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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Earned"  10/9/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Earned" 10/9/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Earned"  10/9/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Earned" 10/9/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:21 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Earned"  10/9/18 Yosef_12


This picture really sums it up. The RV storm has long come and gone. And we are what’s left standing.

Disaster all around us. Destruction from multiple psyops.

Waiting can be so lonely. So isolating. Maddening.

We are the last bastions of truth for HAS/Zimlandia.

Tested. Forged. Resolute.

And this is the way it should be, must be. Miracle makers like Human Angels aren’t easily manifested, in fact, we are roasted from great suffering. Aged in misery. Served cold in hardship sauce.

We pressed on while calamity swirled around us all. Casualties were strewn about. The faint of heart. The weak minded. The opportunists. The wicked. All have gone. Collected in a FEMA body bag toe tagged “quitter.”

Hey, it’s true.

But you... you’re that house standing proud amid the physical rubble; an unexploded mine in the middle of a spiritual battle field of fatigue. A stalwart. A pillar. A miracle. Half human, half angel. All in.

You made it through the RV hurricane because you’re historically strong willed.

You were able to surf the cosmic tsunami of abundance and climb the highest mountain of ignorance... that’s why you shall now be rewarded with an unthinkable and infinite blessing.

Sobeit. Beitso.

Soon we will forever say how can we serve you? Any family members in need of mercy? People at work? Church members? Neighbors? Strangers? Bleeding heart liberals? Decaf drinkers?

Well, maybe not decaf drinkers, but you get the point.

The title of servant was an earned moniker, as we are the final piece to distressed puzzles everywhere.

What an honor.

And we aspire to earn their respect with our consistent action. Nothing more. Not our intelligence. Not out of some random synchronicity. Not pure luck. Not even chance.

Knowing. Permanently. Mercy.

We are top down philanthropic survivors. All because we stood in the middle of a once in a millennium storm and emerged as testimonies that grace is real. Proof that hope is eternal and love always wins.

We expect no pats on the back. No trophies. Forget a post redemption interview or victory party.

This was between us and God.

He knows what we did. And He knows our hearts because He designed our souls to be the one house left standing to serve all the others.

Remember, God allowed the violence of the cabal’s storm to test our faith. He challenged our commitment daily, hourly. He exhausted your trust.

What’s left is our truth. We are servants.

All was divinely scripted. Born from love. Absolutely everything had to be exactly the way it was. No edits or changes.

So enjoy your success. You’ve earned it. Just don’t dwell on this accomplishment. Ever.

You did it. So what. Who’s next?

There are just too many souls to serve to think this was anything less than ordained prophecy fulfilled.

God is with us

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