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The Big Call w/ Bruce Dawson Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/19/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Dawson Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/19/18

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Dawson Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/19/18 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Dawson Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/19/18

Post by RamblerNash on Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:58 am

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I want to thank the Big Call audience for tuning in for the last 6.5 years. We will continue to communicate with the Big Call audience after the call stops which we hope will be right away. We probably will do it by pod cast. It might be a recorded event, a recorded podcast where I bring everybody up to speed where we are with our projects, where we are on how you can participate, all of that. We get our website populated with all the information we want. How am I going to find out? How am I going to get the podcast? That is why you need to register on with your email on bigcalluniverse.com. Then we will email you the podcast information and you will be able to keep up with us in the future how we are going to do it.

Bruce: Will we do more free conference calls? Probably not. We will probably do those with people who want to opt in to be part of us in terms of Rebuild America, in terms of Veterans Retreat Network, Pastoral Retreat Network, and everything we have talked about the last 4.5 years. Some of you have been with me for 6.5 years. I want all of you who want to be part of our projects, and probably some of you won’t. If you don’t, that is cool, but I know a lot of you want to do stuff. Your heart has to be right. I am asking you to help from a volunteer point of view. None of you will need the money from a job anymore.

Bruce: By the way the money that is in your mother lode account is yours in your account that you set up, it is your money. It is not like you will pay income taxes on that. I am not a CPA or Attorney, but I can tell you it is your money and it is like getting money from your own checking account. but will you earn interest on the money? Yes. Will taxes need to be paid on the interest that the mother lode account earns? Yes. If you tap into a personal account for your everyday living, that is tax free to you. We will let our attorneys and tax people get into that in depth. They are skilled in that.

Bruce: What I want to give you is two things. One we are already working on the legal aspects on everything we are looking to do and the best way to structure it. What we are going to do is create these templates which you guys will get in the emails back from us once you decide you want to be part of this. We are not going to send it out everything on a website yet, but we will send it to you individually as we get things rolling here. Some transmissions may come to you in the next couple of weeks.

Bruce: One thing I like to do from a legal point of view I know many of you will be in a situation where many of you will be in towns maybe small towns, bigger towns, but you are in a situation where even if you want to help your own area where you live, but you don’t want the people around there that you will be involved with know it came from you. You want to be under the radar, lay low. You want that to be done anonymously. You don’t want them to know you are the one cutting the check for things to be built, people to be hired, or paid, etc. That is going to come thru your attorney that sets up the proper structures for you, perfect structures so you can remain anonymous. When people ask who cut that check or where that money came from, it does not go back to you. You want to be anonymous.

Bruce: What does that mean what you will tell people what you do? That is a good question for you. Basically you can say you are working for a company. I wouldn’t even say for a trust. As far as they know you are a solid employee. All they know you have a job helping people in this particular town. You are sort of a manager that is over a project. You can call yourself a project manager. Don’t mention you are a trustee of this mega trust. Do not go into that. They don’t need to know that. They just need to know you have a job making decent money. You don’t have to tell them you are making great money. That is your personal money. That is why we talked about privacy and security. They are very important moving forward.

Bruce: By the way for the initial start up period that maybe 6 months, a year, I do know now how long, the startup period for Rebuild America, for Veterans Retreat Network, it is something we don’t want everybody and their brother to know about it. We don’t want people who are not part of the Big Call to know about it. We don’t need their money. We don’t need them to be part of it unless they are going to work for you, me, another leader that is hiring them to do something. There are hundreds of jobs we will be creating in Rebuilding America, hundreds of thousands of jobs. We have longevity of the projects, desire to make these changes in America and in the world. We have the technology and energy to help other countries with these things.

Bruce: We are very close to this precipice. You can almost step over the cliff right now. We are that close of this going. Obviously I have never called it even though I have been tempted to. I rather give you the feeling I am giving you. I can tell you that this administration, this President Trump and Vice President Pence and all in the administration are working all together to get this thing done. I don’t care if you love the President or not. What I see with the President is he is a man of his word, doing what he said he would do in the midst of incredible resistance. We are gaining on it despite it all. Unemployment is way down.

Bruce: This thing is going to blow the top off when we get started. A lot of our administration knows what is going on, and I am proud they are doing the right thing. I am excited that integrity means something. Our President is a man of integrity. I would like to say I am a person of integrity as Sue, Bob, and our listeners are. Can you give your word and your handshake mean something? I hope so for everybody’s sake, because it is important. Did I give you my word I would continue to do calls until I bring you over the threshold of exchange and redemption of the Zim? Yes I did. Am I still here 6.5 years later? Yes. Am I going away? No, not until after we get started and I put the numbers out. Am I honored to be chosen to give the numbers out to Tier 4, the Internet Group? Yes. Thank you Chinese elders. Thank you for honoring me in that way.

Bruce: For the very first time for the last couple of days references from the major banks have come into us using the terminology Tier 4 and Internet Group. Ding Ding Ding. First time that has happened. They are getting ready for us. Tier 3s are either just finished. Even today I know some Tier 3s that went thru. They were exchanged because it wasn’t Zim. We know redemptions have taken place that were quite large. I mean big. We know those guys are to be made liquid starting Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. How does that affect us? The theory is they are to be made liquid after we get started. After our setting of our appointments which means I need to put out the toll free numbers set our appointments, and we get started before they get paid. That is a huge deal. These guys were big players, individuals, not part of a group. They are what I would call still Tier 3, but the actual physical exchange currency and redemption of Zim at the actual bank level has already occurred for these. That puts us in the position of going next as the Internet Group. All 6.5 million of us.

Bruce: Your cell phones because they know who has purchased Zim, the other currencies. I don’t care if it was Ebay or company in California. They know who purchased and how much. They know your phone number if you used a cell number. You are going to be positively tracked from the time you set your appointment with a phone call to the time you get home from your exchange, from your redemption of Zim, for a period possibly of short period of time after that. That is a positive thing. We are being tracked for our own security and safety. I look at that as a very positive thing.

Bruce: Screens are repopulating with new rates taking us from Tier 3 rates to Tier 4 rates. So by the time we get our word to start, the Tier 4 rates should all be actively up, front and back screens. All I would like for you guys to do is to remember what we talked about on the Big Call. Remember what we talked about how to go in with a positive attitude, a smile on your face, and enjoy this hour and 10 to hour and 15 minute exchange or redemption of your Zim.

Bruce: You can set up to (6) accounts at the time of your redemption. If you don’t need 6 accounts, you don’t need 6 accounts. If you need two or three, just set up two or three accounts. You can have the mother lode account, then an account to siphon off some funds into with one bank and maybe you want to open another account with another bank. Maybe you have (3) accounts. Maybe you need 6 accounts. I do not know. You can set those up at the time of your exchanges, and they can do that very quickly because they will have your basic information and they will be ready to duplicate that quickly.

Bruce: You will be getting back up with your private bank coordinates within these banks whether it is with wealth management with Wells Fargo, or with private banking with the other banks, or with so called family office that they will do with people who are players. You will have a family office that will include an attorney, CPA, people involved in real estate, people that will provide a concierge service for you which will include travel, and all of those things you might want to do in terms of your personal life. This family office is something they will have for the bigger players, they will be like a personal staff that will be working for you in behalf of you and the bank. You will be getting a lot of good advice from that portion of your banks. I want you to be aware of that. It is very important.

Bruce: When it comes to your appointment you will call based on your zip code. If you want to exchange due to being in a small town you may want to think of an area outside of that, that is a little big bigger that may have a redemption center. You think what is that zip code for that area. You may want to give that zip code of that area so that not everybody and their brother know you are going to exchange. Maybe you know the bankers, and you don’t want them to know. Maybe you want to stay private, stay under the radar. Just give that some thought.

Bruce: Anybody that is single whether you are male or female, you may want to consider security in the way of a body guard as a driver. It will be good for you because you want to protect yourself, and your family. You want a security expert. I am not a security expert. I need a security expert too so we do the right things. Maybe none of us has ever seen the kind of wealth we are talking about. It is almost unfathomable. It is almost beyond belief, but you had the faith to believe in this.
Bruce: Step into that new position of leadership if you are a leader. If you are not a leader be honest with yourself and it is okay. I am looking for leaders. I am looking for at least 50 leaders from each state to look oversee the 50 states to Rebuild America. I need regional people that will be leaders that can oversee a region of three or more states. It is going to be great, and fun.

Bruce: Yes, I am looking for volunteers. Yes we are going to pay people that haven’t had jobs but are able to work a premium quality wage of all skills, whatever it is all these things we are going to pay a premium wage. I will. You will. Everyone will. It will rise the boat. We will have a much more level of a playing field and people will be proud in what they do. I will have an architecture firm, a design firm, people expert in landscaping, city planning, and liaison with the government of each state so they know what we are doing. We will be working directly with the state in Rebuilding America. We will be building homes for Veterans. We will be taking care of our veterans. If a veteran is able to work whether they are rolling or walking, they have a job. They got a job. We will find whatever they are talent or gifted at, we will hire them. No problem. I am excited about that. I am excited about being a person of my word and you stepping up to the plate for a homerun, even a Grand slam. You are here with a purpose and I am excited you are part of it.

Bruce: We know enough to get started. I want you be in faith and all of us to be ready. I want you to be thinking of your home towns, where you might live, what they need. Think what does this town need? Community gardens, homes, community centers, clinics, schools, etc. We are ready to go. All we need is a toll free number and we are gone. We are there.

Bruce: I know the administration has heard me and they are thinking how we are going to construct these statewide tax free bonds for these listeners who want to partner with us. They will figure it out. I am sure they are working and thinking about it. If I got a concept, I am sure they have a concept.

Bruce: I love you and I want everybody to stay in faith. We are very close. Be positive, hang in there, do what you need to do to sustain yourself until this goes. Do what you need to do in reason. Don’t be robbing any banks, etc. Just legitimate work. I am excited for all of us. Thank you all. Good night Everybody.


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The Big Call w/ Bruce Dawson Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/19/18 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce Dawson Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/19/18

Post by Terbo56 on Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:19 pm

What utter and malignant bullshit- None of the above is to be believed, OR taken into consideration what so ever, THIS is all in his mind, and what HE believes- For crissake, don't put any stock into what this moron says, or believes- He is making money telling everyone this shit, while y'all sit here broke- How inknowledgeable can any one be to listen to this? Wake up!!!
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