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Tsunami Iraqi corruption drowns the air transport sector? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tsunami Iraqi corruption drowns the air transport sector?

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Tsunami Iraqi corruption drowns the air transport sector? Empty Tsunami Iraqi corruption drowns the air transport sector?

Post by claud39 on Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:55 am


Tsunami Iraqi corruption drowns the air transport sector?


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bulk of my respect and appreciation for your outstanding efforts in the face of violence wave "tsunami Iraqi corruption," Yes , Mr. Prime Minister Manmr is the most powerful wave of corruption taking place in our country , and you Tsiditm and begun the first step through the Trgm subject in the House ofRepresentatives session a few days ago. 
And as any observer and follower or citizen wishing to see our future generations enjoy a stable and dignified life in the future through this confrontation to stop tampering with the public money and the capabilities of the people in all sectors of the Iraqi state, and I was waiting and you identify the files of corruption rampant during the parliamentary session in parliament to address the file of air transport The Iraqi media for its indicators, which is known to every official and consultant in this sector, and even media outlets interested in files of semi-corruption of this sector, which led to the waste of programmed and explicit funds of the state treasury and millions of dollars. 
Mr. Prime Minister
I am encouraged to draw your attention to this subject is scientific that you do not neglect any file corruption harms the public interest and this file belongs to the only Iraqi national carrier in the country (Iraqi Airways) Civilization facing us as Iraqis, a file full of structural problems and structural and administrative and operational as a whole, For years, it has been futile to punish the general managers, ministers and officials in this sector to solve this crisis, which is the root cause of the domination of a corrupt class of authoritarian parties working for their personal interests and disappear under names and various aspects of service and the fact of the matter They pocket their pockets with millions of dollars from the company's general budget,
Mr. Prime Minister
That the analysis and accurate diagnosis of the current situation of the national carrier (Iraqi Airways) reflects the image of misty and bad, weak administrations and suspicions of corruption rampant in most of the joints and deliberate negligence as a result of the interventions directed to this corrupt class that is trying with all the power and money and authority to continue to obstruct the process of reconstruction and development of the company To make it a losing secondary company operating on routes that do not have financial returns, and only domestic flights or neighboring countries to allow them to take measures to meet their personal ambitions, sometimes by establishing private air carriers based on the resources of airlines Of aircraft and equipment is not meeting the needs of the market because of the lack of adoption of international standards for the establishment of companies, especially in the preparation and types of aircraft and services provided, The same entity and in agreement with the Turkish company itself to establish a maintenance center for aircraft raised questions about the type of contract with the Turkish company and the benefit of services provided by them? And there is something technically dangerous in this contract, which makes the Turkish company take over the joints of the Iraqi Airways as a whole and waste its budget number exceeding tens of millions of dollars also from the budget of the company (according to official investigative books on the subject) ... The subject does not end there, Iraqi Airways, which were additional reasons in the waste of millions of dollars other Perhaps the most important file to give approvals for non-Iraqi air carriers to enter the Iraqi market at the expense of the national carrier, Qatar Airways and the four Turkish companies in most Iraqi airports are taking off and taking off two flights to transport Iraqi passengers to any place in the world, while these passengers were supposed to be traveling in the national carrier of their country! But the failed administration is the main reason for the loss and waste of these amounts, in addition to the delay of these drugs in the activation of a contract signed since 2008 to bring new aircraft with 45 aircraft to the fleet of Iraqi Airways, and the file of external offices and also training and other files that have become a burden on the company, Soon if we do not get it up soon.
Mr. Prime Minister, 
I would like to extend your time and your patience to hear from an Iraqi citizen whose sole concern is that the aviation sector in his country is as prosperous and distinguished as it was and remains proud that Iraq was among the first 52 countries in the world to sign the Chicago Convention on Aviation Worldwide. Iraqi Airways was at the forefront of civil aviation companies in the region whose planes were flying in the skies of Iraq and neighboring countries with a number of flight hours free of accidents and disasters. 
Yes, it is a crisis but my wishes that it is not a crisis and that the closure of its files as soon as possible, and I have put forward visions and realistic solutions with plans and strategic plans to improve the administrative performance of the aviation sector and Iraqi Airways and meet the requirements of international aviation organizations concerned and restore its presence in the skies of the world to maintain with you the reputation of Iraq, I am ready to put it in your hands.
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