set aside the noise that is out there online. I hate to say it some of it is coming from other calls.  Some of it is coming from blogs. I want you to use your spirit of discernment, rightly divide the truth, and I want you say does this kind of make sense? Is this what Bruce is saying? This is what he is getting? You do that a few times and you will know whether or not what you are reading or hearing on other call I genuine.  I am just saying I want you guys to be wise in this whole process, and I want to be wise. I want to do the right thing for you, for the community putting out accurate information and accurate 800 numbers when they come in.
Bruce:  All right we are just about looking for that. I am looking forward to it, and I know you are too. I am going to pray us out and thank everybody on my team, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven. I like to thank Pinkroses as well, and all of you that have listened, and maybe you are new. Maybe you are 1 – 2 weeks in listening to the call. Good for you. You got in at the last minute. You heard something of value.

Thank you everybody. Have a great night tonight and see what tomorrow brings.  Thank you everybody. I appreciate it. I know I went long. I just had to get it out. I hope you glean something from the call. Everybody stay in faith. Pray this thing thru tonight, and we will see you on the flip side. We will contact you by email as long as you put your email address in and register to the new site: bigcalluniverse.com

We will keep in touch. Thank you everybody. Thank you, team. Thank you, Bob very much.  Good bye.


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