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 "Let's do the Numbers!" by Toothless Crackhead - 3/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Let's do the Numbers!" by Toothless Crackhead - 3/26/19

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 "Let's do the Numbers!" by Toothless Crackhead - 3/26/19 Empty "Let's do the Numbers!" by Toothless Crackhead - 3/26/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:58 am

Seventy five thousand currency investors worldwide, by twenty four hours equals one million, eight hundred thousand person hours in one day. Multiply 1.8 million person hours by 1,870 days since February 15, 2013 and the result becomes 3,366,000,000 person hours lost to date, by the continued delays in the revaluation of international currency.

This computation does not include all the family, relatives and friends that would have been immediately impacted by said revaluation. Factor for them, and the numbers enclosed are easily increased by an order of magnitude to 33,660,000,000 person hours adrift, as people in need awaited for years, their promised business investment to mature.

Now the "apologist" argument expected is, "no final date was promised!". And my response to that argument would be, then why have there been more than three thousand unqualified delays in what was touted as a normal business arrangement?

These calculations appear because they represent the disgruntled dissapointments of millions of honest human beings. Beings who have had to swallow hard, and imbibe the pyric victory that has been capsuled in their praying to the Christian God for the release of Moslem and African monies.

Thirty-three plus billion hours is (forgive the play on words) "an eternity"! And it represents the dashed hopes and dreams of so many. One can't help but believe that those who've previously held currency, and then have given it up, marking the RV as a "scam," are to be honored and not faulted.

Because for them, and those who've left this plane, that is exactly what it was--a scam. Commander Obama was not there for them. The "man/child" Trump has reputedly refused to sign America's hold on these proceedings nine times while being touted as a saviour.

It seems that where the Tier 4 investors are concerned, conflicting political parties and perspectives are united against "the people", both in theory and in practice. And the absence of good information before revaluation on the one hand...and the threat of NDA policing afterwards on the other, has the future "winners to be" locked in a tightening vise!!

But that irony notwithstanding, keep your heads to the sky and your hearts in place. Those who have gone on deserve our perseverance and those who come after need our will and guidance.

We are not fools. We are lovers who have been taken for fools. And those who have perpetrated this wastage should expect to exchange their eternities in recompense!

With care, sensitivity and love,

Toothless Crackhead

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