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Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce" 2/9/18

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Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 Empty Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce" 2/9/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:27 am

OK, so nobody could, or bothered to, respond to my post of Thursday regarding the issue of Jared Rand holding to the problem of finding a signatory of the Light to " accept" the funds after Kim has signed them off ...whilst Yosef and Bruce make not even a mention of it.

Are we to assume therefore that this issue [ especially after last night's Tank update in which he said in the absence of a suitable signatory of the Light, there is a mortal danger of the Cabal taking over the RV leading to a " sort of" RV ] - with Yosef and Bruce continuing to ignore it [ is is it so low in importance to them that it is not even worth mentioning it ?? ] remains unresolved ?- and yet Tank " Talks to everyone" and Yosef and Bruce have many many contacts !!?? . Marty


Let’s use some logic here. There has to be more happening than what Tank/Kim can see with their contacts, or Bruce ( among others) wouldn’t be stating the things that he sees. I don’t know what Yosef is saying, since I’m not a member of HAS.

Bruce has repeatedly said he has contacts with people staffed in redemption centers.

What would be the point to create redemption centers, pay the rent on those locations, endure endless hours of training in the centers, have staff there on many occasions, if you have no way of safely moving money? Don’t you think they would resolve the problem of moving money BEFORE they would ever take the step of gearing up and training of redemption centers all over the world? If you are creating a new quantum system, and can’t figure out yet, how to safely move the money, it could be YEARS before you get the software figured out. That’s a complicated intensive step that can’t be measured by time. Thereby, you wouldn’t start up, staff, and train, redemption staff if you didn’t already have it figured out. That would be jumping the gun in the whole process.

So, who is Kim and what about her access to the Manna Trust? Logic would dictate that the RV got this far, without guaranteed access to her trust, because those funds were not part of the RV. Jared Rand has stated there are MANY global trusts and although access to hers would be nice, apparently other trusts are being utilized ( or something else), otherwise, we wouldn’t be to the point of training staff in redemption centers.

HOWEVER, do we actually need access to any trust accounts? Perhaps not. If we are utilizing all gold and minerals in the ground as value for each country, and the quantum system gives each country a bunch of ones and zeros on a computer system that equals that value, then there is no need for fiat money in a Trust account. The money in the quantum system is not based on old money (although you can trade it in), but actual HARD ASSETS each country holds ( in vaults or in the ground), not necessarily what paper fiat money they hold in current trusts. Seems there would be much more value of minerals in the ground, than money in trusts. So...seems to me the RV is based on hard assets in the ground and not all these trust assets, that we may or may not, get access to for exchanging to the gold-backed currency. The trusts seem irrelevant when thinking in those terms.

What are we waiting on? I think we are waiting on the orchestrated timing. The masses won’t accept the step down of Trump or a new Republic, without things leading in that direction with measured steps. When NESARA is announced, the law states the current President must step down, along with Congress, and elections held within 120 days for new leaders. You have to get the masses to accept NESARA, so breaking down the current system through orchestrated steps has to happen, for people to want a new system and accept it with the least amount of chaos. That’s what seems logical to me.




I think your post deserves an answer, Marty. For four years I've watched guru's come and go on this site. I've watched their followers hang on their every word. Even, begging them to save them, like Tammy is doing in her post today.

Your question about the difference between Tank/Kim/Jarad (I'll throw him in) and Yosef/Bruce is a valid one. The Tank team, seems to function in the old 3D paradigm. The world where struggle rules. The world where they have to force their reality of money on anyone that will listen. Their world is to over load all of us with so much information that we think they must really know what their talking about when I'm fact, they might not. My question is, Why are they trying so hard to make us believe them? They are somewhat crazy making in their effort.

Then, you have the Yosef/Bruce/Patrick (I'll throw him in) team. This is the Faith based team. They are the team that believes and trusts in a Higher Power than themselves. They are the team that gathers info to the best of their ability at that moment because we know things can change in a heart beat. If you believe it or not that's up to you. They don't hammer on you till you do. They are not tied to your opinion like the other team.

Life will continue to be a snuggle until we get the concept that We are not running this show but we do have some input in the outcome. Crazy making thoughts, make a crazy making world. Reign in your thoughts, the World changes. And, in this paradigm our Trust is required to move into a New World of prosperity. Struggle is an old outdated way to live. We should look inward for the answers. If it smells like there's something rotten in Denmark, go with that feel and run the other way. Don't try to stuff a square peg in a round hole.

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Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 Empty Re: Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce" 2/9/18

Post by Kevind53 on Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:31 am

Let’s use some logic here.

There must be a law against using the word logic in any post that has anything to do with Tank, Kim, Yosef or Bruce.

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 Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 2805820865  Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 2805820865  Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 2805820865  Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 2805820865
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Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce"  2/9/18 Empty Re: Tank/Kim versus Yosef/Bruce" 2/9/18

Post by Ethel Biscuit on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:00 am

"Life will continue to be a snuggle..."

Well that's very comforting to know!

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