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4 - Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18

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4 - Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18 Empty Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:17 pm

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So here we go again….how many times must we do this?

Like a puppet on a string this guy TNT Tony just moves anyway they want him to move. They pull the strings he reacts.

So I have to clarify his bullshit again. This idiot does not even realize just how damaging his garbage intel is to getting at the TRUTH of this investment. It seems that he is being used by this notorious NESARA / GESARA group even though he claims he does not support their bullshit.

So what happened on his Friday call? This NESARA group impersonated the US Treasury once again and fed him their normal bunch of lies. Listen to the call it has all the undertones of this group. Their garbage intel become apparent. It’s the same idiots pumping the same old fake stories. This gives them credibility and so these idiot intel gurus suck it up. After all, this idiot Tony can’t seem to think for himself and so why not spread the crap, after all its intel - good, bad or indifferent. Something exciting to tell his ignorant, toothless crack head listeners from his forum. His philosophy – if it sounds good then spread it.

Oh- but they forget they already told him it was international already…lol..lol (of course we all know its NOT). Then how can it be reinstated again if it already was? Of course, it was NOT. Apparently caught in yet another lie.

TNT Tony, the gullible idiot that he is, spreads this rumor about a timeframe from now up to Aug 21st for a possible RV. He has absolutely NO proof other than a rumor being spread by these “supposedly” Treasury agents of the US Govt who are actually some White Hats? Really? Are they selling Kentucky Fried Chicken too or what?

He is being used once again as their puppet. He also forgets he has been pumping all along the govt must first be formed prior to the CBI kicking off the reinstatement. Oh – did he forget he already told you this?

Now suddenly it all changes? Why? Because they forget what they said before. You see this is how lying works. You lie so much you forget the lies you already told. Then when you get caught, as I am showing you today they are lies, then what do you do?

They must cover up one lie with yet another. This has been going on for many years now.

So my question is this to everyone who believes this crap:

Why in hell would the US Treasury announce to the world that they are about to revalue 7 currencies (oh – by the way I thought the Rial was out of the basket? I guess they also forgot they already told us this?) and then millions go out and buy more currency? I don’t get the sanity of it all. Again anther lie.

Didn’t some high level official just get sentenced for insider trading. For the life of me I can’t understand why this idiot TNT Tony can’t see through this nonsense. Is he mentally retarded or just a scammer?

Folks this is just more of the GCR crap from this NESARA/JESARA group being pushed out. That is all it is. Relax when it comes close to the reinstatement we will hear from the CBI. They have told me over and over again that when the time gets close, simply read the news media from Iraq. They fully intend to explain the process of the final stages of the “project to delete the zeros’ to the citizens. So far, they have kept their promises each time they geared up for the past target dates. I have no reason why they would not continue to do the same. When the CBI talks….I listen…!!!!!!!

So what did the CBI last tell us?

They told us they needed a more “suitable timeframe”. This to us meant that the elections process first needed clean out the corrupt officials, which in turn would assist in stopping much of the money laundering, fraud and manipulation of the currency auctions. This is now all being taken care of as the election results become public. The judiciary just told us they ratified the results. So this is moving forward.

What to expect next from the CBI?

So Eid al-Adha holiday in Iraq 2018 will begin in the evening of
Tuesday August 21 and will end in the evening of Saturday August 25.
I can assure everyone that the holiday has absolutely no significance in the timing of the reinstatement. These holidays never had and never will. Of course this will probably be the excuse Tony and other gurus will use when it does not occur on the 21st, as they stated is the backwall to their predictions.

FACT: The CBI is going to soon begin it’s long overdue educational program to the citizens on the reinstatement process and the launching of the newer category notes. This could come at the same time as the dinar is reinstated back on the currency exchanges or it might come days before.

Anyway that this happens, we are told they must watch for inflation in this process, as a sudden adjustment in the value of the dinar could cause prices to sore or even not adjust past the larger 3 zero notes. The prices must come down and adjust. This will not be deflation but an adjustment to equal value within Iraq. For instance, a 25,000 note will be worth $25 at a 1:1. Then as the rate adjust on the FOREX float and rises for example to $3.00 USD, this same note can be worth $75 in Iraq. So you can see the increase in purchasing power at the marketplace. It is all relative and not a “lop” being performed but an “redenomination”. I refuse to explain again why this is not a “lop” and you can go read my section in the FACEBOOK NOTES called commonly asked questions about this investment. Link is below.

(Posted Below)

But the real immediate benefit to the economy is that the merchants can the use the dinar to buy directly from the outside world once again. Currency auctions end. (less potential to get the US dollars out of the CBI. Dollars that Iran will desperately try to obtain).

So, if they can now buy more with less dinar, the prices should follow in the marketplace to come down. But this is tricky and a balancing act the CBI must undertake so as to control any inflation. Now a new obstacle is Iran and so they are going to give this reinstatement process a push prior to the second level of sanctions are to be imposed in November, now that the formation of the govt is moving ahead again.

Anyway we want to look at this RV process one thing we know for sure. The CBI is NOT about to launch some reinstatement of their currency during a political crisis, which they are now in. Its got INSTABILITY all over this election saga. Get it?

I know, I know many of the gurus of course are going to try to convince you it’s not actually a crisis but events to distract your attention away from the RV or some other bullshit to keep the hype going. Aren’t you tired of these fake excuses? Can’t they even come up with better lies than this?... lol… lol… lol… Do they think we are all that gullible?

More news….


Is the Iraqi government already formed?

Again a rumor stating that it is already formed is just that - a rumor.

On Monday 8/6 they announced the sorting and re-counting was completed.

Then the rest of the week the judiciary oversite reviewed the results and finding from the judges assigned to the re-counting.

On Friday 8/10 they made a decision to ratify the election results for all but three candidates now charged with corruption in the cabinet ministries. So these were not parliamentary members but members of Abadi’s council of ministers.

Where do they go from here?

Now that the election results are ratified by the judiciary they can hold the first session of parliament. They have not yet given us a date as to when this will happen. My guess is probably this week sometime.

They have to announce the newly elected chairman first. Then they must swear in the newly elected members of parliament.

Then the winning party (Sadr Movement) presents their candidate for prime minister. He/she is then ratified by the new parliament to form his/her cabinet of ministries and give 90 days to do so.

Remember this: When you hear the term “form the new government” this could be referring to two entirely different objectives. 1) is getting parliament members and the speaker back in session, the new president elected and his deputies or 2) it could mean the formation of the prime minister’s cabinet or both. So the articles are not always clear on the use of these terms.

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin


"The central bank's board of directors has decided to continue banning dollar deals with branches of Iranian banks," said Munther Abdul Qadir al-Sheikhli, deputy governor of the bank, in an official document addressed to all Iraqi banks.

"With regard to the euro currency, it is up to the requirements of dealing with the ECB and the banks dealing with the euro," he said.

The media office of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, earlier in the day, that IRAQ WILL BE FORCED TO GIVE UP THE DOLLAR IN TRADE ACCOUNTS WITH IRAN, under US sanctions imposed on Tehran.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday (August 7, 2018) that Iraq is not sympathetic to US sanctions against Iran, but his government is obliged to abide by those sanctions to protect the interests of the Iraqi people.

US SANCTIONS ON IRAN ENTERED ITS FIRST PHASE ON TUESDAY (AUGUST 7, 2018), while US President Donald Trump called sanctions on Iran "the harshest sanctions imposed so far" and will be escalated to a new level in November, is cooperating commercially with Tehran by "losing its trade relations with the United States".



Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s comments that his country would abide by US sanctions has taken Iranian media by surprise.
"As a matter of principle we are against sanctions in the region," Abadi said at a press conference Aug. 8. "Blockade and sanctions destroy societies and weaken regimes." He added that they are a "strategic mistake" but that Iraq "will abide by them."

Given Iran's immediate and unconditional support for Iraq after the rise of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in northern Iraq in 2014, compared with that of the delayed and conditional support of the United States, Iranian media and social media users were very critical of Abadi's support of US sanctions. One official even mentioned memories of the Iran-Iraq War.
Iranian parliamentarian Mahmoud Sadeghi, who is an outspoken official, particularly on Twitter, tweeted, "The Iraqi government, according to Article 6 of Resolution 598 [which ended the Iran-Iraq War], owes the Iranian government 1.1 trillion dollars in reparations for the imposed war [Iran-Iraq War]. The Iranian government, given the restrictions on the people of Iraq, has postponed its demands on these reparations. Now, the prime minister of Iraq, instead of paying up, will cooperate against oppressive sanctions against the people of Iran."

An article in Russian-funded Sputnik by Emad Abshenas wrote that Abadi, who is still trying to form a government after the Iraqi elections in May, made double-sided comments both criticizing the sanctions and abiding by them in order to attract maximum approval from Iraq's parliament. Abshenas wrote that during Iraqi elections officials attempt to portray themselves as being bipartisan and independent and there is no country better suited than Iran for officials to use in order to achieve this end, either through indirect criticism or with friendly gestures toward Saudi Arabia, Iran's regional foe. Abshenas noted that Abadi visited Saudi Arabia before visiting Iran, despite the closer relations between Tehran and Baghdad.
Abshenas said that Iranians, unlike the Americans, do not incessantly remind the Iraqis of Iranian contributions in the fight against IS, nor of Iran's support for Abadi's rise to the position of prime minister The article suggested that Abadi may not only turn his back on Iran but could also one day turn against Iran.

A number of domestic Iranian media outlets also covered Iraqi criticism of Abadi's decision to cooperate with US sanctions, particularly comments by Iraqi groups who are politically aligned with Iran.

(Mnt Goat – folks don’t dismiss the impact these sanctions will have on Iraq. This is going to be the next real “BIGGIE” that we have to worry about if they don’t push out this reinstatement of the dinar real soon. I predicted the mess with the elections and I was 1000% correct. They let the target of Dec-Jan for the reinstatement melt away due to the corruption and so here we are in August 6 months later and still no RV. And so, although I support president Trump in finally enforcing with the Iranians the “red line”, I think this too may overflow into the objectives of our investment – the reinstatement of the dinar.

Why do you think the US and the IMF are being so persistent on NOW getting the Iranian influence out of the government? (stop this corruption and rebuild Iraq, yet more funding going to Iran instead of Iraq)

Why did they need to clean up all this money laundering and corruption with the currency auctions? (stop the funneling of US Dollars to Iran) Does it figure now in your mind what is being set up?

These sanctions are going to be real intense for Iran in the hope that they will finally see the necessity to stop the nuclear efforts and terrorism, come to the negotiation table with president Trump. I quote from an article today_ “The economic expert Anwar Kazem said on Saturday that Iran will seek to stop the collapse of its local currency by getting the dollar at any price from neighboring countries, while .pointing out that Iraq is the closest of these countries Iran will seek to stop the collapse of its local currency by getting the dollar at any price, Iraq")


Baghdad today - follow-up The economic expert Anwar Kazem said on Saturday that Iran will seek to stop the collapse of its local currency by getting the dollar at any price from neighboring countries, while pointing out that Iraq is the closest of these countries Iran will seek to stop the collapse of its local currency by getting the dollar at any price, and will seek the dollar by increasing its exports to Iraq and its other allies as in 2009 when similar sanctions were signed," Kazim said in a press .statement. "He said
He added that "Iran has benefited from Iraq in the past decade by exporting tons of goods, most notably cars filled with the streets of Iraq, and later turned out to be poor-made, but cheap prices pushed thousands of Iraqis to buy, and the result lost Iraq more dollars, "He said He pointed out that "the most serious issue is money laundering and the transfer of the dollar from Iraq to abroad through the sale of the dollar daily in Iraq currency auctions, which is already facing many criticisms of the absence of strict controls, the Central Bank is a day to sell about 200 million . "dollars to banks and banking companies according to a mechanism is not clear.



(Mnt Goat – all I can say is “ I TOLD YOU SO”. If you have been reading my newsletters faithfully you know that this article confirms what I have been saying all along. That the sorting and recounting is a conspiracy to stall the formation of the government. Now having said this – is this really that bad since they needed to stall due to cleaning out the corrupt officials and to form the strongest alliance.)

Former MP, Ali al-Budairi revealed on Saturday that the new parliament will refer current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and former parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri to judiciary over defamation and political corruption during its first session.

"The results of the elections proved that Abadi and Jabouri calls to hold manual recounting of parliamentary elections votes were an attempt to achieve political gains", Budairi said.

He added that Abadi and Jabouri must be prosecuted over defamation and political corruption after they claimed existence of electoral fraud, adding that THEY HAVE WASTED PUBLIC MONEY DUE TO HOLDING MANUAL RECOUNTING OF VOTES PROCESS.

On Friday, Iraq's High Electoral Commission released the results of the manual recount of parliamentary elections votes.


Diplomatic sources in Iraq revealed that the Federal Reserve Bank (US) is pursuing five new Iraqi banks, in addition to 'the Islamic Bank of the country'. The sources, who declined to be identified, that a team of American advisers is in Iraq, to follow up these banks, which may be subject to the same sanctions imposed on the 'Islamic Bank of the country'.

The sources pointed out that investigations into the relationship of these banks, or exploitation by Iran in the remittances began since the era of former US President Barack Obama, but only sued one bank only. According to the sources, investigations have been activated over the past months.
Investigations by sources include money transfer of money, suspicious transfers to Lebanon, and then to Syria, along with some Asian and Eastern European countries. Last year, the United States put the Iraqi Islamic bank Ilaf on the black list.

Blacklisting forces banks to choose between severing ties with Iranian institutions targeted by US sanctions, or cutting off the US financial system.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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4 - Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18 Empty Re: Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:22 pm

4 - Mnt Goat News Bleat 8/13/18 Screen70
Common Questions Concerning the Iraqi Dinar Investment



I get so many questions from people who get confused over their investment. This confusion I can see now stems from idiots who spread rumors and don’t really know what the hell they are talking about. They are not serious about helping people understand and their real motive is just to make a buck while we wait for the RV to happen. They have penetrated the dinar community with their intel calls. So HONEST and FACTUAL intel is not their real priority anyway.

So I get disgusted every time I hear these kind of rumors like this one repeated from Frank26 conference call by Delta last night again.

I quote from Delta:  “In 2003 the UN took Iraq’s currency, the dinar, down to 1/10 cent to prevent Sadaam from using funds for terrorism.  The frozen assets the UNSC released of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) were in the mega $$. “


This statement by Delta is simply is not true and I really dislike this ongoing rumor. Maybe DELTA and Frank 26 should get off the damned BLUE COACH and go do some research so they can speak to their listeners intelligently.

If you are going to invest in any stocks, funds or currency you should study it carefully first and know exactly why you are investing. Apparently Delta just bought into the rumors and likes to repeat them without thinking about them intelligently. it is like a script all these gurus use and just repeat it without really thinking about what they are saying. In fact I did one of my Special Edition Newsletters on this topic specifically because I thought it was so important people should know the real TRUTH about this investment. It is in my FaceBook Page. I encourage everyone to go read it. It will open your eyes to many of the lies.

If you study the value of the Iraqi dinar and track the rate from the beginning of the 1991 Oil- For-Food-Program, when sanctions began after the first gulf war (Operation Desert Shield), you will see the gradual decline over a decade and then once the second gulf war (Operation Desert Storm) in 2003 happened, a wild swing to disastrous hyper-inflationary levels. So, this was done maybe intentional to release the new 3 zero notes but only through the Chapter VII sanctions and then the sanctioned, torn apart,  failed economy took its course and it was ready to explode. Sorry for all those poor Iraqis! So, it was NOT a sudden “1/10 cent decline in 2003, as said by Delta and everyone else, to prevent Sadaam Hussein from using the funds for terrorism”. The FACT is, it was the decade long sanctions that tore apart the Iraqi economy but only gradually over the period of the decade long sanctions. So there was no long-term thought out plot to manipulate the currency later and everyone to cash in on it. This is all just more guru talk and mumbo - jumbo. 

So, then what happened in October 2003? The IMF and coalition forces had to do something to save the dinar from a total collapse. The FACT is the  2003 invasion was already over in May so don’t say they did this as part of the invasion or prior to the invasion. This is all simply lies. Get it? The FACTS speak for themselves. So in October they then issued these very large 3 zero notes because of the massive hyper-inflation. In the process they also got the  Sadaam Hussein notes out of circulation (which are worthless today...by the way). So I want to emphasize over and over again that the change in value was NOT a sudden triggered or rigged event by the cabal, as many claim. It took over 12 years of sanctions to do it. Yes, they did suddenly issue the new 3 zero notes, but the value was already at 1/10 of a cent due to hyper-inflation that already had occurred. The notes were issues to SAVE the economy.

This measure was taken to SAVE the currency not DESTROY it and prevent terrorism. 


We are only going to benefit from this process in that we know that these very large 3 zero notes are temporary ( I call these Article 14 notes ..lol ..lol..) and the notes would be someday replaced with more normalized lower denominations (I call these Article 8 notes …lol …lol… lol..). Once the CBI can control inflation and can stabilize the government and the economy, these 3 notes would be replaced. Most of these banking, financial and terrorism reforms are now all in place. This has now all happened, but not the replacing of the notes. Why? - we keep asking -What is the holdup? This replacement of currency is way overdue. Iraq needs political STABILITY and physical SECURITY first. But also importantly is the need for economic reforms and a program suitable for implementing these reforms. How farther must they go with the reforms prior to the reinstatement? They told us they are done with the reforms. So we do know. Ready my lips - REFORMS ARE DONE! So then where is the movement to Article 8 and the reinstatement of their currency back to normalization?  If you have been reading my FaceBook Newsletter you will get the answers to these question. I may not be perfect in my analysis but I am  damned better than these other idiot gurus. Remember this is an “ongoing RV saga” and will go on and on until the day the CBI pulls the trigger and the new rate appears on FOREX (dinar gets reinstated on the global exchanges).  This and only this time we go to the bank to exchange.


Let me clarify this misleading statement made by one of these so called “kings of bullshit” and in particular I am talking about Tony and Ray Renfrow. The FACT is the banks sold the dinar for a very long time after it was ripped off of FOREX in 2003. They sold the dinar just like the online internet brokers and made lots of money doing it. There was no hype way back then that the revaluation was close at hand. So why now?

Then with the ISIS invasion of Iraq in 2013/2014 the banks were gently asked by the US Treasury to stop selling the currency. Actually the online dealers got the very same request. So many of the banks totally changed their public attitude towards the dinar and did not want to be responsible to Homeland Security for funneling money to ISIS organization. They simply stopped selling the dinar. Is this so hard to understand?

Then about the end of 2017, when victory was declared over ISIS in Iraq, many banks  once again decided to carry the dinar and buy and sell it. They simply picked up where they left off from 2003. This is NOT trading the dinar on the open global markets once again even at the CBI rates of 1166-1190. If you refuse to believe me go to FOREX and research the Iraqi dinar. They will tell you it is NOT BEING TRADED! So honestly I do not know where or why these guru idiots are persistent in their attitudes about the current status of the dinar at the banks and I wish they would stop misleading everyone.  So 2017, and even now, the banks are again buying and selling the dinar but only picking back up where they left off since before ISIS invasion in Iraq. So nothing has really changed and so now let’s not hype this all up just to make intel for our listeners.


Yes if they did “replace” as you say they would be worthless and could be used as toilet paper as far as anyone could care. But this is not the plan. If they did have this in their plan, this would be called a “lop” which is a technical IMF term for restarting an economy fresh from a hyper-inflated situation including other strict inflationary measures to control the economy when the currency  would be almost worthless. Remember before October of 2003 the dinar as NOT on a de-facto peg to the US Dollar. Just keep this in mind as I answer this question.

However, a “lop” is not the plan and not going to be the case in Iraq since they report monthly that inflation is now under control and only at around about 2-4%. But there is yet more proof there will NOT be a “lop”. The real proof is the IMF thru the CBI itself has also directly told us they DO NOT intent to conduct a “lop” in Iraq but rather to “coincide” (not replace)  the two sets of currencies (3 zero notes and the newer category notes) for up to 10 years. Again read my lips - NO LOP! so stop this notion.

We are holding some of these 3 zero notes and so when the value is significantly increased in order to come back to the pre-gulf wars levels these three zero notes along with the newer category notes will all be legal currency of Iraq. Inside of Iraq they have already given the citizens time to turn in their stashes of the notes. The plan inside and outside of Iraq is to use the older 3 zero notes for inter-banking of very large transactions only while using the new category tender (.25 cents, .50 cents, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000) on the streets for daily commerce. Probably the older 3 zero notes will be best used for balance of trade between countries, as they expect to really produce and trade fully with the outside world once again. So how can the notes we hold then be cancelled? I don’t get it you tell me? There is absolutely NO indication this is going to be the case. Again read my lips - OUR NOTES ARE REAL, VALID, LEGAL CURRENCY OF IRAQ AND WILL REMAIN THIS WAY FOR UPTO TEN YEARS or more. So at the time of the reinstatement, we simply go to the bank and exchange our 3 zero notes for the currency of our own country (i.e. Canadian dollars, US dollars, Euros, etc).


Iraq will not pay for the currency exchanges as a normal exchange of currencies between nations. This is a hard concept for many to grasp. So listen carefully.

Instead the plan is to pay for the currency exchange through oil credits. So Iraq does not have to fund anything with cash outlay upfront. In simple terms, the dinar we hold is backed by oil.  Oil is going to pay for our exchanges. The majority of the exchange money given to you will be electronic markers in your account backed by the oil credits.


Only countries that participated in the wars will benefit from oil credits, unless they manage to buy them from a country that did. Such as with China and Vietnam so far. This is where these so called “contract” rates come from that you may be hearing about. These rates are very real. Can  we get them as John Doe the general public? Yes, and this  in part was the fight that took place with the US Treasury who only want to give these rates to the top politically connected elite and their families and friends. Since the oil is now selling for over $70/barrel we can expect these other countries to spend money for these credits at a locked in price, today kind of like buying oil futures. So the fact that the US government made long-term deals for oil credits with Iraq locked in at only $32/barrel, this give lots of room for negotiations in the rate the banks could be willing to give you. Some guru is telling everyone the contract rate is $28.50 across the board for everyone but may be limited based on how much you have to exchange. The reasoning is that the amount in the pool for the contract rate is limited and the US Treasury wants to spread the wealth around and not make some individuals super wealthy billionaires overnight. This part makes total sense to me.


As I told you before the US Treasury is going to fund the preliminary exchanges to us and has set up a fund with the banks for this purpose. But in order for the banks to pay back this money to the US Treasury, they must turn in the dinar OR pay the Treasury back in cash from their own funds. There is a pre-established rate the US Treasury will give them for the dinar turn-in and anything over that amount is pure gravy for the banks. So the banks really don’t need to charge us a spread even, but his is up to their own discretion. The banks of course, can chose to hold on to as much of the dinar as they wish and trade it themselves, then pay back the US Treasury with part of the proceeds. It is a win-win for all the banks who chose to participate in the exchanges. The US Treasury has made it very difficult for them to lose money so all the banks will want a piece of the action when the time comes. 


First let me say that under normal circumstances, banks would NOT  want to handle this much exchange $$$$ of this risky middle eastern currency. Why would they with all the violence and instability. It would be way too risky. What the hell would they do with all this risky foreign currency anyway? The banks are out to make money not lose it. Right?

But these are not normal situations for the Iraqi dinar. When the time comes, the banks will gladly accept the Iraqi dinar because they know they can broker the currency back to the US Treasury with a spread (mark-up). At that time it will also be trading on the global currency exchanges and it will be a very HOT item (at least that is the plan). Some of the dinar they will hold themselves and trade. The US Treasury will then take the dinar and transfer it over to the Iraqi CBI (maybe burn it), where credits for oil at current market prices is locked in under the speculation that oil prices will go up. Some say this lock-in rate is at $32/barrel? I am not certain at what rate. Mostly we hear lots of rumors. But if this is true or not I know it is substantially below the projected market price over the next 30 years.

Lots of money to be made by the USA. This is how the “war will pay for itself” per president G. W. Bush. Incidentally there is absolutely NO WAY the USA could possibly exchange up to $23 trillion in US Treasury reserves of dinar to pay off the entire national debt. So this too is just a wild, overly optimistic rumor, bent on getting people to purchase and hold  on to the dinar. But let’s invest in it anyway but for all the right reasons. You have to stop buying into these stupid rumors and use your common sense.

Also I want to add that this same notion that the US paid off its entire or part of it’s national debt with the proceeds from the Kuwaiti dinar reinstatement, is  simply not true. These kind of statements are more falsified guru talk. So what did happen? After  operation Desert Shield Kuwait owned the US money for saving their asses from Sadaam.   This again is just another one of those stupid rumors. So for a couple years with the money paid to the US by Kuwait, was used to cover that year’s annual budget deficit.  It did not even touch the national debt. There is a difference between “deficit” vs “national debt” and this is where most get confused. Go look up the terms.

Once more G. W. Bush had a great opportunity to pay down some of the national debt but instead to chose to give the citizens a tax rebate. Don't you think the nation should have used this money instead to pay off the Federal Reserve loan to pay for the war in the first place? Just asking....Do you remember this? But not once but twice he did this.  Why would he do such a foolish thing?  He did this not for the sole interest of the nation but for political reasons of getting re-elected and he did get re-elected because politicians who kiss babies and give out free money get re-elected. 

I did a Special Report to help clarify this too. Please read it on my FaceBook Pages.

So, you see the more dinar that gets exchanged, the better it is for the economy of the country exchanging it and using these oil credits with Iraq at fixed oil prices. I would not at be surprised of we see oil soon at over $100 / barrel again. So I would not worry about the volume of currency going back to Iraq. This is all well planned out. Maybe too this is why I believe Iraq wants the price of oil high prior to the reinstatement so they have some cushion. Remember also is it a know fact the price of oil is all rigged anyhow so it will go up when it needs to....lol...lol...


Have you ever heard of “electronic banking”? Are listening to me? The US Treasury has funded the banks already to cover these projected amounts. This is why they are limiting the amount of cash you can get on the initial exchange day. There are massive profits to be made at all levels of the transfer of the dinar once it leaves your hands and it can boggle the mind to think about it.  Your exchange it just the beginning of the pyramid of money to be made.

So let’s look at just how much money can be made off the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

Level #1: First there was the money made on a spread when the online currency broker or bank sells the dinar to you.

Level #2: Second is the money you make, as the speculative investor, on the initial exchange at the bank.  1/10 of a cent IQD to $4.00+ USD

Level #3: Third, then the bank makes their spread with the US Treasury ($4.00+ - $32.00) or they can decide to hold on and trade it on the global currency markets i.e. FOREX.

Level #4: Forth, then the US Treasury (US govt) makes billions and billions off of brokering the oil credits to oil companies so they get the oil as discounted/fixed prices from Iraq. Since the US Govt is not in the oil business, they must sell these oil credits to companies that are.

Level #5: Fifth, some of the oil credits are already sold to other countries that did not participate in the gulf wars. This already helped beef up the gold reserves for the USA under Basil III, IV and V. It is win-win situation for all parties.

I am explaining this information to you today since I want you to truly know your investment and know there is so much money to be made in this process that this event MUST happen.


If YOU are dumb enough to listen to all these speculative projected dates for the reinstatement that is you fault and the cause of YOUR frustrations. If you haven’t realized this by now, you are a fool. YOU want to end your frustrations? Then YOU simply buckle down and learn about YOUR investment instead of just searching for a date and a rate and relying on these idiot gurus to “spoon feed” you their crap.

If YOU want the kind of returns on your simple currency exchange of the dinar you are holding, then YOU will simply have to wait until Iraq is ready. It is that simple. So STOP your wining and complaining! Where else can you make this kind of money? Did someone tell you this was a “get rich quick” investment? Maybe this was your first mistake as to why you invested. Maybe this is an unfair expectation from the start?

Another part of the problem has been all these idiot intel gurus telling you everyday / any day that the RV is happening. Such idiots like Ray and Tony Renfrow, Frank26, Becky McGuire, and of course I can’t leave out Bruce on the “Big Stupid Call”. Then when it doesn’t happen you get frustrated and disappointed. Actually all this stuff is NOT FACTUAL and so you bring this frustration to yourself for being so foolish as to listen to these idiots. In other words it is all YOUR FAULT so don't blame Iraq or get mad at the CBI.

The CBI technically is ready and they told us just last April the “project to delete the zeros” is done as far as they could go and are ready to move on to the final stage. This was terrific news….But then the economists, consulting the govt, told us they will probably plan to wait until after the elections to go forward with it to this final stage. This was done not so much due to the election instability but because they needed elimination of this currency MANIPULATION and FRAUD and the CBI came right out and told us this too. This was in dealing with the currency auctions. We recently read that four (4) banks can no longer do business with the CBI and are prohibited from participating in the auctions or any funded CBI banking programs. So are they now ready? Why else would they have begun their re-education program if they are not intending to move ahead again? I don’t know you tell me…


I can assure everyone with 1000% accuracy that there is no such legitimate group and they have no influence over the Iraqi dinar and the timing of its reinstatement. There is no such thing as GCR and it is all just made up guru talk. There is however a global financial reset and this is NOT the GCR they like to refer to. The global reset is run by the IMF and is the BASEL initiatives where countries have been meeting in Basel Switzerland trying to define the new economies of the world and to figure out how to get there, without a collapse of the world’s financial structure. Will some currencies thus RV as a result? Sure some will revalue and many will devalue as a result. But there is no some magic trigger pulling and then hundreds of currencies all revalue or “reset” the global monetary structure. Then some magic group pops out of nowhere and saves the day with a “new republic”.  Really? Believe me it will take much more that re-aligning all the currencies to resolve all the corruption in the US govt and other global governments. If in fact the IMF did do this, it could potentially even crash the system.

So let’s get the facts out about this group who claims to have the answer to save the world from the cabal. This NESARA/GESARA group of idiots is a sinister group of individuals who want this so called “new republic” under their control. Get it? It is a conspiracy to take over the US Gov’t. What's wrong with the “old republic” ? They tell you it has to be replaced. Really? Why not just fix it? Why not just “drain the swamp” as the current Trump administration is working on doing? Why throw the baby out with the bath water? They tell you they want strict adherence to the Constitution but yet later they sneak it out that they have an entirely new Constitution to replace the old one.  Really? Liars from the start. Are they going to have another “Constitutional Convention” as they did in 1787? The Constitutional Convention took place from May 14 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The point of the event was decide how America was going to be governed. Although the Convention had been officially called to revise the existing Articles of Confederation, many delegates had much bigger plans. So this has already been decided and there is no group that is going to replace you constitution with their own. These are TREASONOUS people and should be rounded up and prosecuted for the conspiracy against the US government and YOU!

These same idiots say that, when the time comes, they will just replace the entire government of officials and all will be utopia after that. Really? Didn’t the Russians go through this same political scenario and all the upheaval during their civil war of the Bolshevik revolution. Do you really want your country to have to suffer through yet another civil war? Where did this get them? oh - a communistic govt with the elite at the top taking the cream $$$ off society for their own benefit with TOTAL control over the population. So Replace the government? So who gets to chose the officials they claim they are going to replace. Will they hold a new election? Under what legal grounds do they have to do this? Oh - they tell they are justified just because the republic has gone so bad. It’s a “restart” of the government this time....lol … lol … Just like they claim there is going to be a global currency restart GCR to get this all started. Yeh ...right! Really? They tell you this all has have already been decided decades ago. Really? Decades ago by whom? Yes, they have been conspiring against the American people for decades as to how to overthrow the existing government and replace it with their own version of communist government. This is their long term planning. Is this democracy? Oh- yes they sound nice with all their conference calls and things they tell you about with words like “transfer of wealth”, “med beds” and “humanitarian benefits” so on and so forth. It’s all going to be so wonderful! ..... lol  ..lol ..  lol...

Folks they are telling you just want you want to hear. This is all just BULLSHIT coming from BULLSHITTERS. Did you notice how they try to take responsibility for every event that takes place that suits they ideology, as if they really have some impact? We have seen these people on YOU TUBE with people like Cindy K Currier who took her own life due to mental illness. Today we see these idiots in conference calls springing up out of nowhere with people like Tank, Becky McGuire (mentally ill patient), Dr WC  w/Willie Collins, Smarty (con artist) (Real Truth Call) Bruce (BigCall) and others.  They are all idiots and I wish you never even had to ask such a question. It scares me that someone or anyone would even begin to believe all this bullshit enough to ask me if it is real.

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