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THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE DINGLEBERY 5/1/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by RamblerNash on Thu May 03, 2018 11:20 pm

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s figure out what is going on. First of all I got word this morning from couple of different sources that last night, late last night into about 1:30am EST daylight time, that Iraq had effectively revalued.

Of course, here is the thing.  We knew they had a new in country rate for a while, their Qi cards had been active, and they had the new Visa Qi cards in addition to the Master Qi cards. The Visa Cards were tied in with the Rifadain Bank those cards are for the portion of the oil revenue sharing that the citizens receives every month on their new Visa card.

That just started Saturday was the first day they were really to receive any funds on that. That is really cool. That is something fairly new.

Also they are in the position where Iraq has been receiving this financial education for the citizens to teach them about the banking and the banking system to teach people of that culture to trust their banks.

For example, their students throughout Iraq have been given free services, a real effort to try bringing the citizens of Iraq up to speed with the idea of online banking and digital banking system.

That formal week of training ended yesterday, the end of the month, but they will still do some supplemental training in the future. It is cool they got that in and finished that which they were expected to do by the IMF. 

Bruce:  Regarding Iraq today is May Day May 1.  . For us in the US our markets were opened today. Not really a big deal of a holiday or celebrated day here. That is not the case in China and other parts in South East Asia and not the case in the Middle East. Their markets were closed today on May 1st. China and Iraq markets were closed. They were not trading. Their banks were closed.

They revalued late last night into the overnight our time but nobody was there to hear it. In this case the reevaluation took place but we haven’t seen it yet. We were able to get confirmation from several other sources throughout the day that Yes it in fact did happen. Do they want us to know about this yet? Probably not.

You might here some things No it didn’t, but I think it did and we just going to have to wait till tomorrow to see it. I thought that was huge news. We have been waiting for that.

Bruce:  We are waiting for a manifestation of their new rate.  We have been looking for it to show on their new CBI site, and we are looking for it to show. More evidence on the bank screens. We know it has been traded on the back screens. It has been on then off for days with a blinking flashing rate. We know it has come back on with a trading range. They have been playing with it the last week or two.

Now it should be solid, and hopefully we will find that out if not tonight, but tomorrow. This is what we were looking for to happen. My understanding is our President Trump sort of initiated this for Iraq late last night. This gives Iraq their sovereignty. This is a good example of that. Not only did they finally get permission to revalue to do that, their ATMs have the lower denominations and have value now, and that can move forward.

Bruce: The other thing is our US military pulled out of Iraq two days ago. That means that Iraq is in a position to protect their own citizens. That is a good thing. Our President wanted to pull out of the Middle East, out of Iraq and we have.  He has done it at the right time. Also when it comes to Syria, I am sure the same thing will happen there. Afghanistan the same type of thing.  All of this is calculated out.

The good news is we are seeing signs of Iraq’s sovereignty again. We wish them the very best as they move forward into new infrastructure projects, new development in their country through other investments of other countries with companies coming in, all of that is going to have much more meaning now that they are essentially sovereign and they can move forward with projects. It is going to be quite a deal over there for sure.

Bruce:   The other thing is we are looking for more and more countries reflect the fact they are asset back. We generally think of gold back, silver back, platinum back, whatever precious metal that can include as in Zimbabwe huge diamonds, other precious gems and minerals, and exotic minerals. All of those can be used to establish the assets by which the country is asset back.

This is something we are looking forward to I think in the fairly new future. We have had some things happen overnight in the last couple of nights. We could be ready for another boom like that, another incident to take place tonight. We are hearing there is another thing to go. We don’t know what it is.  Obviously we love to see it be our gold or asset back dollar. I just don’t know if we are going to see that announced quite yet. I don’t know about that. I would say it is not too far in the future, but we are looking for us now. ​

Bruce:  I believe China wanted not only Iraq to go when they went which is sort of done by the urging of President Trump, but also for us to go now. We are next. We should go real pretty shortly here. That is what I am hearing.

Will toll free numbers come in overnight or tomorrow? I sure hope so. I do not know what the timing will be exactly. They do not tell me. All I know is I am ready to receive them. Once I do receive them, I do not care what time it is day or night, I will be up and running with them to get them out. Then you guys will be able to go in and do your exchanges and Zim redemptions.

I am drawing a distinction between Zim redemption since it is a gold back bond, and currency exchange at the Exchange Locations. Redemption centers and Currency Exchange Locations. Doesn’t mean if you are a Zim holder you can’t take the rest of your currencies and get them exchanged at your Zim Redemption Center. You will do both at the same place.

Bruce:  I think we are really there.  You will be treated very respectfully I believe by the bankers when you go in for your Zim redemption should you have it. The last rates we saw were real good even the front screen rates were great. You won’t have problems with that.

I think guys this is going to be a bigger blessing than we ever thought it would be.  I know some banks may restrict, please understand this, your structure payout might not be 25 years. It may be less than that. For other currencies other than the Zim. I believe the Zim will give you options that will go 10, 15, 20, 25 years on the Zim as far as the length of term of your structure payout.

Bruce:  Also as I told you before, when you go in even though I thought I would have a much higher percentage for Humanitarian Projects, the banks and Redemption Centers are set up for where 80 percent would be the maximum for the Humanitarian Projects. If you are in the 70 to 80 percent range, even 60 to 80 percent is understood to be realistic in the perspective of the Redemption Centers.

If you try to go higher, they are just not going to be willing to do that. Go ahead and take a percentage of around 80 percent or less for Humanitarian Projects, and 20 percent or a little bit more for personal use. Maybe a 80/20 thing. It is not that they have established a percentage for you, it is just sort of a do not exceed 80 percent for Humanitarian Projects.  They just don’t believe you can use that much for Humanitarian Projects.

Bruce:  Realize this if you do have a lot of Zim, it doesn’t take more than a few notes if is 50Ts and above it doesn’t take too many to turn this thing into serious money because the denominations are so large.

Realize what it does it turns into a basic principle to invest from the banks perspective, your perspective so that if you take an annual percentage rate that seems like a low rate for that much money, you have the ability to negotiate that to an extent. Realize when you put 2, 3, 4 percent per year on this base capital to invest of the structure payout, it turns into huge amounts every quarter in interest that money you will use for your projects. You will also have it if you decide to use it for your personal use. A large amount will come into your personal account too.  It just seems to me people say I need make 15 to 20 percent.

Bruce:  If you are realistic and you calculate, you will find the amount of interest you will earn will be ridiculous. You will do the very best you can to invest in people lives, invest in Humanitarian Projects, invest in ministry, and invest not only here but in other countries. People, housing, Rebuild America program, the Veterans, all of that it will be amazing.

I have so much what am I going to do and in 3 months I do it all over again. Put a paper and pen to it or use a calculator and try to calculate exactly what you will be asking for before you go in.  You don’t need to have 8, 10, 12 percent in interest. You don’t need it. You don’t. I just want you goes to know that.

Bruce:  We are at the point I believe that we are next. We are next. Iraq went. It is our turn. We are next. We know that this GCR involves all 206 countries currencies. Some will go up and some will go down a little bit. We are trying to get on an even playing field which this is doing, and some countries may not revalue in this first basket, but my understanding was we had 26 currencies that were in this first basket of the GCR.

There are some currencies out there we haven’t talked about, but we are good with what we have. We are very good. You have been chosen to do something amazing for not only for yourself, but also for the rest of the world. Expand your mind. See what else you can think of.

Bruce:   Obviously, I am looking for people to join me in Rebuild America. What does that really mean? It means in your particular choice of town, city, of community that you will try to rebuild it using people that you will hire to put your project of Rebuild America into place. What we are going to do is we will give you a template how to do it. We will show you what we are going to do in whatever cities I choose to do, and give you a template of what I am going to do to show you what you can do. I want you to choose cities, towns, communities first in the United States.

I want 5,000 people volunteering from the Big Call to say Yes. Maybe that will be just a start. Maybe it be 15,000, 20,000 people to say let’s get behind Rebuild America. We will create jobs, trade schools, apprentice programs, mentorship programs. All of that is part of it. We got kids coming out of college that can’t get jobs. We got kids coming out of high school say I am not sure I want to spend 200,000 dollars for college for 4 years when I can make decent jack doing something in welding, something as a welder, plumber.

They can make $80,000 to $100,000 easily after they finish their apprenticeship and get rolling. That is what we will have to do because we will do these people to do these jobs. A lot of us are going to leave our current job because we won’t need a job and work for the money. If you continue working it is because you love your job. We have a whole new job which is the job of a Philanthropist, how to sow this money as seed into other people’s lives, into other communities, into other countries. All of that is your new job.

A lot of people will drop out of the work place, and it will look like everyone quit. What we have to do as part of our project is create new jobs, hire new people, fill those jobs, create and purchase infrastructure, have longevity for our projects so it goes on and on so that it can be lifetimes. Rebuild America can go 100s of years.

Suddenly the things we use to see on the Jetsons are actually happening and taking place throughout the country. Also we will have meglove railways. Think outside the box because we will be living outside the box.

Think of ocean farming. How many saw 60 Minutes last Sunday? Ocean farming. I recommend everybody watch all 3 segments of 60 minutes. I was impressed. We will be doing ocean farming, using food domes, so much we can make it healthy for us to eat again.

Bruce:  There is not much more else except it is our turn and we are next. With that being said, thank you everybody for listening to the Big Call this Tuesday night. I don’t know about next Thursday. Maybe. We will see. Keep an eye out for the toll free numbers the next day or so. Let’s see what happens. We could be in really good shape. We are probably very close.

This is the analogy I heard from a European Banker. He said “We are at the doorstep. We are on the doorstep. Our hand is on the doorknob and the next day or so should be really good.”  That is what I am hoping guys like you are. Let’s see where this goes and everybody stay in faith for it.  Don’t anybody give up on it at this late stage of the game. There is no quitting. You know Bruce and the Big Call is with you. We are all going to be with you after the fact.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody for listening again. Thank you team, Sue, Pastor Steven, Bob, for being steadfast and Big Call audience and all in Big Call Universe for tuning in. We will be in touch. We love you all.


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