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 "Information Clear up" by Baggy   1/10/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Information Clear up" by Baggy 1/10/18

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 "Information Clear up" by Baggy   1/10/18 Empty "Information Clear up" by Baggy 1/10/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:07 pm

Hello all,

There are a few things we will need to clear up.

1. I have said this before and I will say again, To the Gurus out there, Stop with the any minute, any hour, and any time now. With each passing day and miss window opportunity, only makes you and your intel less likely to be trusted. We are in the second week of 2018, we are still saying the same crap as in 2017. Pretty soon the individuals will stop listening and start thinking this is a fraud. Because there is no tangible proof of anything happening on the GESERA/RV front. All the information has been word of mouth.

2. The LAW SUIT with Tank – the law suit that Tank is pursuing is for information to come to light. If the all the truth comes to public life then it becomes public and on record. Lose or win the lawsuit, the information is made public. That is a win in either way. The Powers that be do not wish any public knowledge or any truth record in any court to be available to the public. This will cause a loss of trust in our government and open the eyes of the people to the mass fraud committed on the them.

3. Like everyone else, I want the RV to Happen. But I am afraid that with all the cry wolf syndrome, we will miss the RV and then we will be back to where we have started. This is what I do know what is happening with RV.

a. Yesterday was a bank software reset

b. Yes, the banks are on alert and personal have been told to not speak or mention anything about currency exchange.

c. Yes, military has been very busy this few days into 2018. I have been to a military installation; the security is on high alert.

4. The past post I have done, I have advised you the RV will fall into 2018, at this point we are falling into same routine as the 2017 start. Any minute, hour, and day routine, stop pressuring people to believe and hope on this RV to happen. Then Guru’s push the products on the people or pay to be part of their special group. While you are making money and the people’s hope and dreams, you are also making people believe that this RV is not happening.

5. Jared Rand popped up on scene again, he talked about all this future equipment that would change the world. If the technology exists then why wait to provide it to the world. Are we waiting to provide it when people can pay for it? It is not to come on the scene and provided information and hope and then disappear again with nothing coming into fruition. Over the holidays I did my charitable events and saw a lot of people hurting, suffering, and even pass away. This bothers me a lot, here is someone that says the technology exists, they still let people suffer or pass away like it is nothing.


There is a lot of unknown, the RV is going to happen, I just want the Guru to stop pushing the products on the hope and dreams of the people.

The Law suit will help bring truth to light about individuals corruption, companies corruption, and government corruption.

If technology exists then release to public and stop the suffering…STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.


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 "Information Clear up" by Baggy   1/10/18 Empty Re: "Information Clear up" by Baggy 1/10/18

Post by Terbo56 Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:52 pm

Makes no difference, actually, it is all irrelevant, as there is nothing there that is important-Nothing will ever happen- It IS what it IS-
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 "Information Clear up" by Baggy   1/10/18 Empty Re: "Information Clear up" by Baggy 1/10/18

Post by Kevind53 Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:26 pm

These is no tangible proof of the NESARA/GESERA/RV only to word of the same liars who have been hyping this all along. The Crank lawsuit is a joke, throwing a few legal sounding phrases like "Now comes" into the mix doesn't make it legitimate. If he ever tries to file it in court, he may face charges of manslaughter after the judge dies laughing. Neither the banks nor the military are on any higher alert than usual. Jared Rand is as FOS as the rest of the idiots pumping this thing.

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