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 "Cottrell, Genius with a Plan" by Still Hanging On 7/13/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Cottrell, Genius with a Plan" by Still Hanging On 7/13/19

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 "Cottrell, Genius with a Plan" by Still Hanging On 7/13/19 Empty "Cottrell, Genius with a Plan" by Still Hanging On 7/13/19

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:18 pm

Various questions have been raised about the legitimacy of Mr. Michael Cottrell. That is understandable considering all the people that have arrived on the scene who held themselves out as "knowing stuff" but who, in the end, actually knew very little, or nothing at all. Cottrell is different, very different. Cottrell does, in fact, know a great amount about this venture. He very well may know more than any other human on earth. Well over 99% of the people on earth know nothing about this venture. The other one percent who do know stuff, in reality, know very little, including me.

In many ways I have been blessed. I have attended three universities, taken courses beyond a graduate level, and worked for three colleges and universities. I am a very average individual, but I have had the honor of being around really brilliant teachers and colleagues. For example, I took two courses under Dr.James Holloway, who studied under Karl Barth, and who produced a scholarly journal featuring top scholars from around the world. I sat in amazement in those classes, and in other classes also taught by brilliant people. I learned to recognize genius behavior. Michael Cottrell is a genius.

That was the assessment of the Director of the Finance Department at Cambridge University when Christopher Story showed him Cottrell's Master's thesis.

Many people have been involved in this venture for three, five, ten years. Cottrell has been involved for 29 years. Indeed, had there never been Cottrell, then there would never have been this venture.

It can be asked of me that since I am a very average person, then how can I make such a judgment? It is based in a large part by the sum total of the relationships among Christopher Story, Al Hodges, Michael Cottrell and their combined written statements. Also, I have done considerable research over the 29 years I have been involved in this venture apart from Cottrell, Hodges and Story.

Something happened last Friday morning during the markZ interview with Michael Cottrell. The subject of Cottrell's relationship with INTERPOL came up. If you do not know what INTERPOL is, then check it out. Cottrell spoke of INTERPOL knowing everything that he says and allowing him to speak with their approval. Indeed, it was at this point that markZ stated that he, markZ, had to get INTERPOL's approval for Cottrell to be on his show. Think about that for a moment. You, I, Gurus of all sorts, religious people of all persuasions, know it all arrogant a-holes, new age types, right wingers, left wingers, folks claiming to get their info from the galactic space creatures, white hats, black hats, or any one else can say whatever we want to anyone we want, without having to get INTERPOL's approval. Why is that? It is because Michael Cottrell is THE MAN WITH THE PLAN.

Still Holding On


Maybe "Still Holding On" needs to vet who is saying they got INTERPOL's approval! LOL

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