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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  Understand"  9/17/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef Understand" 9/17/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  Understand"  9/17/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef Understand" 9/17/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:24 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  Understand"  9/17/18 2018-167

Do you understand what is happening in your world right now? If not, strap the f**k in...

Do you understand that the Eastern powers of the BRICS Alliance are permanently removing a hidden alien mafioso crime syndicate called "the cabal" to liberate humanity after 13 millennia of enslavement?

Do you understand the entire western financial system is and was 100% fiat, with little to no hard assets backing any financial transaction ever made since the 1,600s?

Do you understand that your family was in grave danger, your savings accounts bogus, all currencies invalid, your labor wasted, your home illegally mortgaged, your physical and mental health in constant jeopardy and your life completely at risk?

Do you understand the ramifications if the GCR/RV/GESARA package of reforms do not take effect before October 1, 2018?

Do you understand that militaries of the world are functioning on full alert and have been for the past two years?

Do you understand that you are living in a cosmically historic time of planetary transition from energetic enslavement to one of galactic freedom?

Do you understand that African assets are underpinning the world’s new quantum financial system and forcing all

the dominated western governments world to surrender or face complete annihilation?

Do you understand owning 2008/2009 Zimbabwe bond notes gives you legal ownership to the most valuable mineral assets anywhere in our galaxy?

Do you understand there has been a complete and absolute conspiracy committed again humanity by the Draconian Anglo-Saxon, Rh-Negative blood line created by rebellious Anunnaki who left the earth in 1996?

Do you understand that your family, friends, churches, communities and countries will never have to live in bottom up economic suffering conditions again or need to earn profit for endless generations?

Do you understand that Donald J. Trump is not human, nor his seven clones, and most to all the international broadcasters, cabinet members, politicians, Congressional committee leaders and corporate board members are also reptilian in origin?

Do you understand that for the Republic of the United States to become 100% compliant with GESARA they must elect a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, and why this late news about Brett Kavanaugh as a minor has come out, and that the response by the BRICS Alliance is to launch GESARA via the Emergency Alert System at exactly the same time of the Supreme Court vote at 2:18pm EDT on Thursday?

Do you understand that God has chosen you to be a distributor of infinite mercy to the huddled and tired masses because all governments, elite families and corporate board members will not in principal, and why the African and Asian Elders keep selling currency / bond notes to regular folk on line?

Do you understand that malevolent alien beings that have been running our world through secrete shadow governments and endangering our species, and they do not have souls, are here to rape and pillage all of our mineral and genetic assets?

Do you understand that by reading this post if makes you spiritually obligated to assist humanity with the remainder of your life?

Do you understand everything listed above is true and the vast population of humanity has no idea about any of it?

Do you understand that the crucifixion of an Afro-Christ was the death of the cabal and that his second flood is resolving in this month of September?

Do you understand that grace is not earned but bestowed, and that you have been bestowed by grace?

Do you understand if the Zim pays out as projected (1:1), everything state above here is true and makes you obligated to learning, educating and teaching humanity in Christ’s real name?

Do you understand that all major religions are designed to pull the human soul away from the truth of God?

Do you understand most to all of history is either staged or rewritten incorrectly?

Do you understand most to all the major celebrities and great athletes are also not human?

Do you understand that the Presidency of Donald Trump is an designed political trap to catch all angry, racist and immoral energies into a energetic box as to destroy it?

Do you understand that the entire Trump presidency was scripted years in advance and playing out right now?

Do you understand there is no more liberalism or Democratic Party in America?

Do you understand that if the cabal in anyway attempts to stop this rollout of the RV, like they did the last time on 9/11/01, the entire cabal amnesty agreement will void instantly, and the western world’s financial system will be collapse Monday October 1, 2018?

Do you understand that we are at the end of the greatest reversal of power in all recorded human history and you are active part of the reconstruction of mankind?

Do you understand that if you don’t understand all of these truth points clearly, you will go into some form of shock after the RV, and feel isolated by those you unconditionally trusted?

Do you understand out of the 7.6 billion people left on the earth less than a third are organically human less any alien DNA?

Do you understand that your soul covenant includes this experience and there will be no denying all of this truth after the RV event?

Do you understand that if you are unaware of your real world, the real wealth that comes with the RV will destroy your sense of equality, expose all injustices and mathematically isolate you apart from family, friends, spouses and associates?

Do you understand the NPTB have accepted this collateral damage as necessary to liberate the planet and have already prepared to handle large volumes of innocent death due to sudden wealth shock?

Do you understand that heaven exists on earth, and there’s nowhere to go after life, as we already where we desire most and have always been?

Do you understand the world is a vibrational hologram meant to strengthen your trust in the Creator?

Do you understand global peace and prosperity have always been the standard reality for this dimensional matrix, and the illusion of war, fear and scarcity is just a rebellious Anunnaki distraction allowed to prove there’s no point to cosmic rebellions?

Do you understand that more souls have transitioned due to the four hundred years of monetary stress and scarcity to credit then in all the land wars ever waged upon the surface of the earth?

Do you understand even after the RV, humanity will still have a benevolent Anunnaki steward governing whatever manmade or human structures we design for society?

Yeah, I might very well be nuts… I understand that... but at least I had the courage to test the limits of possibility.

What about you?

God is with us

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