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"The Proof is in the Pudding" - MarkZ Q&A Update 4/11/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Proof is in the Pudding" - MarkZ Q&A Update 4/11/19

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"The Proof is in the Pudding" - MarkZ Q&A Update 4/11/19 Empty "The Proof is in the Pudding" - MarkZ Q&A Update 4/11/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:35 pm

Highlights by PDK-Note Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ : The news overnight was too big! 

We are told the 3rd rate locked in ...We are told they expect to release dollars today…..to me The Proof is in the Pudding…If we do not have solid proof of this I think we should put on our yellow vests and head for Reno….lol

We heard from more then just Reno…we heard from government contacts as well... They said we crossed the point of no return...I am told It all broke loose last night ...Today is proof is in the pudding day to me....

It has leaked all over Reno that the rates locked in…this was in the wee hours last night ...and they firmly believe 800#'s today….…I was reached out to by Attorneys and Politicians and government contacts……….I think maybe late tonight...the go-ahead order was given at about 4AM

We heard from a number of government contacts and also attorneys in Europe working on Historical Bonds overnight..we should get more news from them today

A number of whales have appointments today …..we are watching it closely ….

Based on all the progress last night I believe we really should see something by 3 or 4 today or by tonight

It is Proof of pudding today... 

Mr.C has not been paid yet…….but things didn't complete until 4am this morning

nflemingjr : All rates are now locked it and will be solid so to speak on the screens today
Q: SKRs out yet?

MZ: I am told SKR's are liquid now….and waiting to go right to our accounts…I have an SKR

We are told that with SKRS they will notify us that our funds are available and where to go at that point . We are told that our new accounts are held by the new central banks.

Q: Is today the day for CMKX and OMEGA!!!!

MZ: I believe so…..Haven't heard of any F&P's deliveries yet ...based on all the progress from late last night on the financial front and from the contacts I have outside of Reno….from politics to you name it…..I believe we will see those today. I will be very upset if we do not see anything tonight or tomorrow morning.

Q: Cottrell doesn't need to be paid for CMKX to go, though, right?

MZ: Its part of the process…..We are told a Certain percent of these packages will go out ….then Mr.C will sign and redemptions will start . ...

Q: will you come in to confirm the first 800 numbers?

MZ: I absolutely will…..We have a plan of attack when this goes……First I will shoot out a text to the mods so that they can jump onto the stream to help- no matter what the hour………and we will start streaming the 800 numbers immediately. I will send out a tweet right as I join the stream….. I will get #'s directly from the bank..

Q: I f we’re in generals (WF Private Group) will we get the 800’# in here?

MZ: They were very clear and specific with me when they reached out to me. That you will get an email on Wells Fargo Letterhead. A Long email with very specific instructions and a 800 number. You will be able to verify it I am sure that it is real… . I am afraid some people may try to send out fake info.

I will verify all the banks 800 numbers that they give me before I release it on my stream.

Member: Assange arrest Could be cover. I'm hoping so. I'm really worried about Assange.

MZ: I believe whistleblowers are important…..Look for WIKIleaks to explode today to dump on politicians ..they just drop the truth ……facts always check out... they are all about releasing the truth…..Julian Assange likes the truth

Q: Is it safe to give notice yet? 

MZ: Please Don't quit your job yet…..the history of this sucks……..we are so close……but don’t quit yet..I will wait till somone I know has money in their accounts to quit mine.


Member: Whales are the peeps with large amounts of Currency ... Boxes

Member: Whale = 50MM or >

MZ: these are people who already have relationships with banks already and have large amounts of currency……..Its just a priviledge of already being in business with the banks.

Member: Don't confuse ZIM currency with Zim bonds

MZ: Yes exactly that seems like its been a heck of a problem lately

Q: Mark on your limited knowledge on zim are they to lose six 0's?

MZ: ZIM is not losing 6 zero's just an easy way to do the math...it's a bond redemption...not a currency exchange 

nflemingjr: let me get back to what I started.. take all of the zims you have add them up and then deduct the 6 zeros .33 is a multiplier

Q: fleming are you thinking packages and 800s tonight or tomorrow?

nflemingjr: The rates are not up yet but will be up later today

nflemingjr: The Zim's will have a structured payouts 

nflemingjr: Even if there is a lot of money from the exchange it will also be on a structured payouts as well

MZ: I have heard that as well..

Q: fleming do you believe that this can get delayed? or is this a done deal

nflemingjr: The Chinese elders want this to start by tomorrow.

nflemingjr: On the zim there are 4 different rates.

nflemingjr: 1. is the International rates which we will not get. 2. contract rate. 3. screen rate. 4 default package

nflemingjr: The default package is for people that just want to walk in and get out

Member: Nothing beats a failure but a try on the contract rates.

Q: So what is the street rate of the Zim?

MZ I have heard now (from fleming) that the street rate of the Zim is .33…..it is higher if yu are doing humanitarian projects

nflemingjr: I have stated that the Chinese Elders wanted this to start by tomorrow…the big problem was the logistics

nflemingjr: On the zims there are going to caps, restrictions, and the reason for that is because the average person does not know how to handle that much money and the average person develops the Lotto complex

Q: Will Dinar and dong payouts also be structured? 

nflemingjr: Even if there is a lot of money from the exchange it will also be on a structured payouts as well

MZ: I have also heard that if you receive a huge amount that part of it could be structured….

MZ: Please hire professionals guys….so important. …….Absolutely hire the very best ..I am not going to try to do this on my own

nflemingjr : The reason for Abbott Downing and JP Morgan is because they are wealth managers, private bankers, and they have have teams of peole that will provide the necessary information and guidance

Member: Taking Lawyer 100%

MZ: I absolutely agree with that ...if you are not comfortable going in by yourself or in negotiating yourselves …...please take a lawyer.. I feel that banks will treat you differently with an attorney .....Many attorneys will jump at the chance to go with you when you explain how much $ is involved.

MZ: This is not an “IF “ it's a “When” ..This is Proof of the pudding day...

M: After the RV its very important that we keep in touch IMO….I will keep doing streams if I am allowed after the NDA. Its very important to remember to spend the interest and do not touch the principal post RV if you will want to keep generational wealth for your families. I am concerned that some of you will be broke in a few years…..we all want to invest our funds wisely

Member: Learn to live on the Interest on your assets

MZ: Brent Johnson after last nights technical issues will be coming back this evening 8:30 pm ....The Stream will start at 8pm so I can give you todays updated news.. 


Member: For your international banking https://accuity.com/resources/bank-rankings/

Note: Its important to listen to the replay to catch everything said…….chat moves quickly and Mark speaks very fast

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