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Central Baghdad .. Nsaboun replace currencies worth millions of dinars! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Central Baghdad .. Nsaboun replace currencies worth millions of dinars!

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Central Baghdad .. Nsaboun replace currencies worth millions of dinars! Empty Central Baghdad .. Nsaboun replace currencies worth millions of dinars!

Post by RamblerNash on Wed May 08, 2019 11:31 pm

Central Baghdad .. Nsaboun replace currencies worth millions of dinars!

Central Baghdad .. Nsaboun replace currencies worth millions of dinars! 88520110

11:23 - 08/05/2019

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -
The Supreme Judicial Council, in a report published in its e-judiciary newspaper, revealed fraudulent operations carried out by gangs wearing Gulf uniforms by replacing worthless currencies with millions of dinars.

The report, which was read by Mawazine News, said that "the thefts and fraud of citizens take many different ways and methods, the latest of which were made by individuals claiming to be humanitarian organizations and who are assumed to be Gulf people to intimidate the victims from outside the country." They exchanged worthless coins with millions of dinars of citizens led by greed to fall into the trap of theft. "

"The area of ​​Karrada and the areas belonging to the court has witnessed recent scandals by gangs, one of which claims to be a humanitarian organization that aims to provide support and relief to poor and affluent families. One of them wears a Gulf uniform and claims that he is a member of the court," said Judge Firas Hamid Ouda, The UAE nationality campaign accompanied by a woman who knows herself as an organization carrying with them foreign currencies are not worth or expired valid to deal with and replace them with Iraqi currency leaving behind the victims.

The investigation judge added that "a working group was formed in coordination with the secret sources and was found whereabouts of the accused and identified and arrested and openly admitted that they have several thefts," pointing out that "the legal adaptation of these crimes under Iraqi law is Article 444 /

He continued, "The areas of Karrada and surrounding areas are witnessing a lot of thefts in various ways and methods as they are full of population diversity and a shopping center that includes many hospitals, markets and treatment centers and cosmetics, but the type of thefts not only include the area of ​​Karrada, but many areas of Baghdad and what was presented to This court is in terms of its spatial jurisdiction. "

"Most of the victims are greedy and lead them to be vulnerable to such people," he said.

The investigative papers reveal complaints against a gang that has been involved in the attacks, including the case of a couple claiming to have been robbed by a man in a Gulf dress who claims to be an Emirati and a woman who is collecting donations.

The gang according to the investigative papers obtained by the "judiciary" was accompanied by the wife of the complainant to her home and gave them $ 45 thousand plus 5 million Iraqi dinars and then escorted by their car and left in the Karrada area near the National Theater, replacing these funds in foreign currency without value.

In a similar incident in the new Baghdad market area, the gang met with a woman and told her intention to replace the currency and give the surplus to poor and needy families. A sum of three million Iraqi dinars was exchanged and how a million and a half million were exchanged with another victim in the square Maysaloun "

The testimonies indicate that they conducted more than five operations in the same way, and the amounts raised from the process of this monument between 30 50 thousand dollars and the amounts of ten million and one hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars distributed among the members of the gang.

One of the defendants said at the notation reported that "his brother accused the head of the gang contacted him and the meeting in the Karrada area with the other accused and the roles were distributed to individuals as the brother claims that he is a Gulf person and accused of accompanying him claiming to be the owner of the humanitarian organization and two other defendants, His work is to monitor theft for fear of being attacked. "

The defendant recalls some operations, including "a process in the Karrada area, during which they spoke to a woman who was one of the complainants." They persuaded her to go to her house and bring in a sum of money that was not known. After the robbery was completed, the sum was shared as a quota of one hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars, A second in the new Baghdad market has also been convinced in the same way and was stolen by the four million Iraqi dinars and the share of which three hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars. "Ended 29/6 N


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