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"Passed the Point of No Return" - MarkZ Update 4/19/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Passed the Point of No Return" - MarkZ Update 4/19/19

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"Passed the Point of No Return" - MarkZ Update 4/19/19 Empty "Passed the Point of No Return" - MarkZ Update 4/19/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:07 pm

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: I was told by a good source that CMKX and groups by Sunday night and 800 numbers on Monday.

MZ: That is pretty close to what I am hearing. It appears we are passed the point of no return, and we will have it by Monday morning is what I have been told. Money is in place, and they will finish moving all the large amounts over this weekend, then start banking Monday morning.

All my sources agree there was tremendous movement overnight and that we will get 800 numbers either Sunday night or Monday morning. It's a little back and forth on that one. One source says late Sunday night and another says Monday morning.

At any rate it appears Easter weekend is our weekend. 

MZ: Everything started last night about 1 to 2 in the am..

Mr. C has not been paid yet.

I was also told they plan on sending out CMKX packages on Easter Sunday. Goal is to get everything delivered on the weekend..

Q: How can they deliver on Sunday???

MZ: They just have to send people out, and I imagine there is going to be some unhappy USPS guys.

Member: They deliver Amazon on Sunday.

Member: Monday is bank holiday in most European countries.

Q: What do you think is different this time then all the others?

MZ: What makes it different this time for me is the amount of people I know in the real world in Reno that have been there almost 6 weeks now and have finally been allowed to do a tremendous amount of paperwork and logistics finished up specifically for this to start. And with the Trump administration actively trying to get this done. We really are in a different position then we ever have been before.

Member: Reno makes a lot of claims.

MZ: Yes they do. They have to be ramped up and ready to go as soon as they pull the trigger.

nflemingjr: This is going to sound like they are kicking the can down the road. The final rates are going to be on the screen at the time the 800#'s come out, and the final release of the rates with the 800#'s will be Monday.

MZ: I think the can has landed squarely on this weekend.

nflemingjr: Some of the Whales have been given advances and will be liquid on Monday.

Member: We have some very hungry Whales.

nflemingjr: All funds are where they are supposed to be. They are just waiting for the final release on Monday.

MZ: Fleming, exactly what I am being told.

Member: All intel lining up the same. We should be locked and loaded!

Q: @nflemingjr will we know the rates before we go in?

nflemingjr: Whether anyone agrees with this is that BIS has ordered no one to post the rates until Monday.

nflemingjr: Part of the problem is the the remaining CMKX has to be paid in USN or USTN.

nflemingjr: Anyone that said the rates are on the screen it is not true. The rates are locked in but will not be visible until we go in.

Q: Mark, do you think the folks that do not have CMKX packages will be able to go to banks Monday as well.

Q: Are you hearing from your sources the same news as Frank regarding citizens going to the bank and the small denoms ? Link

MZ: Yes, a number of smaller coins and notes hit the street in Iraq this week. This gives us a very good indication they are prepared for it.

Member: Iraqi bank branch was opened in Dubai on Thurs. 1st bank out of Iraq. 

Q: Any news from Switzerland Mark?

MZ: Yes, they have scheduled their bond redemptions for Monday.

Q: Can we really count on Monday?

MZ: I really hope so. I am terrified to give out solid carved in stone, cast in iron dates, but I am feeling confident that we are finally going to have it.

Member: Midnight Ride, the shots are going off, the battle goes on, it's a process, and the 4-17 thru 4-19 the windows are opening.

Member: Just because currencies will be in a certain basket doesn't mean they will revalue. Some will devalue.

nflemingjr: Dubai 1 and 2 are now completely paid out and done.

MZ: Yes they are. The CMKX trust is held within Dubai 2 is my understanding, and has a lock or a security on the screen at WF for the CMKX trust dollars is what I have been told by a person who works at that bank. So it is there, but we can’t see it yet because of security.

Q: Does the Zim have to go towards Zimbabwe humanitarian projects only or can any humanitarian project be used?

MZ: I have heard our humanitarian does not have to be in the country of Zimbabwe. My understanding is they can be in any country.

Member: If there is a structured payout with the Zim, the potion remaining in country will go to their own projects.

nflemingjr: Also the Tier 2 banks will not be redeeming the Zim at whatever the zim rate is.

MZ: I don't know 100% on that one. I did hear some Tier 2 banks may exchange.

Member: Here is a list of Tier 1's 

Member: Here is the list of Tier 2 

Member: http://lmgtfy.com/?s=d&q=tier+1+and+tier+2+banks 

Q: Mark, do you believe that HSBC will have the higher rates for the ZIM

MZ: I hear that HSBC and WF will have Identical rates on that one. 

Member: I was also told via our paymaster the same information that Fleming just posted. I wasn't sure how accurate that was so didn't want to say it out loud.

MZ: Nearly every Paymaster is in lockstep with exactly the same information. I spoke with a number of them last night. They were in a conference room waiting to go in, and they all have the same story.

MZ: I am told that the WF email will go within a few hours of the 800 numbers or exactly at the same time, but they should be very close.

Q: MarkZ, the Intel about Lower Denoms & Coins out in Iraq have you independently Confirmed with your sources in Iraq?

MZ: Yes, I have a friend over there and they have seen coins and lower denominations in the streets this week.

Member: Fils Info from Dinar Recaps. 4/18/19 - News, News you can use! Smalls are available in Iraq!! (fireworks) They are are saying that they have 250, 500, 1,000s and now can effectively make change with smalls! This is for the citizens! This is effectively game over, IMO. It was always said we will know in advance, yet will have to wait to do anything about it. Link

Q: Will we see rate in Iraq before 800’s?

MZ: I am being told all rates are being held until Monday morning to go on the screen. They do not want anyone to have a jump start on the values being shown. This came from someone within the bank who should know. 

Member: I heard no viewable rates until Monday also.

nflemingjr: The reason the rates are not on the screens because the BIS has ordered that the rates be blocked until Monday.

Q: Do you have contacts who can see rates?

MZ: Yes, but they have taken all the rates down until Monday morning. They are showing a “lock” on them. No more fluctuations. Everything is set. 

Q: How does a release on Monday affect St. Germain?

MZ: I do not think it will effect the St. Germain release at all. I think because of the movement we had last night. It counts that we had the reset before the St. Germain Trust. I'm still digging into the logistics, but I was told not to worry.

Member: I was told the St. Germain Trust was split into 180 trust accounts and was to move out.

Q: Just came back in. Any news on OMEGA?

MZ: Omega is part of the PP’s. The F&Ps, and CMKX all go at the same time.

Member: Some of us got calls about Omega last summer, to verify our address is still correct.

Member: As I understand through with the Germain Trust even if you are not in a Prosperity Program you may receive funds monthly for 20 years.

Member: Story of the St. Germain Trust and relationship to Prosperity Packages (not my work, just a copy): 

Member: : Prosperity Packages explained; 

Member : DISCLAIMER ON TOP OF PP ARTICLE FROM RECAPS.... Change is on the Horizon" The St. Germain Trust, NESARA, and 911 4/18/2019 Go to Comments This appears to be an older post written in the 1990's or so ending with thoughts on 911 and may or may not be accurate at this time.

Member: Mark, have a link for you to check out. It is straight from the bank of Zimbabwe 

MZ: No plans for a stream over the weekend at this time. It will be Monday morning at 10 AM EST. If I get something big I will tweet it out. I will try to tweet the ups or downs on Sat. or Sun. if one of you guys remind me.

MZ: Guys, when this goes, take your time and make good decisions. I really think this is the weekend for it unless something happens to rock the boat big time. Put together a good wealth management team and make sure you make this wealth last.

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