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 "The Big Call" - OWoN Intel/Comments 5/30/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Big Call" - OWoN Intel/Comments 5/30/18

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 "The Big Call" - OWoN Intel/Comments 5/30/18 Empty "The Big Call" - OWoN Intel/Comments 5/30/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu May 31, 2018 8:02 am

OWON Comments:

Roger: The BIG Call - Tuesday 29 May ---

Big announcement expected out of Iraq in the morning. Night time in Iraq. Emergency meeting of the new legislature that has been appointed. 8 am Iraq time, midnight tonight U.S. Going over 2018 budget, budgets up to 2022.

Should get some news from that. Big announcement we are waiting for should be about the new government, Abadi is back in charge, and the new published rate. We have seen the rate on the Qi cards for 2 weeks, so we know what it is! People are being paid on the Qi cards! But it has not been published What else related to that? U.N. meeting at 8:45 in am tomorrow, UNSC? Or UN Gen Assy.

A portion at 10-10:30 dealing specifically with Iraq, specifically by an individual who is a liaison between Iraq and UN. Individual liaison may speak in the morning, 10-1030. Coincidentally, another meeting in Wash DC at the same time. I don’t know at this time if it deals with the IMF, World Bank, UST…etc?

That points us toward something happening that we should be interested in, vis a vis Iraq, tomorrow. We had things which should have occurred last night, and things that should occur tonight. Last night, 4 am, agencies: NSA, UST and Homeland Security, were doing full blown Cybersecurity upgrade.

Was to take 21-23 hours, concluding this morning. It did occur. We heard about brand new rates in the bank screens that should have been available today. We heard that there were 11 currencies; it is going to 13, then 14, now 17 currencies. It is really happening. We did not realize that what is happening in Iraq tomorrow needed to happen.

Rates are still very good. Repopulating on the screens since yesterday PM. I have heard that new FOREX rates may be released tonight. We are on the midst of this going down now. Tier 3 is completing, coming liquid.

All are complete in the sense that the work is done so they receive the funds, but we are waiting for the funds to be allocated and made liquid to those Tier 3 members. Those have been pushed off until tomorrow afternoon to receive full liquidity When the Tier 3s are made liquid, we are to get the 800 numbers.

We are also hearing that the core groups should be handled overnight tonight. They are part of Tier 3. Some of the bond platforms seem to trail what we are waiting for—starting time. Same for Prosperity packages.

They will go “shortly after” we get started in Tier 4.

Tier 5 should start a week from Monday, (11th or 12th).

John Q public should go that date. Should give us adequate time to redeem Zim at redemption centers, before uninformed public (Tier 5) is released.?

Is this the situation?

John: Roger You have interesting sources and loose lips sink ships.

We take great care not to pre release then dissapoint.

As you already have this I will respond as far as diplomacy and discretion allows.

1. Watch Iraq's internal positions next 1 to 3 days.

2. Tiers must be segregated with Sovereigns and Military going first .

3. Interims will be phased and the decimal switch will tell all.

4. Correct- it is intended and HOPED Public can be phased for mid- June but be careful, how many times have they failed before? With Zio trash controlling the money those S*** Flies can contaminate everything. Do not take anything as a given it the key is simple.as the screen rate will reposition, watch then for the decimal point switch and you will have it all.
Does that help and no it's not done until it's done. So much can still go wrong and big mouths should not have released it because of historical failures.

As it's close we are just clarifying intent for you .subject to actual performance .

Dinars were moved up from 1184 to 1190. Next will be the decimal point move to 1.19/USN over the next few days. Exchanges expected to begin with Private Groups next Tuesday. SKRs to follow and Public mid June.

Fingers x now. Count nothing until its done. Skanks will try anything.

Roger: So is 1.19 the rate then for everyone?

John: Some private skulldugery is possible.

JV: So John, if this is USN, obviously it will be released. Are we taking a haircut on the Fed notes? And are we moving the price of gold for these new gold backed notes? Also, are they pegging the dinar to the SDR or is this going to float?

John: JV Fed notes being decided I re week end. Dinar needs stability so wait for decision. On Gold expect major juggling and I have just stopped a bid for 12,500 MTs from the Elders.

We are sitting on mega TS of cash pallets and want a fair bank wire on balance sheet deal first from these mongrels to our London banks only for security.

Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/05/active-comment-section-29-may-2018.html?showComment=1527669651713#c4215946600578031085

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