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 "Debt Forgiveness" - MarkZ Update 2/17/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Debt Forgiveness" - MarkZ Update 2/17/19

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 "Debt Forgiveness" - MarkZ Update 2/17/19 Empty "Debt Forgiveness" - MarkZ Update 2/17/19

Post by Ssmith Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:54 am


Sunday Morning Update

Not a lot of news overnight. But there are lots of rumors that indictments have really started late last night. I was also told that Anthony Weiner has turned into a witness in exchange for a lighter sentence.

I am waiting to see if any of that shows up in the regular MSM news this afternoon.

I am expecting measurable movement this afternoon on either the money side or the indictment side this afternoon . Or both

I firmly believe the arrests would start a couple hours before the RV release to scare those who don’t want the reset into not messing with anything or try to stop it again.

In Iraq: I have heard from a contact, not my contact.. they are saying there is all kinds of movements and announcements, but it’s being covered up for now. The people in Iraq were expecting to see big things this weekend on their monetary policy.

I am still very excited to see the RV at any time….and I am not one to call it everyday.

Michael Cottrell has not been paid yet but he is as expectant as I am right now. He will be paid moments before the groups. He is also very excited for this week.

The plan is to reset first and have a “soft crash” not a hard crash.

Abbot Downing will be handling the exchanges through WF.

If the US keeps dragging their feet about releasing the RV- Iraq can just do it….they are already asset backed. They have been patient but Iraq’s patience is almost gone.

We hear it’s the CIA and banking side of it causing the delays…..the military would love to have it done and out the door.

If NESARA comes into fruition like we have been told……we will see major housecleaning everywhere in the US.

I have been told that debt forgiveness will be a big part of this…possibly forgiveness of all student loans and up to $125,000 mortgage forgiveness is what I am being told. ….IMO Debt forgiveness will be the big talk everywhere even in the MSM. Fiat and asset backed currency cannot exist at the same time ….so yes our currency will be gold/asset backed.

If I get news this afternoon…I will come back with another update.

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