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Protection of localization of salaries DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Protection of localization of salaries

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Protection of localization of salaries Empty Protection of localization of salaries

Post by claud39 on Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:23 am


[size=36][rtl]Protection of localization of salaries[/rtl][/size]

Friday 22 February 2019

Protection of localization of salaries 980-Alsabbaq

Thamer Hymes

The organization of the relationship between the public, private and mixed sectors is the cornerstone of harmonious development through achieving the development objective of activating the financial coverage and settling salaries through coordination of mechanisms of smart card work between Rafidain Bank and Rashid, especially at this stage.
The two banks share the distribution of salaries of retirees, smart card without the commission of the merchant as mentioned in the salary bar, which means that he competes with the agents and outlets of the card company and this is just a contest is not understood financially, economically and administratively.
There is no doubt that this gap and the scope of bargaining to prevent the review of the bank crowded or distant, and the elderly beneficiary is not much pleased, especially since it is not a temptation to financial inclusion where it does not meet the management of the bank to see the promotion and promotion of financial coverage; therefore, the role of the parent bank must be limited to technical control And to follow up his agents and control the deduction and the establishment of confidence in the agent and qualify him to be a tool for the promotion of financial inclusion and fundamental credit and conversion.
And this reminds us of the analogy that says that the intervention of the public sector in the details of the last beneficiary of the service or the commodity as the elephant that we are stuck in a glass store; if the bank seeks to settle salaries and serve the public within the centers of cities and provinces Who serves the areas and remote areas ?, therefore the bank must abandon Such details because their demons reproduce.
The financial financier draws on the compactness and is complemented by the wide participation legally guaranteed by restructuring the relevant bodies and unifying their tasks according to their specialization away from duplication, such as the double Rafidain and Rashid banks, which compete in isolation to interfere with their work in dealing with the company Card, ; The private sector, some of which divert migrants to the population on a monthly basis, leads to duplications.
Those who seek financial inclusion to settle salaries have to solve the duplication and overlap of work and to be confused by competing competition, especially since financial coverage starts from small enterprises.
Banking companies, recently called by the Central Bank to unite as solid companies and increase their efficiency, have spread like mushrooms and operate with traditional controls that do not conform to the qualitative shift planned through the ministerial platform.
These companies can be covered by covering the banking activity in the free zones as agents in the settlement, as well as the private banks, most of which did not initiate the offers of resettlement and products expected, as still ranged between the currency market and foreign conversion, although the bank accounts of the population rose from 11 percent to 25 percent, ie, the shift of some of the compactness to savings, reflecting a healthy state, and the exchange rate is stable and encourages the opposite conversion.
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