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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/2/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/2/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/2/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:56 pm

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. Let’s talk about in a general sense what has happened since Thursday.  We have had a few false starts over the last week or two.  We have had indications that the toll-free numbers were coming out at such and such time or on such and such a day.

Really that is where so far we haven’t been able to get started because we know there are procedures in place.
We know roughly what the procedures are.  We know in the case of Redemption Centers they got brand new codes to enter in.  That was a 3-hour process yesterday. 

They were entering those to get ready for the new rate that we are looking for.  We know that in Iraq, Iraq has a $7 rate on their screens which we believe is an in-country rate and possibly an International rate, but our rate here should be higher. 
Bruce:  All I can tell you is that tomorrow morning, I believe it is, in Iraq, in Iraq time during the first morning prayer which is basically at sun up in the morning, they will announce and have their rate in place. 

So, I do not know exactly what it is going to be.  I do not know at all, but I think it will be better than we thought.  So, that would be occurring not too long basically after the Big Call is over tonight since they are 8 hours or so ahead of us.  That is going to be interesting.  That is going to be good. 

Bruce:  Now, what else that has been happening is regarding the additional things that need to occur before we get the toll-free number released, we know there are codes that need to be entered to enable the Pay Masters out west of the groups, Cores and other groups to get started.

We know they have done a lot of the work in setting up the new accounts for their participants, and we know there is money in those accounts that the participants of the groups cannot even see.  They do not have the account information yet, but these accounts were set up for them prior to this. Some of them had them 4 to 5 weeks probably, but the point is those accounts will be activated once the release codes are entered in.

Bruce:  I know that we have had a 747 load of Chinese Elders in just the last few days to assist in making sure it goes and assist in getting everything it started.  There are several individuals, but there is one in particular that will also help enter not only that code, but a code or a series of release codes that will tie us to the new gold back USTN dollar and essential remove us from the USD dollar officially.

This is really very positive for us, and we are expecting this to occur any time now. Very soon.  This is something that needs to be done I believe before anybody gets paid out per se because we do have the USD going away and the USTN replacing that digitally as well as physically.

Bruce:  We are going to get the new currency $20, $50, $100 bills at the Redemption Centers.  We talked about that.  They have been unbundled and rebounded in little packs of twenty $20, ten $50, and ten $100.  So, they are small pack of bills that we are going to have access to.

We should have access up to $6,000 or so at the time of your redemption appointment.  You do not have to take that much.  You do not have to take any if you do not want it, but some people like to have a little cash.  You will have the opportunity to do that to get a little bit of cash at your redemption appointment.

Bruce:  Also, President Trump has done us a real solid service yesterday.  He signed in an Executive Order that was the Tax Payers Bill of Rights for us.  This was done by Executive Order so he wouldn’t get any flack.  So, it became law.  He signed it in yesterday at 4:00pm and at 4:17pm today it was officially made law.  Now, this is a really good thing for us as tax payers because it gives us certain rights with the IRS, and it will take care of us thru the end of this fiscal year.

We are looking to have some changes as you guys know with our tax codes, with the IRS in general, and as well as with the Federal Reserve coming forward in the next several months.  I think the Tax Payers Bill of Rights will take us thru the end of this fiscal year which ends at the end of September, the last day of September.  I think that is going to be a very positive thing, and it is also the start of Gesara having to do with taxation and having to do with debt relief as well. So, a very positive thing for the President to sign in and done.

Bruce:  I believe what I am hearing what is going on, that we are looking good for toll-free numbers possibly to come out tomorrow.  Then we do not know depending on what time they will come out, if they came out earlier enough, we might be able to set our appointments to go tomorrow.

If they come out late afternoon, we probably could put the numbers out, set our appointments, and then you say: When can we start? We can’t possibly go July 4th.  Can we?  Yes, we can, and I will tell you why.  Redemption Staff have been contacted to see if they are able and willing to come and work July 4th.  I know that many of them have said:  Yes, we will sign up and we will work July 4th.  It might not be quite as many hours, but I know it could be at least 8 hours let’s say.

Bruce:  So, July 4th, I believe, will be a possible exchange day. July 5th is Friday.  If we do not go by then, could we start on July 5th?  Yes, we could.  I believe it is going to be the choice of the redemption Centers as to whether they want to go on July 4th or not.

Lord willing, we get these toll-free numbers early enough to set these appointments and go.  I am hoping that works out tomorrow.  I cannot tell you for sure. I got essentially 3 confirmations that are saying 800 numbers tomorrow, but have to realize I have heard 800 numbers this day, that day, this time, that time, and it has not happened yet.

I do not have them yet.  I am not holding them and I will not hold them.  I will get them out as soon as I get them.  I have heard when they do come out, we can go for first appointments in about 2 hours, approximately 2 hours from the time I get them and put them out.  So, keep that in mind.

It is possible we could get these numbers before lunch tomorrow let’s say, and then start appointments maybe at 1:00pm or 2:00pm in the afternoon.  I am talking Eastern Time. So, it is something that is not definitive.  Nobody really knows exactly yet that I know of, but that is sort of a possible scenario.

Bruce:  Now, Sue mentioned earlier and one thing we talked about and that was in your presentation taking 5 to 8 minutes to do your presentation.  Prepare for a discussion of any projects that you want to do.  You can talk a little about Rebuild America.  If you have your own projects, you can do that in that period of time as well.  Now, remember the entire appointment for us, they want to try to do in 48 minutes.  48 minutes.  Earlier, months and months ago, we thought we would go like an hour and 45 minutes or an hour and twenty minutes, or longer than that.

Bruce:  Now, it looks like if they can get us in 48 minutes, they have 12 minutes before the next appointment. Let’s say if they start at the top of the hour, I hope that is what they do. So, if they have the appointments let’s say at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 o’clock, boom, boom, boom.  They can take people in to do that and only have 12 minutes between appointments.  Now maybe that is too aggressive.  Maybe that is a little too hopeful. Let’s see how it all works out.  Just a heads up. I do not know if they want to do that. I do know they want to get us in for approximately 48 minutes. 

Bruce:  Now, what are you going to be able to do in that time?  You get in, and they pretty much know who you are if you are a Zim holder anyways.  You show your ID, you look over the NDA, and read that.  This is in the very beginning.  Know Your Customers Rules. Boom.  They just do that.  Then they say:  Let’s see your currencies.  They take you in a private room.  Pony up the currency. They see it, they count it, they verify it on the De la rue machine, and they get your totals on that based on you are in the rate discussion now.  You maybe negotiating. Maybe you are going with front screen rates.  Whatever it is you get that done with your currencies and then you got to set up your one master account especially if it is Zim.

Bruce:  Maybe you want a structure payout.  Maybe you don’t.  You do have a choice on that.  The structure payout time frame has been changed yet again.  Now, instead of 2 years minimum, it is 1 year minimum which doesn’t make any sense to me, but 1 year all the way up to 22 years structure pay out.

I love the idea of a 20-, 22-year structure pay out where you got a fix amount of interest every quarter for 20 or 22 years.  I personally like that. You guys do whatever God leads you to do in that area. I just like it.  So, we are setting up one account. We are getting 1 or 2 credit cards possibly.  We are going to be able to load $100,000 or more depending on projects on your credit/debit card if you want to do it that way.

Bruce:  Then you are going to have the ability to get your Proof of funds letters for one or two homes or something you need Proof of Funds for.  You will be able to get that.  Basically, if you have your trust, bring your trust paperwork.  If you don’t, you just need to set that up at a later time to your trust done and work with the Private banking people, work with the Family Office scenario that they got.  They will be working with us as high-end individuals with Private Banking and Wealth Management as well.  So, that is about as long as you are going to take to do all those different steps.

Bruce:  You will have a series of perks.  I believe you will have several pages.  You probably take those home and review those, and bring back in at a later time and tell them I want to get this perk, that perk, that benefit, whatever.  If you are doing a structure payout, you will negotiate your interest rate.  They have certain perimeters that you can stay within that.

Let me tell you if you are a Zim holder, it is just not going to be a big deal in terms of trying to get the highest interest rate you can get because the bases for your investment if you will, the bases of your motherlode account is so large if you are Zim holder. It doesn’t matter if you have 2, 3, or 4 percent per year.  You can go a little higher, but forget the idea of 12 15, 20 percent. It is not happening, and it is certainly not happening on that amount of principle right there.  Keep that in mind. If you stay in the parameters of that, you will be just fine.
Bruce:  By the way if you do not have Zim and you only have other currencies which I think is very possible for some of you, you will have access to all of that exchange money in 36 hours from the time of your exchange.  You will have access to all of it.  If you are Zim holder and you have other currency in the same amount of time, you are looking at getting out excess up to 20 percent of the total exchange. 
Is anybody going to need up to 20 percent of the total exchange if they are a Zim holder?  No. You are not, but you will be able to tell them:  I am looking to have this much money in the first 90 days or in the first 6 months I need this much.  That will help them plan and you plan how to have accessibility to what it is you need.

Bruce:  So, I know I keep saying it.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I am only reporting what I am hearing, and that is it is very positive. It is very possible for this to go down.  We sort of need our T4A brothers and sisters to get started.  I think we are going to end up seeing liquidity at the same time for us and for them.

I mean getting access to that 20 percent or up to 20 percent of your total exchange.  We should be pretty much on the same level as far as that goes with our Tier 4A people.  I do not know exactly when the public is going to start now. I heard July 8th is possible for the public.  That would be next Monday.  I can’t say I am 100 percent confident that will be the start date.  It could be.

Bruce:  I know President Trump is slated to do several announcements on July 4th which is Thursday.  I believe I heard today 5 different time slots that he may speak and bring us something.  I think he should bring us something possibly related to the gold standard that we have gone back to.  Who knows.  It could be a real interesting day for July 4th.

It is going to be a big day of celebration.  I think we are going to see an announcement from the President that talks about us returning to sovereignty as a nation, returning to the Constitutional Republic that we set up to be.  Whatever announcements come thru like that, those are going to be sort of descriptions of the beginnings of Gesara. I think I am looking forward to these changes that will be for us.

Bruce:   A far as our projects are concerned such as Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network, our two biggest projects, that is not all we are going to do, but those are my main projects that you guys know about. I would just say if you are interested in being part of what we are going to do as the Big Call team after this goes, all you have to do is make sure you sent your email in as a way to register on our website:  bigcalluniverse.com

Go to that if you haven’t registered your email, go register because we will be sending out an email to everybody that is registered the toll-free numbers.  Now, there maybe other numbers out there.  I cannot vouch for those.  I am only going to vouch for the numbers I get because I know where they are coming from, and I know they will be legit.  So, keep an eye on that.  Watch out for that.

Bruce:  I have heard some things today and I had to vet them out.  This is the time of possible confusion and chaos.  Obviously, we are not confused, and I hope you are not confused, but it is very easy when you are reading on blogs, reading online and you are listening to other calls, you can get things that are not tuned in there, not quite right.

There maybe a grain of truth in there,  but maybe they missed it in this area or they missed it in that area.  Just beware.  Use your discernment.  Use your gift of discernment to discern and rightly divide the truth.  Pray about it.  Pray the holy spirit will guide you in all things, all truths.

Bruce:  So that is really what I wanted to bring to everybody tonight.  I have a really good sense we are really right on this.  I am not calling it, but I am telling you we are going to get this in the next day or so. It looks very possible if we even started tomorrow or just got numbers tomorrow and set our appointments, it looks like we could get started on July 4th.  So, stay safe.  Keep the kids away from the fireworks. Be careful.   You are too valuable as a person to get injured in this.  Get out and exercise, get your 30 minute walk in.

Bruce:  Thank you, Pastor Steven and continue to be healed. Thank you everybody.  Thank you, Bob for everything.  Thank you, Sue.  Thank you, Pinkroses for a wonderful job transcribing our call.  Appreciate that so much, more than you will ever know.

Thank you, Big Call listeners all over the globe everywhere that we are reaching, everywhere.  Thank you again for tuning in and listening.  So, if this is our last call, great.  If we do get a chance to do a celebration call, short one, we will put it up.  It maybe won’t be live. We may put it out as a recording.  We are not sure how it is going to work based on the NDAs and all that kind of stuff.  So, let’s see where it goes.

I am feeling really good.  Everybody have a wonderful July 4th. This year, our Independence Day, our Freedom Day, could be better than we ever experienced.  Everybody have a great night. God Bless you all.  Good bye.


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