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 "Pushin' the Button" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts 4/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Pushin' the Button" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts 4/22/18

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 "Pushin' the Button" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts 4/22/18 Empty "Pushin' the Button" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts 4/22/18

Post by Ssmith Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:30 am



what a day!! yesterday, filled with expectation and today silence!

According to at least 2 gurus we are suppost to go to the banks this week, thats what I have heard so far... 90 % chance not 100 %..... banks are getting eager to get your money

Yeah Red. That's what I've been hearing too…. Well Sunday is not done yet - at least in the US…. Forex opens at 5pm est

Sunday is big business day in Iraq….. Monday is a #2 big business day for those folk…. wyyyy they could be pushin the button as we speak

People copy and submit my stuff all the time to other forums. You want to copy something, copy this!

Folks...do not be discouraged. Listen Please. Do you own the currency? If so...keep it. BUT PLEASE allow yourself to not be on a daily timeline ! it’s not healthy and it sets your emotions up to fail.

Have the courage to wait as long as it takes and LIVE not depending on this to change your life any moment.

Will the event change your life yes do we actually know when that’s going to happen no!!!
It’s the most honest and transparent thing I can tell you .

Everyone, please, enjoy this journey, we are all on it together. And it is far more cherishable when we do it with love and a positive attitude.

Amen Old Crow

ELMER Great advice from you as always. We should not be on the lookout for this on a minute by minute basis, or even day to day. It will happen. And it will happen because it must. It is a necessary step for the rehabilitation of Iraq.

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 "Pushin' the Button" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts 4/22/18 Empty Re: "Pushin' the Button" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts 4/22/18

Post by ReapAndSow73 Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:00 pm



Renfrow has been telling all of you that his contacts and intel claims an imminent RV.  Renfrow started this con in 2012...conned his former con-artist partner Dan out of money...then Renfrow started TNT...then he WENT TO JAIL FOR FRAUD...then he left jail and came back to LIE TO ALL OF YOU AGAIN...and you STILL FOLLOW THIS MAN...

2012, people.  Since 2012!!  6 YEARS OF LIES.  There are no bank memos, there are no exchange centers, there are not legions of bank reps being trained to give you millions of dollars...there are no lower denoms, no ATM ribbon cutting, LaGarde is not listening to TNT conference calls...there is no RV, there is no GCR, you've been LIED TO FOR 6+ YEARS.  He's never proven his intel one time, not ONCE.  No pictures, no proof, nothing.  LIES. 

There exists NO mathematical or economic model that supports an RV.  There has never been an RV (no, Kuwait did not RV, another lie).  Iraq is in shambles.  In debt to IMF and European banks into the hundreds of BILLIONS of USD...their politicians are corrupt, it is top 5 most corrupt nation on earth...the IQD is hyperinflated beyond saving...they can barely keep PUK in-line, but you think they'll flip a damn SWITCH  and turn into a nation of BILLIONAIRES?

You are all damn fools, all of you, for following Renfrow.  He is a liar, a cheat, and a REPEAT OFFENDER WHO WENT TO JAIL TWICE FOR FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

What the hell is the mater with you people?????

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