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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/10/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/10/18

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/10/18 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 8/10/18

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:00 am

TNT Call 10-August-2018 – slightly delayed call

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Fantabulous, August 10, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony:  Good evening, TNT!   We value your time as much as we value ours.  We don’t’ change the times arbitrarily;  we got a significant amount of information from delaying the call.  Also, I appreciate the notes, cards, and calls for my father.  Someone send me 100K dinar, and in about two minutes that will be worth something like $400,000… so thanks!

RayRen:  We did send out several updates since Wednesday’s call.

Thursday:  Iraq has implemented all 44 recommendations coming from the International Financial Action Organization making them the 4th in line for the best foreign reserve currency.

The manual counting results saw changes in 5 winning candidates, however, the projected outcome remains unchanged…..al-Sadr still first, then al-Ameri second, Abadi third and Maliki fourth.

Now, we wait for the political blocks to ratify the results and move forward with a new government.

Friday:  Iraqi TV is announcing the expectation of a newly formed and seated government by the EID holiday, August 21, 2018.

It has been reported to me that “release for all currencies has been authorized”.  Time will tell.

Tony:  8-8-18 was two days, and the authorization was given at the top levels for the RV to be released.  The information today comes directly from the UST and Iraqi government sources, and from our committee member, and from our banking sources. This information is live and meant to be shared.  We know authorization was given on Wednesday and then they dragged it out.  The vote recount really didn’t make any difference, and our sources said they were using it as a pretext to drag it out until Wednesday.  Now they are ready to go.

Behind the scenes there has been a big battle between Maliki and Abadi and their followers, including protests and physical confrontations. They have been arresting M’s members of Parliament – eight have been lost, according to our most recent news.  This is a real battle and struggle for Iraq.  There was a currently a military blackout in Iraq, but that has since been lifted.

The cabinet members have already been chosen and Parliament is in place.  That’s why they use the date August 21 so confidently.  They are saying it should be fully functional by that day – MPs, cabinet ministers, PM and President.  The US is pulling them one way while Iran pulls them another way.  They are concerned about the issues on both sides and how it affects the people and the country as a whole. Iran is their trading partner, but cannot use dollars any longer.  Iraq has made it clear to their people not to deal with Iran with dollars any longer, although they know there are smugglers, and so on.  The US is still trying to influence the government side, and that’s why our guy is saying Parliament is in place, just not announced yet.  Some are saying Abadi has been announced to the people who matter and other countries, just not publicly in Iraq.

That is significant to the banking and international sides, and why those countries now have rates.  The RI and RV and entire GCR staring with the seven countries is supposed to occur between today and August 21.  If nothing else goes wrong, it will go somewhere between those two dates, because it was all approved on Wednesday.  We got the exact time and date from our US Treasury guy, and the exact time it should be public for us. The banks have heard this and are getting prepared;  we got that same date from the bank last night, the same date as we got from the UST this morning. They are that ready to go, everyone has been notified, and money has been moved in the system for every level to be paid out.  It’s all ready to go and people are excited about that.

There are no restrictions on the amount of currency you can exchange. The Zim is definitely a structured payout, and we are hearing anything from three years to 50 years.  Humanitarian projects are there for everybody;  the banks will offer you a list of 724 approved humanitarian projects that have actual IMF numbers attached to them, and they will take a trillion dollars to complete. These are projects the government has set up, and you can choose your amounts and rates up to 2.24% daily on your money depending on the project and how much you put in. ONLY people with a billion or more will get that 2.25% per day or per week.

RayRen:  This humanitarian project is not what you may have heard on other calls.  This is not about projects you bring to the exchange;  it’s for after the exchange.  Some, maybe most, of the interest from these project will also be tax-free.

Tony:  Your exchange is tax-free, and any interest you get off humanitarian projects should also be tax-free.  As of this morning, they are still in place and ready to go.

Yesterday, we heard that banks were already exchanging.  We had our bank people go in and look, and we narrowed it down to the state, city, and bank where exchanges were taking place yesterday. They brought people in, did their exchanges, and put them on hold.  So nobody got paid.  If you heard about that, our bank people verified that is did happen.  Other people attempted to exchange in Reno, and someone in Florida said that he would give people ten cents per dinar, if they brought them in, and he would wire them the money later.  Hopefully no one got in that line.

There are still contract rates available on the dinar, and I got that from the bank itself.  Banks have been running the system every morning to make sure it would go through. Zim payouts will all be structured from 20 years down to three years.  With Zim, they will start with a trillion.  Those with large amounts of Zim, they will limit how much you can do during your first three-year contract.  You might put three year’s worth into one project, and then the next three years into another project.  The future contracts with the Zim and any money you invest with your wealth manager, if you tell them NOT to reinvest they will release it, but they can also roll your capital over into another three years (or whatever).  Different programs will bring in differing interest rates.  Have your wealth manager explain exactly what each contract or program means.  Also, ask about platforms if you have a billion dollars or more.

Let’s say a particular humanitarian project pays out 2.25%, and I want to put a million into that at 1%, which means ten grand.  The bank would then pay you 10K per week, 40K per month, or 480K per year if you leave it there rather than buying a house, car, or boat. You can pay your bills and change your lifestyle, and still get your million at the end of the contract.  That’s a pretty good deal!  The banks will have trillions of dollars, and the Paris Agreement lays out how the RV will work.  We went through the whole process this morning:  where the money came from, how they are doing it, and the results for you.  They need this money on a global scale over the next 20 years, and the only way they can do that is by creating the greatest Ponzi scheme in history.  And that’s okay!

They don’t really want to do daily payouts any more, but they will still do weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payouts.  This has to do with dollars, nothing to do with dinar, dong, or Zim.  This is all after the exchange;  it’s how to make real money with money.  Go into your exchange, negotiate for the best rates you can get, and then you talk to the wealth manager and find out how to get paid from humanitarian projects.  It will depend on how much money you put in, or leave in, but it can be up to 2.25% per day on the platforms.  I know of platforms in England that pay out that kind of money.

I’m excited that the banks have been running this every morning and that they received the same information from the US Treasury.  I just stretched out to the 21st because that what Iraq is saying, that it should be done by then.  We have guys over there that talk about meetings and agreements now being done.  Parliament is already seated, they just haven’t announced it publically,  Abadi will be the PM, and this is the timeframe.

The only remaining issue is that Maliki hasn’t been arrested yet, although news articles are coming out right now about M and some of his people.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Based in today’s update, do you think we will exchange prior to the date stated?  A:  yes, the dates we were giving yesterday and today, the 21st is the furthest window, so I am looking for this before then.  There have been issues since Iran sanctions were applied, and Iraq’s dislike of Iran’s influence.  They want this sooner rather than later.

Q:  Do you think that we wait for the RV and go to the bank after their government is seated?  A:  No, we expect it before then if everything holds steady.

Q:  Why to you think there are so many different rates, ranging from 88 cents to some, $1.80 at the airport, $2-3 elsewhere?  A:  The first iteration was 88 cents on our guy’s card, and it went all the way down to the street.  People get paid at different levels, and they don’t know soldiers going out of the country are being paid more than those in-country.  This is the system they have been running for a while to make sure they all go through.

Q:  Can you tell us who will be eligible to get the contract rates for the Dinar and the Dong?  A:  Everyone;  go in and ask for what you want.  Dinar = $3.71 or 28.50;  dong will be 47 cents to $1.47, going up to $5 for contract rates;  Zim is 0.00000016 and contract rates up to $2.  You never know, so just go try.

Q:  For what we hope will be last minute planning adjustments, have there been any changes or updates to the Exchange Procedures or rates or limits, for the Dong, Dinar, or Zimbabwe currencies?  Are the banks and The Committee still at odds on what will be allowed at the Exchange?  A:  I asked those questions this morning!  Our committee guy said that he talked to Washington, and they said, “no changes to the limits”.  However, the banks say that there are no limits!  Hopefully we’ll get an update on that. The banks were excited and said that this is happening right now; they started doing it but it didn’t go through.

Live Callers

312 caller: [chitchat]  Did you say the committee person and the banks are at odds?

Tony:  The committee wanted to limit non-Zim to a billion, and Zim to 10 x 100T.  they still want to give more contract rates to those with the least amount of currency.

Caller:  The projects have the nothing to do with the currency you exchange, but rather with the money you walk away with – that’s what the bank will be offering projects and higher interest rates.  Is that here in the US or in Zimbabwe?

Tony:  Those projects are nothing to do with Zimbabwe.  However, they are projects that have been approved by the IMF that they are looking for people to invest in.  The banks are coordinating these international projects;  they are not setting up projects that relate to your specific interests.  That would be way too complicated.

281 caller:  What if we don’t have receipts for all our currency.

Tony: So long as you don’t walk in with 100 billion, you should be okay.

RayRen:  Those to who don’t have receipts can send the currency to me and I’ll make sure it gets processed.

Caller:  Will they let us have some cash immediately and then it will be liquid in1-2 days?

RayRen:  Yes.  You can get 10K in cash, and they will give you a debit card and a credit card.  Also the rest will be available in the next.

951 caller:  We go in, negotiate the exchange, and then (separately) look at the projects the bank will offer to us.  If we have enough, we could make up to 2.25% per day, right?  [Yes.]  If I were Iraq with investors coming in on the 15th, it would make more sense to talk to them with money in hand.

Tony:  It made sense to me a month ago.  Why have people come to your country to sign contracts and not have it done for the third time, when they have all this money?  They have already told Iraq that they won’t give them money until they RV!

Caller:  What is the other reason Iraq wants to do this now?

Tony:  The people already know this is happening, and both for Sadr, the citizens, and the investors, they need to get this done.  The US has also told them to get it done.  The full release was given, it will take this many days, and that’s what we are waiting for.

Caller:  Maliki is still a problem?

Tony:  He and his supporters have been fighting, physically, and the US has had to get involved;  that’s how we lost eight people this morning.  Maliki stole billions during his tenure, and people got paid on that, so they are fighting until the end, trying to get something else to happen.  Apparently that is going away – they arrested the Oil Minister this morning.  The people voted them out, and now they are waiting for M to be arrested or at least neutralized.

Caller:  If someone has money to buy more currency, would you buy Zim or dong?

Tony:  I would buy dong because I don’t really know the structure of the Zim.  With dong, 40 dollars or so will buy a million dong, and that could yield $2,000,000.

Caller:  When the 800 numbers come out, are you flying to the bank?

Tony:  I am under different restrictions, so probably not.

281 caller:  Zim… are there still contract rates?

Tony:  To get the contract rate, you have to have a humanitarian project approved by the US bank and Zimbabwe.  Otherwise, the humanitarian projects have nothing to do with Zimbabwe, they are set up by the banks, and you can exchange and use the resulting funds for a government-run humanitarian project.  You are not required to do humanitarian projects, but it’s a smart thing to do because it will double your money.

Caller:  If the money is on all levels, does that mean all the tellers know now?

Tony:  Banks change personnel all the time, so I don’t know.  However, one of our members says that at his bank, every teller has currency and they are waiting, too.

You will go to the first appointment and have your currency verified, and do the basic exchange.  Then, in the second appointment, you will discuss what you want to do with all that money, including humanitarian projects if you choose that.  You don’t need humanitarian projects for dinar or dong contract rates.

610 caller:  if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.  The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com;  click on the Donate button and send your check today.

Next caller:  Have they released the lower denominations in Iraq?

Tony: We were told two days ago that they will be releasing them from some ATMs;  we got that from one of the government officials over there.  As soon as they make the formal announcement, they will release the lower denoms that are in the ATMs.

Closing Statements (Sunny)

Tony . . .  Text messages:  Some groups have already agreed on positions already.  Abadi will be the guy.  Three – four groups.  Which we already knew anyway.

Things are looking very positive!  About the recount – so far to be given three days for appeals.  No one has appealed yet.  By the 21st it should be over.  Right now, right this minute, according to information from the UST, banks, Iraq itself, this should be over by the 21st.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

If anything pops we will reconvene or tweet.  If anything is newsworthy Ray will pop it oto for you.

Ray . . .Go out and enjoy your weekend. . .Sooner or later it’s going to be showtime!  That’s what I believe. Played “I Believe.”


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