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MarkZ: "Redemption centers: The people I know are at work today and on high alert" 7/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Redemption centers: The people I know are at work today and on high alert" 7/12/19

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MarkZ: "Redemption centers: The people I know are at work today and on high alert" 7/12/19 Empty MarkZ: "Redemption centers: The people I know are at work today and on high alert" 7/12/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:19 am

MZ: Lots of rumors Mr. C signed off on reset last night……he did not.

MZ: No news…no update as to why we have not gone…..

MZ: We were told the US military sent a rep with the Chinese to the Pentagon to arrange the rest and here we are sitting here wondering where we are at

MZ: Iraq is still waiting on a new rate.

MZ: Europe is still waiting on the US. I did hear that there were a number of test exchanges done yesterday that went well . They are still waiting to exchange but we havn’t seen anything yet.

Q: Mark , What is the status of the Redemption Centers..Are they on high alert..? Scheduled to work this weekend...?

MZ: Redemption centers: The people I know are at work today and on high alert. They are not scheduled to work this weekend but have to be “on call” all weekend.

Member: Iraq should seat final minister tomorrow and then bank holiday. It is another weekend waiting for Monday. I'm wishing my life away. this needs to go.

MZ: If the US is indeed the stall …the President should take action to get this done. He should take any action necessary…and we should support him

Member: It was so hopeful to see Pres Trump wearing a gold tie at yesterdays speech.

Member: The thing is, POTUS may still have some things he wants done in the old system before the flip

Q: Are the Elders still in the US?

MZ: Yes- but not in Reno

Member: Good Morning Mark: Fed Goes Gold with Judy Shelton? The pre-GCR education continues as players put in place to leash the Fed Beast!!


The Fed Could Use a Golden Rule Abandon the Ph.D. standard, which brought the era of government bailouts and too big to fail. Wall Street Journal, James GrantJuly 11, 2019 6:51 pm ET Though money can’t talk, people can’t stop talking about it.

Member: WE are waiting at all the countries to be at least Basil III compliant which the last 15 countries have become compliant only 2 days ago !

MZ: That is very important moving forward with the first basket.

Member: We do not want to go around the Treasury as the 2% to pay the national debt therefore the Chineese want to to pay for it, reimbursing themselves too

Mr. Cottrell speaks starting at about minute 15:

Mr.Cottrell: : Research Occam’s Razor…The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

In dealing with the Gold Treaty here are the details

The protocols are that the team with the Chinese, representing the elders (or the family that owns the gold and signs for the gold), the Bank of China, Chinese military , as well as Reps from the New Republic Treasury of the United States of America

Upon delivering the computers to me….I enter the codes, the codes immediately go into the master bank of the new US treasury….that code then sequences all the other treasure banks around the world with their codes and unlocks the gold.

When that unlocks then everybody immediately has access to their accounts 

Immediately-according to Interpol, who set this up….all fiat currencies are zeroed out…they have no value…
All derivatives and debts are zeroed out. That’s 15,000 Quadrillions of Derivatives

Every bank in the world will be zeroed out. That’s why they need the Gold-Backed Currencies.

The treaty specifies that Gold bullion will back all currency around the world…why?.....Because all currency will have parity

Parity is “All currency will have the same value” 

According to the Britanica encyclopedia …”In international exchange…Parity refers to the Exchange rate of currencies, the purchasing power between 2 countries is equel”.

The Chinese are not dumb …they are not stupid…..they want parity and the funds out of the hands of the rats and into the hands of the people

Gold will not be released until the US Corporation is dead.

Now when I enter the codes this will “kill the corporation” and during this time period the mass arrests should be ongoing.

Now its important to understand the QFS (Quantum financial system) which will be our new system after all this occurs.

The current Federal reserve system was set up by the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 and amended in the 1980’s . When gold is deposited in any US bank it is subject to the following: A risk based capitol regulation where gold has a zero risk point….therefore banks have to have money in reserve..Bank holding companies over 150 million are exempt from this compliance. . 

This is important because in 1981-1983 the Bush family task force through congressional hearings evaluated the Federal reserve onshore and off shore regulations and The corrupt financial reporting act of 1977. 

There was a purpose for doing this….they had an ultimate goal which they accomplished in 1985…They reduced the regulations on banks and security and bank holding companies. This ushered in the structured products and derivatives arena.

The most important part of it is Gold cannot be written or sold as cash instruments.

When the codes are released according to interpol who set this up…the codes go through me to the masterbank of the new US Treasury . which in turn releases the codes to the other treasury banks around the world. At this time it unlocks the lock box on these gold certificate numbers and allows you to access the funds in your accounts you all are about to have….which will make your money “gold backed” .

Gold is not deposited in any bank so it cannot be hypothicated or borrowed against or issued as an instrument in a custodial trust ……which they can do now.

If someone put gold into the bank right now. The bank has jurisdiction and could issue instruments against that gold without your permission and could deplete your account to zero if they want to

But with gold certificate and gold certificate numbers they cannot do that

Now Saturday night about 11 to midnight every bank around the world….their local time……shuts down for 2 hours…this give the banks time to settle up with the clearing banks who settle up with the BIS.(Bank of International Settlements ) which is the master bookkeeper for all the banks.

Therefore The banks become financial conduits. Which is why I talk about Treasury accounts…Which is what we will have when your bank unlocks the lock
The basic part of all this is the Chinese families , elders and the Golden Dragon and Interpol has given this many years of thought and when you exchange they want your funds to be safe and for you to be educated. .

The Chinese are not dumb, or stupid…..but we are in some areas and its up to all of us to be educated as to what is going on when we get paid.

Q: About crypto currency and Bitcoin

MC: From Interpol …All currencies will be zeroed out unless its Gold backed by the bullion. They want all currencies trading and equel

Q: what is the role of Interpol in all of this

MC: They are the gatekeepers. When the Chinese lost their funds for the zillionth time to Nixon…He promised to pay them back…he got a lot of money from them and used it for a lot of purposes…....He never paid them back……Nixon told them to go pound salt….the Chinese then went to Interpol and the World Court….

Interpol is the world’s police force….they were given the authority to track this down around the world,…… They have been tracking down the money and these bad guys since 1974…
they are really the only that have the authority to cross international lines to track the crooks.

Q: Right now a debt is an asset to the banks with fractional banking…with the new system how would it work to get loans?

MC: The current system has to many loopholes and allows the banks to use your money without your knowledge or permission

The QFS …your funds will be safe…they will know within seconds if somebody tries to steal your money…….the new system you can borrow against gold certificates with the permission of the gold certificate owners…

Q: Did you ever sign the gold treaty?

MC: I am not a country…or a sovereign entity…….I cannot sign the treaty but I am named in the treaty, specifically…..but cannot sign the treaty….I am a mechanism in which the codes and the gold is to be distributed. I am a cog in the wheel….

Note: Transcription stops about minute 32:00 Be sure to listen to replay for all the rest

MZ: by the way – doing some research…at least 7 different accounts use my name…these are fake..not me…..saying things I did not say……If it doesn’t come right from my mouth or Mr. Cotrells do not believe it. There is a concerted effort to put out misinformation and saying it’s from us.

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