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Dinar Brain Washing is it working? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dinar Brain Washing is it working?

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Dinar Brain Washing is it working? Empty Dinar Brain Washing is it working?

Post by Guest Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:55 am

To my Dinarian Friends,

I would say the brain washing is working to some degree, but not as well as the powers to be would like it, that is for the selling out part. I have watched this currency exchange for around 7 years and the below is what is taking place. Hang on to your dinar, at least some of it and do not give up, you will regret it if you do. If you know how the money changers work and when and how our government is involved in the order of resetting another country, you will understand what is taking place right now. Shabibi said the process will take 2 to 3 years and just maybe it may be that long before we see an RV?RI, I doubt it, but it could be. The propaganda machines will discredit this currency exchange as much as possible to get you to sell out and some will as they get fed up with it and others will sell some as they need the money for whatever reason. Read the below article I found on another site and you will understand what is going on and just maybe you will look at this in another way. AJ

same author as Dinar Speculator History....

Brain Washing:
To get someone to think what you want them to think so that they take an action that you want them to take.
Pavlov’s Dogs:
Every time that Pavlov would ring a bell, he would immediately give his dogs a treat. In no time at all, his dogs began to drool whenever they would hear the bell ring. (Brain Washing or Brain Training in Action).
Mass Manipulation:
If Pavlov could train one dog to salivate every time he rang the bell, then he could duplicate this same process with several dogs, or even packs of dogs with the same results… right? Of course!
Currency Market Manipulation:
The same principles that trained Pavlov’s Dogs have been witnessed in the currency markets around the world. The formula is simple, release information, intel, rumor that points to an impending up-tick in the market and investors will purchase that country’s currency in anticipation of making a profit. “Rumors Move Markets”. That saying rings true throughout the $3 - $4 TRILLION (USD) that is traded on the currency market called FOREX, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Dr. Shabbibi has an impressive resume and background understanding this market, well beyond the level of expert, and he is in absolute control of the Monetary policy of Iraq and the IQD.
But WHY???
Why would Iraq “pump up” sales of Dinar through rumor, leaked intel, information, news articles, etc from 2003 all of the way through December 15th, 2010, if the currency wasn’t internationally recognized, accepted and traded? What did they have to gain?
Follow the Money!!! (2003 – 2010)
During this time period, Iraq was under the most severe United Nations Sanctions in the history of the UN. They could not trade with virtually any other country. During this same time period, every dollar earned from every drop of oil sold, went directly into the DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) and was then funneled through the “Oil for Food” program. So, basically, as an entire country, they were not able to get paid for ANYTHING for almost 8 YEARS! The ONE and ONLY exception to this embargo was their currency. Under George w. Bush’s Executive Order 13303, people could purchase Iraq’s currency without restriction. So, the ONLY way that Iraq had to generate income for their country (that didn’t have to go into the DF) was through the sale of their currency. They have sold literally hundreds of millions of dollars (USD) worth of Dinar every day and it is the ONLY thing that has propped up their nonexistent economy during this time period. In order for this to happen they had to “brainwash” Dinarains into thinking that “it might RV any day” in order to convince them to act and exchange USD for IQD during that extensive time period. Releasing a “rumor” was like ringing a bell and the Dinarians would then re-act, by buying more Dinar, and that was exactly what Iraq needed to have happen then.
And the “Dinar Gurus” was born:
During this time frame, in order to get the information or rather misinformation out to the masses of people, they utilized the “leaders” of the Dinarian Community. A simple “Google search” would point out who these people were. From there, they could approach, connect with and feed information to these people who would then share the information with the masses in order to get them to think that the RV might happen soon, so that they would go and buy more Dinar, hence propping up the economy of Iraq through the currency auctions.
Follow the Money!!! (December 15th, 2010 – June 30th, 2011)
In a Herculean effort, December 15th, 2010, the Government of Iraq (GOI) was formed and the first half of the UN Sanctions were removed. In my opinion, during this time frame there was only a 50% chance (or less) of an RV actually taking place though, because until June 30th, the UN still owned and managed the DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) so Iraq did not even have its own money. It was not recognized as a fully autonomous and sovereign nation and there were still a tremendous amount of sanctions governing Iraq’s trade and therefore its economy.
Time to “Discredit the Gurus”:
Although the Dinar Guru’s fulfilled a purpose for Iraq during the 96 months, or so, from 2003 – 2010 that there was NO CHANCE of an RV, but during the time that Iraq needed people to buy its currency. The Gurus did a great job of presenting all of the intel, rumor and innuendo that they were being fed. However, during the time period from December 15th, 2010 – June 30th, 2011, Iraq would need to discredit these people in order to “brainwash” the Dinarians once again. Just like Pavlov’s Dogs, you first ring a bell then immediately give a treat to reinforces the behavior that you want. Then you train those same dogs to not drool, when ringing the same bell, by not giving them the treat that you promised. After a while, you can ring the bell 100 times and not get one drop of drool. In the Dinarian World this accomplishes two goals… 1.) It discredits the Guru’s so no one believes a world that they say and 2.) It makes people not buy more Dinar, lose hope and even sell the Dinar that they have been holding onto. This continues through even today with the daily shouts of “its going to RV yesterday / today / tomorrow” that is shouted by every Guru with “sources” and “intel”.
Is the Brain Washing working?:
Up until June 30th, 2011, there realistically wasn’t much of a realistic chance at all of the Iraqi Dinar actually RVing. Yet, we were all on the roller coaster with a huge (refillable) glass of the Kool-Aide. We, as a community, are thinking what they want us to think (like, “its never going to happen” or “maybe next month” or “maybe next year”) and by thinking what they want us to think, we may also be doing what they want us to do… give up… lose hope… sell back our Dinar… at very least, don’t buy any more!!! But, why would they want us to think this? Why would they want us to do that? That’s an easy one… after the Dinar RVs they will have to pay back (up to) 3000% more than most of us paid for it. This is the time when the writing on the wall, combined with the monumental achievements that actually support their economy and therefore the increased value of their currency, strongly supports an RV and we feel, as they want us to feel, defeated, burnt out, hopeless and selling Dinar instead of buying it. Its crazy from a historical standpoint with where they have been and where they are now that we are not overjoyed… Hmmmmm… Maybe the Brain Washing and / or Brain Training their propaganda campaign is working! Are you thinking how they want you to think and acting as they want you to act?
Side Benefit from our Government’s standpoint:
This is just food for thought…. But… If the IQD really does RV soon (like let’s just say during the month of October, like much evidence seems to suggest), why would they not want us to prepare for this sudden wealth so that we could make smart, informed decisions? That too is an easy one… Sudden Wealth Syndrome (SWS) psychologically speaking when people get a huge amount of wealth all of the sudden, almost unexpectedly in many cases, they spend their money emotionally instead of rationally. They spend too much too quickly, and traditionally on things that depreciate in value. Why would our government care? They have a huge dog in that fight… Every dollar that is in circulation is taxed approximately 22 times per month (as it changes hands). Investment dollars are only taxed once, when the investment reaches maturity.
Brainwashing Continues:
So, right now, in this “Calm before the RV Storm” when we all have every reason to be expecting the RV of the IQD to actually take place, very few people are actually spending their time and resources actually preparing for this sudden wealth that is about to land squarely on our laps. Instead we are focused on “just trying to hang on” or trying to keep the lights on or hoping that they don’t come and repossess the house that we’ve been living in, but not making payments on for months, even years in many cases. Then even though the writing is on the wall that they RV is right in front of us, we have been trained to dismiss the information or “kick that can down the road” when we do realize all that has been accomplished and how much of the “dot the I’s and cross the T’s” final agreements and its implementation is actually being done right now.

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Dinar Brain Washing is it working? Empty Re: Dinar Brain Washing is it working?

Post by Tlcjones11 Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:52 am

Excellent post! Worth the read.

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