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 "Waiting for the Settlement" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/27/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Waiting for the Settlement" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/27/19

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 "Waiting for the Settlement" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/27/19 Empty "Waiting for the Settlement" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/27/19

Post by Ssmith Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:37 am

MarkZ Updates Wed. 2-27-19: Notes by PDK……Not Verbatum

MZ: Not a whole lot of news overnight….Well yesterday’s report from the bank in S.Carolina showing a rate of over $4 turned out to be on the Kuwait Dinar and not the Iraqi Dinar…it was a smaller bank is a little town and a new teller. That bank is embarrassed they got folks hopes up and I feel bad that this turned out to be false excitement.

All my sources are still ramped up and ready to go to the prom…Lino is rented….flowers on….everything is in place…we are just waiting…but they still feel its at any time

Still very hopeful for this week as of this morning Mike Cottrell has not been paid yet . As for the F&P's- I heard some core packages went out on F&P's. I cannot verify this yet but have lots of calls and texts out trying to confirm.

Q: : We are used to disappointments

MZ: And that sucks that we have gotten way to used to disappointments…..noone should have to go through what we have for years. For me at least I get to have regular phone calls with Mr. Cottrell and Mr. Hodges and other folks behind the scenes…I don’t know how you all do it….how you are still sane…you are running on blind faith…….bless you is all I can say.

Q: confused ??how can the IRS just disappear

MZ: As we understand it…Tax revenues should be based on a national sales tax… not a income tax and all the states are set up to collect state or sales taxes. So ..bam…who needs the IRS

Q: What are your thoughts on the timing of the GCR release and other news events (possible indictments unsealed) to provide cover (take spotlight off) for the exchanges?

MZ: I am still expecting the Reset- hopefully this week…I have seen so much movement and tremendous progress….as to indictments I was told they would start on Feb. 15th…I was told way back in September that indictments would start on Feb. 15th….and I am beyond disappointed that hasn’t started yet

Q: Indictments become arrests

MZ: Im not sure this is true…all of those may not turn into arrests…..I think many of these are to make folks shut up and get out of the way so they can get things done. So many of those indictments may not see the light of day. Just my opinion on it.

Q: Everything is quite at the moment but I am still being told any minute or hour

MZ: That is also what I am getting….and that’s a good thing…imo. We are right on the cusp…sitting at the edge of our seats…spinning around the hole waiting to drop in. Yes I think the quiet is a good thing..

Q: Electronic trading across CME Group Inc.’s futures markets resumed late Tuesday after technical problems triggered an hours long trading halt. The Chicago-based company CME, -0.06% is the world’s largest exchange operator by market capitalization, offering futures and options contracts for an array of assets, including soybeans, wheat, crude oil and U.S. stocks. Trading on Nymex, Comex and the CBOT were also affected by the glitch. Mark: Is this important for the Reset process or just a coincidence?

MZ: Good catch on that one.. the vast majorities on all futures in the world come through the Chicago Mercantile…at the exchange there. And this is part of why the Chicago branch of the Federal Reserve is slated to become part of our central bank. I think they are taking over the offices there . Chicago is very important because of those futures.and the location of the Mercantile there…

Q: Don't you think they need to wrap things up with China before they release the reset ?

MZ: Yes…they need to wrap up things with China and we are seeing that this week along with my contacts on the bank side of it and the reset side of it…and the trustee side of it and the number of people I personally know that have been moved, shuffled and flown here and flown there over the past week is really exciting.

Q: I would assume China wants to get this done soon their economy is hurting

Member: yesterday Mark told us China debt is larger than ours..they need this ASAP. Trump has the Trump card

MZ: Trump is the only one who has actually moved this thing forward. The last couple administrations did nothing but stall everything. 34 T. is the Chinese national debt and they absolutely need this reset even more then the US does…and the US really desperately needs this reset too. A little over 2 Trillion a year in debt service to a fictional debt to a fictional bank called the Federal Reserve makes no sense. The central banking debt and the fictional debt is something we have to deal with . IMO we have to erase it go to an asset backed currency.

Q: A Fidelity phone rep has told a CMKX shareholder that our shares are not worthless, only that no value has been added, yet.

MZ: Good way to sum it up….our shares are not worthless…..I have bankers who can see the packages and no what the value will be…they even know in their local area how many packages will be delivered. …We are just waiting for the settlement to be executed…..then value will be there.

I am really hoping we get more news today….I will let you know…hopefully tonight

FYI More on the CME Future Trading Outage:

FEB: 27/ All Globex Futures Trading Is Halted, CME "Aware"

CME said in a statement to clients that all Globex markets have been halted at around 740ET, according to an email document seen by Bloomberg.

"We are aware of this, and we are currently looking into this,” said CME spokesperson Gan Lee Meng.

S&P Futures have stopped while FX markets remain active... Bond futures, Commodities are also not trading...

The issue affects a slew of other markets, including eurodollar futures, grains, crude oil and natural gas.

Hello! Thank you for reaching out. It appears that the CME group has halted trading due to technical difficulties. This is not an issue on our end. We will be sending out a mass communication when things are back up and running. ^WG

TD Ameritrade (@TDAmeritrade) February 27, 2019
Traders, with nothing to do now, have taken to Twitter...

CPT_Markets Globe @cptmarketsglobe News… On February 27th, the Chicago mercantile exchange (CME) claim all trading on global markets had been paused because of a technical glitch. U.S. stock, bond and commodity markets were all affected.

#CrudeOil and S&P 500 futures trading halted by technical problem #CME
CMEGroup Verified account @CMEGroup

All markets on CME Globex will preopen at 09:15 PM CT and open at 09:45 PM CT. BMD markets will preopen at 09:15 PM CT and open at 09:30 PM CT. All day and session orders including GTDs with today's date will be canceled. All GTCs that have been acknowledged will remain working.


CME Group futures trading resumes after hours-long halt

By Saumya Vaishampayan

Published: Feb 27, 2019 1:45 a.m. ET

Electronic trading across CME Group Inc.’s futures markets resumed late Tuesday after technical problems triggered an hourslong trading halt.

The problem started at 7:39 p.m. Eastern time and trading across all markets on CME’s electronic platform was halted about 28 minutes later, according to a CME spokeswoman.

The Chicago-based company CME, -0.06% is the world’s largest exchange operator by market capitalization, offering futures and options contracts for an array of assets, including soybeans, wheat, crude oil and U.S. stocks. Trading on Nymex, Comex and the CBOT were also affected by the glitch.

There were no live quotes for e-mini S&P 500 futures for three hours starting at around 7:40 p.m. Eastern time, according to FactSet. These are the most liquid contracts available for U.S. stocks and are traded virtually around the clock. CME said all its electronic markets reopened by 10:45 p.m. Eastern time and added that all “day and session orders” with Tuesday’s date would be canceled.


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