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The importance of administrative reform DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The importance of administrative reform

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The importance of administrative reform Empty The importance of administrative reform

Post by claud39 on Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:13 am

[size=36][rtl]The importance of administrative reform[/rtl][/size]

Sunday 07 July 2019

The importance of administrative reform Alsabaah-15444

Yasser Al Metwally

One of the most important international drawbacks to the administrative performance that makes Iraq at the bottom of the international rating and classification lists in this area is our lack of quality management systems according to the ISO international view, which includes 80 standards.

This phenomenon is one of the reasons for making the environment of Iraq an investment repellent and not to abuse the major international companies with Iraq, despite the considerable privileges enjoyed by the country to have the most investment opportunities at the international level, because of facing difficulties in performance and administrative handling and routine killer.

In order to improve the administrative performance of the "administrative reform", it is necessary to adopt the serious international quality systems and standards based on the houses of expertise and prestigious and thus can get out of the dilemma of chaos administrative, economic and organizational.

Years ago, attempts were made by the executive branch through the streamlining of government procedures to eliminate the routine. For this purpose, committees have been set up to follow up, audit and evaluate implementation, and the fact that this program has achieved many achievements in the field of procedures and related transactions.

But the efforts quickly disappeared and the chaos of procedures and routines, which can only be interpreted as a tool to establish an unhealthy situation, has returned.

The world is making great strides in administrative systems using modern systems and technology.

In developed countries, the most complex administrative transactions are accomplished through computer technology and the Internet, within an hour or two at the most, to complete any transaction.

While the individual spends in Iraq days, hours and months to complete a traffic transaction, for example, passport or tax accounting, and ask Lamwat's writings spent decades for the purpose of liquidation of a legacy.
The importance of administrative reform in investing time is an optimal investment so that everyone will turn to rebuilding the nation of war, crises and underdevelopment.

It is inconceivable that we are on the threshold of the twenty-second century and we are still drawing the left thumb on many transactions.

We hope that the next phase will be a stage of sound administrative construction in order to achieve other reforms with one basket.

It is enough for us to move towards building an Iraq parallel to its potentials and resources, and to rise to the ranks of the most prestigious and advanced countries.

The bottom line is that we need administrative reform and its requirements to adopt performance quality standards, since any international standards are the only solution to reclassify Iraq at the top of the list of developed countries administratively and encourages international companies to enter their funds and investments. Thus, administrative reform is the entry feature and here lies its importance.

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