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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/26/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/26/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/26/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:52 am

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s talk a little bit where we are.  I want everybody to realize I do this call because I want all of you to get through this. To give you as much information I can put out safely without offending people in high places, without stepping on too many toes, and being as accurate as I can with what I tell you.

So I have to take information I get and glean the truth I hear out of it and I have to sort some of the information.I have to sort it and say: You know I can’t mention that. No, that is not true. That didn’t go, and this and that. That is what I do throughout the day. 

So, I am doing this all to uplift the community, to exhort you, and to lift you up as we go thru this as we are in the final stages of it. Everybody that is still here and is listening has been through a lot.  We all have. This is sort of iron sharpening iron. This is being refined as we gone through some of these trials as Sue was mentioning earlier.  Trials and tribulations in our lives.  It is just important for us to realize we are at the end.

Bruce:  Now, let’s start with what we heard over the weekend. You know how nothing ever happens on Monday because the banks have to cleanup the business from the weekend being Friday and Saturday. Most banks are opened until 1pm to 2:30pm on Saturday.

Then they spend Monday until at least 2pm in the afternoon cleaning up that business, finalizing, finishing, putting all the paperwork together, submitting all of that stuff takes place on Monday. That is why we never thought we could start on a Monday.

Guess what. This weekend was different. This weekend the bankers went back in on Saturday afternoon and Sunday for several hours, some of them 5 or 6 hours, to essentially cleanup the weekend over the weekend so that Friday and Saturday would be cleaned up by Sunday evening.  Why was that? That was so Monday would be a clean slate. Able to be utilize for the start of our blessing, the start of the redemptions.

Bruce:  Now, did anything happen on Monday that we know about? No, not really ultimately. There were conferences involved. There are always meetings discussing it, but as far as action taking place to our way of thinking to an exchange prospective, we didn’t see it. That was yesterday, Monday.

Cut to today, Tuesday, with great hope. With great hope for things to happen around noon this afternoon. I thought that is good. At least we will get our numbers, set appointments and maybe we get started this afternoon.  Next thing you know I am getting information pointing to well and I got this in the morning, not this afternoon. I got it about 9:45 am CST this morning.

 It was that it looks everything is going to roll out after the markets close which is 4:00pm to 4:30pm EST. I thought alright. It is still later this afternoon we set our appointments and get started tomorrow, Wednesday.

Bruce:   Alright that goes a little further. Then we find wait a minute. We actually have something that points this going this evening.  We could get this thing early evening and boom. We get our numbers, get our appointments set, and be ready to start tomorrow.  Everything is good.  We had pretty good information that was going to happen. Now, that has not yet happened.

Then I am thinking it sounded like I was going to have a celebration call.  Then it sounded more like no, we are going to have a regular call tonight, and that is where we are. What I am saying is what appears to be a ready to go time frame, it ends up being not a start for us yet.

Bruce:  Now, since that time all the way to the Big Call, I got more information and I just going to say it this way. Every indication we have is very positive. For what we heard earlier was the value faze started after the markets closed today.  What does that really mean?

Does that mean liquidity can come to the groups, to the cores, to everybody, to the Adjudicated Settlements, and all of that tonight overnight? Yes, I think that is what it means.

We had thought groups would have been compensated by now. To our knowledge that has not happened at all.  So, that needs to happen, and their liquidity that they will get of those who have already ponied up their money in groups 3, 4, 5 years ago would have access to their funds at approximately the same time we would get access to our funds after we exchange, after we redeem Zim.

Bruce:  So, we are right there at the causs (?) (meaning brink) of this getting started, but realize none of us controls the release of this even thought I get very good indication on our timing.  So do other people out there get pretty good information on timing.  I can say when I hear one or two individuals, I say that is basically true. That is basically correct. That is very similar of what I am hearing, blah blah blah.
But what I got since then what nobody else has said is that we are looking very good for, I do not even want to call it. Guys, do not let me call it. We are looking very good since we did not get this tonight.  That is how I am going to say it. We are still looking very good moving forward.

Bruce:  Now, that means I am excited as I ever been. I am excited. I want you guys to stay excited. I know that everything is not peachy king out there, and we are not all singing: Koon by Ya together. I know that, and I know you guys are going thru it just as I have been going thru it the last 5 to 6 years, but realize this if we faint not and make it all the way to the end of the race. We have ran this thing like a marathon. We are almost at the 21, 22 mile marker. You have to stay with it. Finish the race set before you. Stay with it.  Stay with it in faith. Stay with the Big Call.

We are there for you, and we are going to be there after we take you over the finish line, over the threshold to help with projects that we talked about together such as the VRN and Rebuild America.  I am encouraged tonight. I am going to say you have no idea how close we are. Trust me in the fact we are right where we need to be and I want you guys to all stay in faith and positive for this outcome which is very close.

Bruce:  Now, as far as what is happening on the screens, we know that last night at 9:30 pm EST, Monday night, the RTGS, Real Time Gross Settlement, the Iraqi Dinar was put on that, the RTGS, and an hour later at 10:30pm EST last night it was to go live. The Dinar is live. The Zim is live.  I can’t speak to any other currency right now.  I know yes we are going to be able to exchange the Rial even thought things aren’t exactly rosy right now with Iran. The banks will hold it until the 2nd offering and then they will do something with it then. If you have it, go ahead and bring it to the exchange.

 Other than that particular news which was very positive, I believe our USTN currency will show as live by morning even if it is not yet. I believe it is positioned to be on par with the Zimbabwe dollar. That is the plan on par.

Bruce:  Now as far as anything else regarding the redemption, you will have the ability to put $100,000 maybe more on a debit/credit card. You will get up to $6,000 let’s say in cash of USTN should you desire some cash at your appointment. You will be able to get access to some liquidity on the day of your exchange. I am going to say up to $5 million.

You will have what they call Proof of Funds letters available to you to purchase real estate up to $500 million in Proof of Funds letters.  Now, use those if you need them. Do not get them if you do not need them.  Now remember the exchange is going to be quick, 45 to 55 minutes. Boom you out. They are not going to be 2 hours like we thought. It is going to be 45 to 55 minutes in and out boom.
Bruce:  Your additional stuff, opening new accounts, bank wires, cashier checks, work on your Trust, meeting all those Private Bankers and Wealth Managers all those is post redemption meeting. It is after that initial meeting. 

Some of you that have appointments connected to Tier 2 banks may be able to get with your Wealth Managers or Private Bankers after your exchange appointment.  Some will set it in the next couple of days and take care of what you need to take care of.  The only other thing I can say is as far as liquidity goes, you can have access up to 20% of your total exchange on Day 2. Not the day of your exchange or your redemption of Zim, but the day after.

There has to be a settling period at the bank that night or the next day and I am thinking it is 23 to 26 hours later from your initial appointment, you should be able to have access to quite a bit what we call real money. Do not worry about it.
Bruce:  It doesn’t mean you need to take up to 20%.  It just means you have the availability to have access to real money.  Most of you guys will not need to have nearly that much.  Just let them know at your appointment how much you believe you are going to need in the first 90 days.  Maybe in the first 6 months how much do I need?  How much do I need to get my projects started? How much do I need for this and that?  Let them know. Maybe you can set that aside in an account that is accessible to you right away.  I have talked to you about a motherlode account, a master account. 

I have talked to you about a spill-over account that the interest can be spilled into that I plan to use in the same institution as the motherlode. Then you can set up other accounts at other banks for other reasons. Maybe you have your trust, your LLCs set up so you can move funds into those as you need them.  That is something for you to do, but not on Day 1 because you probably only have time to open up one account, your master account.  Then you will be able to move some funds around.
Bruce:  If you make it for two days, then I think you all will be golden.  Day 1 of your exchange it will be awesome.  It will be great.  Remember the tip Sue gave on the last call on Thursday, remember the concept coming in and being prepared a having practice this in attitude, coming in with a good nice firm handshake. No bone crusher especially a woman’s hand. Just a firm handshake is okay. Lean in with your presentation with good eye contact. Remember see the color of their eyes as you look into their eyes. 

In other words, be present, be happy. By the way smile. This is going to be one of the happiest days of your life.  Some of you it might be the happiest day.  So, go in with that attitude. Go in positively. Be ready. This is going to be fantastic. I really thought we would be there today.  The fact we are not though is pointing towards something going to happen very soon. I do not like using that “S” word very often, soon.  I would say everybody is prepared.
Bruce:  Thank you everybody tonight for listening. Thank you, Sue.  Thank you, Bob.  Thank you, Pastor Steven, for a wonderful teaching and time of prayer tonight.  Thank you everybody. I appreciate it.  Goodbye. 


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