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Integrity reveals large files of corruption and waste of public money DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Integrity reveals large files of corruption and waste of public money

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Integrity reveals large files of corruption and waste of public money Empty Integrity reveals large files of corruption and waste of public money

Post by RamblerNash Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:43 pm

Integrity reveals large files of corruption and waste of public money

Integrity reveals large files of corruption and waste of public money 01920102

Twilight News

10 hours ago

Shafaq News / The Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday that, as part of the efforts and procedures of monitoring, follow-up and investigation of dilapidated projects in the provinces, its first report in this regard.

The Commission explained in a statement to the twilight news about the overall projects faltering in the province of Salah al-Din, which was monitored and documented by one of its teams, which moved to the province; to investigate and investigate the reconstruction projects and services and investment lagging, indicating that the number reached (598), including 269 projects were opened Criminal cases.

The Commission explained in a report that the projects that have opened criminal cases in which varied between electric power and water pools and sewage networks and the construction and construction of roads and the construction of schools and sports stadiums and other events, noting that the province did not liquidate the financial advances of 179 projects, Amounts allocated to some projects contrary to instructions, and the consequent waste of such funds.

The report pointed to the existence of allegations of manipulation and waste of public funds in a number of projects. The report revealed that the province contracted to equip specialized mechanisms for the Directorate of Municipalities of Salah al-Din (27,900,000,000) billion dinars, part of which was processed and waste the rest of the amount for their personal account and the disbursement of (5,775,000,000) (0%), in addition to the irregularities in the project of the large country streams, as well as change the origin of some materials for a number of projects contrary to the contract, and the purchase of materials at high prices, and help By secondary contractors, and by the governor Projects by direct advocacy.

The report pointed out that the total number of projects that have not been opened criminal cases so far has reached 329 projects at a cost exceeded (two trillion Iraqi dinars) funded from the funds allocated for the development of regions and petrodollar, and the investment plan of a number of ministries, explaining that these projects were distributed between the construction of about 300 school buildings Kindergartens, hospitals, health centers, outpatient clinics and medical committees, as well as equipment for power plants, installed water units and many roads and government buildings. Between (0 - 95%)

On the reasons for the delay, the report pointed out that it ranged from the lack of allocations or lack thereof and the suspension of funding by the province, in addition to the weakness of material capabilities of the executing companies, and the withdrawal of work from contractors, and the exit of some of the areas from the control of security forces, noting that the most outstanding projects construction project Four hospitals by German and Turkish companies in the amount of 140,000,000 million US dollars, in addition to the construction of roads with a length of 800 km in a number of districts and districts at a cost of 96,000,000,000,000 dinars, and completion of the two projects of Dujail and Balad Al-Jadeed at a cost of JD 97 billion.

The Integrity Commission announced late last October that it has formed investigative teams in all its directorates and investigative offices, which will be responsible for categorizing criminal cases in terms of their importance, completing investigation and investigating the reconstruction projects, services and investment. Supervise the completion of its work and provide summaries of the results of the investigation.


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