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 "More on Currency Revaluations" by TJ 5/16/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"More on Currency Revaluations" by TJ 5/16/19

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 "More on Currency Revaluations" by TJ 5/16/19 Empty "More on Currency Revaluations" by TJ 5/16/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 16, 2019 11:11 pm

The following is my understanding; please check everything out for yourself to determine what you believe is correct. Of course there are still cabal shills posting on this site who wish to confuse, but they are easily spotted by the venom in their posts.

It is my understanding that there are 2 separate currency RV plans being advertised:

1) All currencies will soon become worth the same, i.e. 1:1, and not related to what the nation actually owns in gold and assets, i.e. fiat. This is a left-over from the cabal plan which was working towards a one-world digital currency whereby they would instantly completely control us.

2) Currency exchange rates are now becoming determined by free trade on a level playing field, rather than geopolitics, which is the Alliance plan being spearheaded on the world stage by President Trump, which includes tariffs to help get to the correct relative currency rates quicker. The correct exchange rates have already been estimated, and those are what will be offered to us at our exchanges.


a) The amount of currency (and bonds) a nation can legally issue in a non-fiat world is limited by the value of its' own assets (gold and gold-equivalent).

b) ZIM bonds are designated in Zimbabwe dollars, which this morning is still showing a forex rate of $0.00276319.

c) Even though the current forex rate for the Zimbabwe dollar is significantly less than the American dollar, when taking into account the immense number of Zimbabwe dollars issued in the form of bonds, the national wealth of Zimbabwe is seen to far exceed the national wealth of America.

d) History has shown us that legally-issued bonds can never become worthless. This includes ZIM bonds. I can understand that a particular buyer may offer to buy ZIM bonds at a certain price for a certain time period, at least for now, but the bonds will continue to be worth their face value. Proof of this is that the buyer would not be buying them if they were to become worthless. Their value will fluctuate as the value of the Zimbabwe dollar fluctuates. The current expectation is the rate for the Zimbabwe dollar will increase as Zimbabwe develops. This is why they want us to invest in Zimbabwe development.

I am still expecting the forex rate for my ZIM bond to support the humanitarian plans that I have been actively working with for over 20 years now, whatever the payout arrangements will be. All else is smoke-and-mirrors.


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