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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) "Banks Are Still On High Alert" 6/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) "Banks Are Still On High Alert" 6/12/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) "Banks Are Still On High Alert" 6/12/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) "Banks Are Still On High Alert" 6/12/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:32 pm

Another Wednesday, hopefully, the last one. It will be what it will be.

Right now the banks are still on alert, high alert, still within one hour. Not sitting in their seats this morning. That is all we have. Everyone is saying it, it is done and we will see it. Iraq is still talking about seating the ministers. Mahdi said today, then next week, and there is an article about the 20th for him to pick the names, and them to vote. We are still looking for this to be over this month.

I got two things yesterday, and people calling me concerned about doing a twitter campaign about the Zim, and demanding Trump and Mnuchen do the RV and the Zim. Saying we outnumber them, and other messes. People want to know if I am going to be a part of this. No, and don’t do it under the name of TNT. We already have an agreement with the Govt. If those people mess up our deal, you need to know who they are. They weren’t there to help bring about that agreement. I don’t know what this Admin is going to do, but they said they would honor our deal. Idiots think they can force our Govt to do it. But, the Govt is not doing anything against us. Some people are impatient. I know it has been 10-12 years. But the GCR was not built for you. We are getting the benefit of knowing about it, if we wait. Some don’t seem to understand that. The Zim and Dong were not designed for you but we will get the benefit of it if we wait. We did our part with the Bush, and Obama Administrations, and now this Admin. Don’t let those idiots destroy this for us. Doesn’t make any sense. Watch and see who they are, and blame them if this goes wrong.

Another thing. Also doesn’t make sense. Someone tried to get gurus together a month or so ago, on a conference call. I declined. Someone said MarkZ was trying to do something again, and asked me if they could give him my number. No. Then they said I want to stretch it out so I can keep collecting money. Why would you want all of them to get together and share info? And, about 15 years ago I was at a church, and there were preachers from churches talking about what they were going to preach on Sunday, and the direction they wanted to go on Sunday in their sermons. I thought they were their own person, and decided what they wanted to say, not trying to direct people in what they said. I want you to hear what they have to say, then you sort it out. Don’t want this “Tony said” or “TNT said”, on every site. So, no I don’t want to do a conference call with other gurus, especially seeing the type of stuff they are putting out, saying you need Trusts, and other stuffs. So, I just am trying to clear this up. No, on the twitter campaign to force the Govt to do something with the Zim or the GCR. We don’t Force them to do anything. How stupid is that! Right now what is going on with the Tariffs, the Borders, farmers hurting, jobs report was the lowest it has been in years, the economy going down – and you think they care about what you think about wanting the Zim revalued?! We can’t demand they make agreements with anyone.

Ray, we are aware of the recording issues with Blogtalk. Anytime you want to find something on the website, it is www.tntsuperfantastic.com. The playback is being recorded and so is it on Blogtalk, so there are two recordings. Blogtalk has been acting up since last Friday. All of our numbers are on that site. Go to our site, the link is in the middle, “TNT Call Info.” You can dial into the recording and hear the recording. Hope that helps out.

SKIPPED – BurbankLou – Any update on prices in Iraq or what contractors are being paid?

Vickslaw – Tony, some time ago you stated on a call you were looking for something on FOREX that was a unique, special or some form of indicator. The last 2 full days, and this morning, June 12, the Bloomberg Spot FX index has shown the IQD at an open/close and current rate of 1182.2828. This is unusual. Was this that indicator you were looking for? T – No. I honestly don’t remember what I was looking for. If it is moving, great. I haven’t looked at it today.

Karenmsi – Assuming that (1) the U.S. is the one to give the final approval to RV and (2) Iran has vast quantities of Iraqi Dinars and, therefore, would benefit from an RV, in light of the current increasing tension between the U.S. and Iran, what is the rationale for an RV at this time? T – Because of the sanctions, the only place Iran can spend it is with Iraq. That is why Iraq has gotten extensions to continue trade. Iran can have all they want but we have cut off all their trading partners. Their bank account is “frozen” so they have to give it back to Iraq through their trading. The issue of them getting it, is they have flooded Iraq with fake dinar to destroy the chance for the RV so Iraq has to stay locked to them, instead of trading with the rest of the world. Same reason they want the Interior and Defense positions that will control most of the money. Iraq’s new laws have curbed that, and can control the counterfeiting and the dollars will go away. I don’t believe Iran will RV, but we have banking people saying it is on their boards.

Totally Blessed – Can you explain what it meant in the 7 steps that you shared on Monday where it said that they would hand us an NDA and then open 3 trust accounts to be swept into other accounts on our next visit? Are trust accounts and trusts the same thing? T – Trust accounts aren’t trusts like Ray does. I would let them open accounts, process my currency, and move my money into them for security. relisten. Theyhave non-interest bearing accounts, means your money is just sitting there not getting any interest, and they aren’t using your money while it is in those,  until it turns over into an Interest Bearing Account. So, I think it is just a safety precaution. But, make sure by calling your bank. They can explain what it is, for sure. I am only telling you what I think it is.

1. We do not want the contract rates because we will not sign an NDA. We do not want that hanging over our heads even for a moment.

2. That being said, we plan on setting up trusts for all five our adult children and do not want the trusts set up or managed by a bank. We have an attorney who specializes in trusts and when we are in a position to be able to pay him for his services, we plan to have him set them up for us.  I just don’t want to go into our first encounter at the bank with attitude so I hope you can settle my heart about this here.

Jiminkc – Follow-up Questions to your Monday Exchange Procedures:

1. Your Monday list of Bank Exchange Procedures did not include Structured Payouts. That is a very big deal, especially for Zim holders. What can you tell us about that, or find out and tweet out? T – I can tell you they said there will be structured payouts. That memo didn’t address it because most people won’t have structured payouts. I am sure that those of us who hold zim, and large amounts of dinar are going to be placed with a WManager who understands how to do our exchange. Not everyone will have structured payouts.R – if the committee person is correct and there is no zim, there won’t be exchanges on the Zim, so there won’t be structured payouts, anyway. T – if he is correct.

SKIPPED – 2. Since Monday, have your Bank sources updated the 5-6 year old Bank Exchange Procedures that you gave Monday?

3. Do the Banks really expect us to exchange currency for the International rates on the screen, THEN try to get higher rates from the Wealth Manager at a later appointment? Is that what you are going to do? T – no, I won’t. I don’t think it is what they are going to do. When you exchange and sign for it, that is it. They aren’t going to go back and recalculate your rate and say they owe you all this money. It won’t happen. Those who can, tell the 800 person what you have and they will put you with someone who can negotiate that with you right then. NOBODY should expect to exchange, then go back a week later, and they give you an extra $1M or $100,000,000. Why would they do that when you have already agreed to a rate, and they are getting interest on it for two weeks, or whenever your next appointment is, and whatever the difference is between what we gave you and what the UST is giving us, now belongs to us (bank) so why should we give it back to you?! You will have to negotiate the first time, because that is the only time you will have.

SKIPPED – 4. What rationale would there be for the banks to offer 3 NON-Interest Bearing Trust accounts (other than them making money off the Overnight Sweeps, while we get nothing while the money is in them?)

SKIPPED – 5. Do the Banks know if this is a Non-taxable event, or will they know at the time of the exchange? If so, will they provide written proof?

SKIPPED – 6. Section 4 sends us to a different part of the bank. Is that for a Restroom Break after all we have done and realize our lives have dramatically changed? LOL! Tell us why you left that part out.

SKIPPED – Storm – Quick one for Tony: you had mentioned on Mondays call that Iraq has a green light. Is this green the release from the UST? Since Iraq has wanted to “go” many times prior, and have the green light now, any idea on what they’re waiting for now?

SKIPPED – Jmatranquil –

•  The U.S dollar is not used in Iran.

•  The U.S. dollar has been reduced in Iraq to stimulate the local Iraq economy.  The focus for may years is for the U.S dollar to be ultimately eliminated for use in Iraq.

•  So, how can Iran benefit with any IQD they have?

BJ – TRUST question: If you exchange as you, and THEN transfer the money into a trust, could it create a taxable event? We wanted to set up a variety of trusts after the RV when we could afford it. Currently we only have a Living Trust. R – we were I informed anything granted over $50M would be a taxable event. That is what some members’ professional people researched and told them. T – If I have $400M and I go to my exchange and put it in my name, and now I decide I am done, I know exactly what the rate is, how much I have. So, now, I want to put it in a trust so I can be with the BEST OF US, instead of the REST OF US. Now I put $400M into a trust and now I am going to have to pay $200M in taxes?

R – no, you would pay tax on $350M, based on what we are being told, IF, IF the trust keeps it. Just because you put it there, doesn’t mean it is going to stay there to be taxed, unless you don’t know what the heck to do with it. So, based on that, it would be taxed on the $350M, over the $50M threshold.

T – So if I leave the $400 in my name during the exchange, it is not taxable? R – If the exchange is not taxable, yes. T –So, again, if I took that same $400M, and just put it in a trust, to start with, because that is where it is going to end up anyway, now, I am not paying tax on it, because it is during the first exchange, and the trust is doing the exchange, not the individual. R – Right.

T – Now, it is not taxable, again. R – Right. (Ray said something inaudible about something superceding something).

T – So, now I have $400M in my trust and I can break it into smaller, individual $50M donations into other trusts that I can control, again, without it being taxed? It is $50M or less, right (in those). R – Yes. T – So, we are avoiding the tax man. There is more than one way to skin a cat, is what you are thinking. Think about what you are doing before you do it, people, cause that $350M, the tax bracket you would be in during the exchange, is almost 50%, if not more, and you just gave away $175M dollars because you made one mental mistake that is going to be costly.

SKIPPED – Mountainview – One point on the list of things to do when at the exchange, is “Ask for CDARS coverage. I googled that, do you really recommend that process, and if so for how much of your money? It says the interest rate will be lower.

Heartlight2 – If the currency is now Trust property, what other papers could the bank ask for in order to do the exchange if going for the contract rate? The bank will need proof the Trust owns the currency and proof I am authorized to act on behalf of the Trust, do you know if anything else could be required? R – They will ask for documentation that supports that the trust exists. In most cases, the first and last pages of the trust Indenture will suffice, or you can have an affidavit of Trust and that should suffice. Also, they will want documentation coming from the trust that says YOU, particularly, are authorized to do bank business. Usually a banking resolution minute or another affidavit from the trust will take care of that. Now the people you hired to create the trust can answer (voice faded) If they don’t, then don’t hire them to create the trust, now that you know what you are going to do. Hire someone else. T – So, if I have two trusts created by some guy, and don’t have any of those documents, what do I do? R – ask for them. 1) Let the service provider provide know what you need, what you want to do, and they should already know that you want to do banking, and 2) provide documents for the banking part. When you go to get this, make sure those are included, so you know if you need to change service providers and use somebody else. They should tell you if that is part of their services. You are going to need them. The bank won’t let you just walk in and do that. And, most states won’t let you walk in and do something without documentation, for trusts, and probably real estate. Document the entity exists, and that you are authorized to transact business for the entity.

Fullofhope – I get daily news from something called Iraqi news.com I hardly ever read it but last Sunday something caught my eye and it was that because of the corruption in Iraq that their RV was going to be delayed for five more years what do you think about that? T – I didn’t see the article, but I don’t believe it will be delayed. Corruption is basically under control except for the auctions, and Maliki and Iran’s interference in their Govt.  They did name two of the ministers today, but they are Proxy positions, not the actual positions. Army guy as the acting Defense minister, and a cop as the acting Interior minister.

T – got a text asking you put all the Trust stuff on the site since they couldn’t hear it. I know that you won’t.

Realprazer18 – I haven’t heard any updates about the Afghani currency lately. Is it still in the first basket? If so, what’s the rate going to be? R – yes, $2.39.

Cyndisaintsfan – My mother is elderly and wants to get in quickly… I plan on going with her… can we ask for the highest rates without an NDA ??? T – you can ask, but you won’t get them without the NDA. If you want the higher rate, you will have to sign the NDA.

Or is the only rates without an NDA going to be the screen rates ??

404 – Wednesday, and late in Iraq. Any info on the Gazette contents for today? T – We have no info on that.

C – the 100 dinar note status? And, the coins? T- coins have been out a couple of weeks. Still not hearing a lot about the 100 note. I will try to find out – will send a text.

C – bank contacts, committee person, and their mindsets at this point? T – are they happy, or depressed? They really are just saying they don’t know why it is not done or when it will be, but they know it will happen. The northern part of the country is sitting at their desks, and the southern part is just saying stay close. No one is upset because they know it is going to happen, and those I am talking to are seeing it on the screen.

Comment about callers on the

972 – Danny in Dallas – Your 7 point checklist, seemed to indicate that in the banking section was signing the NDA, and no separation between the market and contrct rate. T – it is just the contract rate.

C – 3 non-interest bearing trust accounts. Just one if we don’t need them? T – right.

C – you mentioned the coins, and they have value. Talked to a couple yesterday who has contacts in Indonesia, and mentioned it RV-ing too. She also asked about the Iraqi coins, they will be used, not re-minted. Seems like you also said they have not made it to the States, so we won’t have access to them. Her brother was in an elite team in Iraq, and accompanied them during some turmoil. They found coins around the banks, and the elite said they had no value. He picked up bags of them, and sent them to Switzerland, and trying to get them to the States, but we don’t want worthless coins. Once we have the RV, will he have value and be able to exchange them? T – they will have value. If he brought them back to the US, they can’t verify the coins, so they can say they are worthless. If he got back to Iraq, they would be valuable, but how would he get “stolen coins” back there? Maybe get 50% on the Black Market.

281 – What kind of back wall do we have now? T – I don’t – everyone thought it would be completed by tomorrow, but I don’t know. No one is talking about it. I know everything is done as far as laws are concerned. I think it will still be this month, but I don’t know.

C – 5 years ago the banks were on lockdown. Alert doesn’t mean so much, anymore. The word is out the Rothchild’s don’t want this to go, and could stop this indefinitely. Seems like this never happens. I thought would happen last week when they issued the MasterCard. Wondering when and if this will happen? T – everyone wants it to happen. The only think I really know is that it is going to happen, it is in their plan to revive their country and the region. When people blame the Fed Reserve and the Rothchilds, you are saying I control the world, and your 100M turns to 800M and I don’t want that to happen? I become richer than rich, and control the currency markets, and more. They will become much richer than they are. GCR levels the playing field for everyhone but them; it makes it better for them. Why our Govt is holding back, I don’t know. Bush, Obama, all wanted it. Obama held it so they had to improve laws to make it worth while for the long-term. It is all about Iran, now, and putting Iraq in a position of surviving while we destroy Iran’s economy. Whether they do it this week, or next month, it will happen. I won’t destroy that opportunity by making demands on our Govt.

C – maybe that is part of the group that doesn’t want it to go? Maybe that plays into the hands of those who don’t want us to have this. T – I understand the Russian thing, and fake websites that may be involved. It could be some other country trying to cause chaos. But, if it made sense to blast Twitter, well, not everyone in other countries know about all this, or the Zim, so can’t get the US population upset about something they don’t know about. Our committee guy says it won’t happen at all – the zim. There are gurus saying it is happening every day, and that they have the 800#s and none of the other Gurus have them, and he is not one of the 5 that is supposed to get them.

Wrap: We are hanging in there. Banks still on alert. Usually they will go off alert, but they are still there. They are hanging in there, and we need to, too. Tomorrow is another day. I still think we are within the month, but we will see what happens with the Proxy positions; maybe that is what we need to get over. We will post info if it is anything of importance.

R – We talked about setting aside money for recipients. As you create entities, eventually create entities for them, as well. While you set that money aside, remember you set it aside in your personal name, so whoever that intended recipient is, you should make sure they are POD on the account, so they can manage it in the event something happens to you — unless it is your personal account that you want only family on. We will be back Friday, at the regular time, unless something happens in the mean time.

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