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TNT Chatter 1/22/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Chatter 1/22/19

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TNT Chatter 1/22/19 Empty TNT Chatter 1/22/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:34 am

Tuesday UPDATE for January 22, 2019

Parliament met today but did not vote on the cabinet positions. They announced that it will take place at the Wednesday session, including the budget.

Completion of the cabinet positions is anticipated for Wednesday. Mahdi has filled two so far.

PM Mahdi will be hosted on Thursday at Parliament's session. [Hmmmmm, I wonder what THAT's about?]   LOL

US Banks are seeing varying rates on the Zim, the Dong and the Dinar...things are looking good!

Tishwash:  here is the gist of the parliament meeting today -  Deputy: Budget will be ready to vote in the session next Thursday

MP MP for the Badr al-Zayadi, Tuesday, that the financial budget for 2019 will be ready to vote inside the parliament in the session next Thursday. 

Zayadi said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The Finance Committee meetings continued on the budget and there are more than 130 observations are now discussed, and there are transfers between ministries." 

Zeadi said, "The budget will be Thursday ready to vote inside the parliament dome."   llink

Briona:   At least the parliament showed up for work, didn't accomplish much, but they had a quorum. Next step is to get something done on time, for once.

Natok:  I believe when they use the word "next Thursday" it means the coming Thursday. correct me if I am wrong

KajunRedBull: IMHO and experince with Iraq reports, the word "next" usually means within the same week. As in this case "next thursday" would mean this coming thursday. I've even seen them use "next thursday" on a Wed our time and it meant tomorrow our time! Bring it on!

KajunRedBull:  Well, for what its worth, I'm convinced all is done and they keep dilly dallying until they reach the appointed date...

Carlosisan:  Well, if its any consolation, I think those employees sitting in the #800 call centers waiting for this to happen since 2012 should be allowed out to go home and at leat shower and change. Lol!

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